BENELUX CLUB. Vo}:me l+, number 7 ïi,[onthly publicat ion 1 Jr.rne Lg65 (nr.l+3) Secretary: Oude AmersfoortsewegL53

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1 BENELUX CLUB Vo}:me l+, number 7 ïi,[onthly publicat ion 1 Jr.rne Lg65 (nr.l+3) Secretary: Oude AmersfoortsewegL53 t Hil versumr Hollanci Editorl Zeevaertweg lg : Hilversum, Holland OUR REC,EÏ\IER Many people talk about the Q-multiplier without, lmowíng what the gadget real}y Í it works, vuhere it is employed, or whether it can be added to a normal radio set, 1Ve11.' a Fmultiplier is used to boost the rrofr, or circuít quality of a c jrcuit'o peak of the resonance frequency of a circuit is made sharper, it' also becomes mu Í'ow rr So with the help of a Q-nultiplier we can obtajn rnuch greater selectivity it can also be used to amplify a narrow band of frequenc jes. 0f course the drawb lcss jn audio quality, but in short wave broadcast'jng.r for example, the undistur telligibility is well wort'h it. ïnstalljng a Q-nult iplier means that some tuiïéd circuit has t'o be boost'ed, and t really only one choice as t,o which circuit' it will be, because the receiver i"s q ivith a rage of circuits tuned to a fjxed frequency, calied the IF or Intermediat cyn iviost, ff-"ircuit,s are tuned in the irrmred iate,r1ó:ttity of lr5o ktlocyóles, and C-rnult rplier, circuits are desiined for operat ion in the l+50 kc ïf-range. Now, how does it operate? lïellr euite simply by making use of -the well-lcrovun fee princryleo InagÍne ïrle have a normal rnajns receiver equapped ryith, tubes. Ncn'v, the has the IF anrpljfier tubee aïld when we píck a snall porbion of the amplified sag: the anode of the tube, and bring it baek to the input where it', was originally in it vr ili be I iven e xb ra anp 1 i-f icat, ion.. Also well-imown - apart from the so-called POSIIITiE feedback employed jn the Q-r,t circuít, - is the NEGÀTIIIE'feedback fron the AVC (Autonatic Volune Control) or AG matic Gain Control) circuits. NEGATI\IE feedbaek decreases the amplification of t..o w-hlilst, POSIï I\E feedback results jn extra amplif icat ion and uit, intatel;r - when ' s j4;nal is jnvolved - in o sc illat ion, A simple way jn which to achieve Q-nult iplication and decrease of 'bandwidth is b; a.wire to the anode of the ïf araplifier. Bringing the wire jn the vicinity of th gr id of the tube w í11 give the de s ired eff e ct, but is not easí}y'nade operat jona ne:i;hod is to fjx a 25 mtcro-microfarad (25 pf) ceramic capacit'or between. the pla. cont,rol gr id of the }a àt ïf tube before the det'e ctor, Control of regenerat' ion ca by varyjng the cathode resistor of the tuber or by varying its screen g;rid volta It is also possible t,o construct a loose unit t,o house the Q-rnult lplier. A t'uned is nade regenerat ive - and by the rivay ttregenerat ive feedbackti s lnply neans rpos Í backf f - À tuned c jrcuit is made regenerat ive to increa se its f tq f r, and is coupled IF st,age of a re ce iver. The frequenqr of the separate circuít can be varied slig using á var jable capacit,or, -w and Fi{êo rat ion cen be controlled in ttre way alread edo Tfrus, the Q-rnuÉ rplier jj.l have two cont,rols : frequency and r generat ion. T quency control enables us to vary the sharp peak somewhere jn the 9 kc passband,rece iver' FÍgure 1 on nexb page shows the "principle of an ïf c jrcuit' whilst figuere 2 show I'he sarïre circuit after reoci-ficat'ion.

2 fig. l- l--\'0,' j <i -O- > l 51,4 tj -l- -l 27ollr- AVR/AGc 't i l I / hia 250 v 25ptr' t \ l i _ \ l ( t \ j l fígo 2 ITISIIING O.. TI]E ORGiNIS]ITION [E R\DIODIFFUSION EI' TELEVISION FRI.N CÀIS -2- NN JocLten }.,iaurer Recently I was able t,o pay a ooo-ïíe k visit to the french ca.pital and t'hereby toc occas ion to have a short, ( iru. two-hours long) rendez-vous v'rith the f:entlan speaki mcnt. I say 'rg;erman speakingf r, be cause half of tkre people there are french nat ion fornrer gernans. The OHtF-building was off icially inaug;urated at the end a;t L963 a situat,ed a.t the avrenuo du Presi,lent Kennedy (fomerly Passy) not, far frorn the ban Se jne rivern Accord jnil to a french doounent'ation it is t he most inport'ant nadfu*h the world. The people in the buij-dhs call it the ltnaster piecerr. Here the-p,rop1rá three d ifferent nat, ional channels, as well as tho se of t'he oveï'seas and fore igpr I transmisslons are preparec. Hov"rrever it js only a radio broad' house.i a.nd -you f ind telev js Íon -eommod it ies and jnstallat ions there excef't one or two stucl,io"s, th TV nee,ls much more space.! :':r,'',.r" The const,ruct íon shape is l ike an ome fla ( ot s ign ] of Ohm) -the opcnin3 though is Í by the Itsalles publíques'r. There are three of them.whcre amoni.:st childrenst repr also opera and concert, perfor.nrances are staged, first class by the vuay and costír nothjnf;" I:: the outer r'ini. of the build jnf; one can find t'he bureaus, a.nnexed ther storeyed and ïrlell protectec ai-làinst outdoor noise- the fud ios, thereafter t he cou ible also for cars, and at last the annular p3.rt of the builciing; with v'rorking ple the t,e chn ic jans and.- not quit,e in the rniddle * the rrtovuer o-f the colle ct ions rr. ii the records,and tapes are conserved. There are, 1100 bureaus and 2000 collaboretors workinsl accord Íng to the ir job at i times of the",rïay and n14ht. So the youne gennan journalisit who is to care for t'ïre cormnentry arrives at i{ or 5 p.rn. staying: probably no lonirer than four c hours at most. Yet one may not for6:et that h js work jn: s cheilule is not' def initely and that he has t'o read the heacl art icles and polit ical comment, s of all important rlerrnan a.nd f rench papers at home before cornjni, to the ORIF. ï'ie11, I was allovled to follolv the whc:}e ilerman proi'ram' in t'he control-rcom from lr frl

3 t'he tape broaccasts go diresbly on the afor whjle the aïmouncprg-room is nexb t,o ed W a big wincow and - Ito doqr, but a bended passage with completely sound-pro So not a single tone - not even a pistol shot - from the control-roon can reach fone. For the lernan listeners rt nray be interesting to hear that I criticised tl cast producers there for featuring a profirarn for south gennan int,ellectuals only ï proposecl L) to bring the,subjects bt trris broadcast ón a broader basis,,gr" I ducíng a DJLprograr.r and 2) to use as quickly as possible the far reaching-short-r aga in r &s t'here is somet irne"s a terribl,e re,cept i.on on the Mllf-out,let from St,rsszbu víay duríng and afber t'he recbnt SIM tests of ttre OFTF by far tj:e urost, recept,ion n came from C'ernany which however seens not to be reflectel jn the results àf tne Cravr ing t'. I om "órry that Ï could not :repor-b on shor-b-waves in par$*eu*.ar, srr.1ply because ', have rlore t jne at hand. As you lcro-w short nàt nuch pofular- :ir tr'rnnce jl reason as well why the protiralïi 'dó, directors nót qllow a DX-progranb Às ï was tolt regard it 'as wasting ofl tine. My nind: herè"is * 'futii"u tasic of a great DX-Club ( for a " coruion canpaigr.-.."''-' RÀDIO PROPAG,1'TTI0N FOTECASIS :ïègï-,*.h,5ê!5----:;êf-.--=-i;--- -?r.,.t É..- ' : Sone standard Íbequency an,c tjne signal stations donrt proví.de us only with the ( and operate on exact frequenciese but also give us the so-ceiled short tem propr conditions. Here now i.s the code for interpreting p.ropagation warnings issuecl by,arrerican ïllllff_ staiions, which can be fouhd on 2r5, 5r I0, 20 and 25 néeacyeles. {ll t'hen js aud jble on an arlritrary monpnt clepends on the listening tiroe. Heie' :n nu: 10 and L5 nc/s are regular\r receivecl wetri. Strort term prcpaga{ion condit:ió four tjrnes a c1aïr at 05.00, 12'00, l?ioo and hours 0/ïI. These forecasts.g4ive estjrnates of ::adio quality over the North At,lantic t,ransnjsr but are g;enera1ly applicable to other'pa{hs, pàrbicularly during god propaf,atior t,ions. The are repeated every f ive njnutes by ïfllirv jn rnorse code.: Íhe forecá,sts c,( a lett'er md nunber. The number Í.s the forecast, whíle the letter incicate the ql radio propagat,ion conditions prevailíng at the time the prediction is issued. The are between one and njne. One is uselesse nine js exeellent, I Ís poor, 5 is fai: good.. The predisb ion itself can cons ist of a lï, whietr neans "ttriarníngtre d isturbed cond it a U for ItUnsettledrt 'tt11op1g1rr and at last, a N which incllcatss eondít,ions. These short term p.redict'ions can be very useful for DJG-ers and short wave listene it a habit to cont'rol the prevailing r,teneral propa$atioq conditions before actual to tune jnto a weak or distant statio1., EDÏÏORIAL 9p_ggf gl LgLglgg.: to aildl'-ers jnthe A.nrericas and the ïsler It is qf iob to read a large nur:rber of receptíon reports every dayr Howewr it hr ne that sínqe the Engilj"sh have British Swuner Tjne and the American have Daylíghi tjrne lïiany reports are given with a rurong q,ll-tinre, So be sure you mention the exi t'ir:re' To make it clear: BSI = OfI +1; EDSI = G,fI -l+; CDSI = 6/ïI -5i MDSI = qm ; PDSI r= mm -7 Another photoe;raph of a BDXC-nenber Ís to be for:nd Ín Radio Japan News of Jrrne, : It i.s our menber IUr. L.KrEjrier, Enrralaan B, Celdrop, The Netherlands Many thanks to alj. contributors who helpecl us t,o coíryose thís bulletjn, Special { to Jod:en Maurer, 58 Hagen-llaspe, Salzburfier, S*br. h. C,ermany for hís artièle on 1 Please keep in roind that ncne of us is a la;r-outnan by profession. Dontt fear th< of the publicr Ït does not' matter horrv you do thi"s iob, but you may reckon there ri crit,ics. trïe hope many articles of your hanc will foliow. NESS- reom RÀUO_NE_ pe Rr"$r! There js not t'oo muctr to te}l you.only a few. fre'quency chang;es. Now the English Drtch progranmes relayed via Bonaire 20OO-205O and 2LOC-.222O respect,ively can be on a frequeney of.l52n kc/s. Jt is expected 'uirat. th;r frequenclr.ean be used for togetherr The?]JLí C[[T Linlcbransmission now on and gils kc/s.,,- r:-.. rqr rqr..

4 l-- 'li J BENELUX l+e, il-rrrne r 7 Uiaanclel ijkse publ ikat ie 1 ju:ri L965 (no. L3) Sekretariaat I Redakt ie : Oude Anrersfoort' sewe g Zeevaerbweg L9 s H ilvcr suur, Neclerland Hilversun, Nederland l - oisg-9iii:{9i VeeI DX-ers spreken over een Q-raultiplier zonder te weten vua.t' het werkelijk is, h r,verlrt en of het aan een gewoon ontvangsttoe stel kan worden toegevoeg;d" ïfel, een Q-nultiplier wordt, glebruilct, oro de ttc)'r of kwal.iteit van een kríng te verh Een Nederlands vuoord zoucien wij er niet voor weten of het rnocst zijn frlnvaliteit,sl Als wij naar een omroepstat ion luisteren, dan is hct de bedoelíng clat, ons toestel een bandje van ongeveer 6 Uc/s doorlaat, zijnde rle bandbreedte van dit onroepstat elr/aríngen van rle laatst,e jaren hebben ons vrlel geleerd dat onze ontvang:,er nu niet aan deze wens voldoet " S jnds de banden neer dan overvol zi jn ;:;eraakb vuerken d e st zo d ickrb naa st e lkaar d at de z ijbanden elkaar raken, j a"zelfs in vele gevallen elka Lappen" Dit heeft d an tot resultaat de.t, het luisteren naar bepaalde proftrarnma I s C erg; wordt veronaeng;enaarnd door zgn. zijbandst,oring. Dikwijlq Ijr,-.! deze"ston4g aa i<wa1it,e it ven ons t oe stel dat, cien niet prec ies de giewenst, e 6 kc/s band doorlaat', - zij het jn nindere mate - ecn ['edee]te van d e zijbancen. ïiii zlt:',:êrf d,m dat de de kiingen níct sch,:rp fenoeg ztjn. L{et behulp van cie Q-multip1i.-,r i' het nu nog a) "un Èoriere versterkjnfl t,e krijgen van het, gelvensit,e frecluentiegebied en b) een afsnijden van 'le z Íjbanden. BU een te sterk af srrijden van de z ijbanden kan,'l it e lies r;even jn cle la:gfrequent kuralite it en lijlrb het of hut s i1naal veel doffer : den, hetgeen ook 'lverke tijk het, ieval is onrcat aile hoie t onen worden afgesneden. terlolf Juisterrtr rïioct echter nit op een hi-fi prol';rtlnna rekenen en voor hern is h heel wat waarc als het protjrarruna werkelijk te beluisteren valt. Nu zul-]en wij eens bekijken hoe deze frnult ipliur werli:b. Het' scherna js zeer eenvc het wellicht bekende principe van terugkoppelíng toe t,e passefi. Ste1t U zídn voor lvone schema van een iltf-vcrsterker (z:-:e f j I). Ind ien wij ee;n kle in gr: deelte van sterkte sienaa1 van de anode t,erug:voeren naer het stuurróoster, dan zal- cl it e en sterking leveïrr Dit systeem noemen wij dan pos it' ieve terugkoppeling. Iets dergel: rraer clan ne qatief treffen w ij aan bii de ASR of AVR (aut,oniat ische sterlrte- of vol I itr;) " Een eenvoud ige rnan ier orn,le Q van de mi:lclenfrequentkring te vere:rot,en en zo,loence breedt,e te versrnallen is h't bevestigen \raïr eefr stukje aan de ano.le van de frequent, verst,erkcrbu js " BuÍ,en w ij da.arna he t Craad je in de r icht' jn!: van het stt rlan krijgen wij het, ilewenste de prakbijk levert, deze nict'hode bchter wat 1..,,, ri.t\. ïïi"ïtïl;* kan ook worcen verkregen door het, aanbrengen van een keramjsche conder van Z5 pf (25 ntcro nicrofarad) tussen anode en stuurroost,er van cle la.atste niddt vcrsterkerbuis" De teruglkoppeljnil kan reg,elbaar worden gemaakt door de kathode we.rariabel te naken of cloor hèt, virijzígen van cle sehermroosterspanning" Deze laat'ste vindt U t,oe[repsst in f iguur 2 o Er z ijn nog ine er en nofi betere ncthoden ora Ce kring:]cwalite it t'e versterkenohct' i', nori ig dat U dan over viat, the oretische en praktische kennís beschikt" Zodra U zle) kennis hebt eiglen gemaalcb is het nict neer noclig dat wij schcmars hiervoor t

5 -2- )'7 0 - t " 2'O V -l r- f i -r.ió cr,l z5pf' u -l--jl- - - j-.--!('47u -l i-_iií'ffi,1:i I, ii! ï i r I Ll 4rk r_.-./j,"':j ii I 'T' T I,iol-l ï -r- i _1 L_t_r,, I AVR/AGC 2>A V '--l íl\ \ l ' -) I -1 : 1i \ l t \ l i, - ' í l ).,1, 1! \-1. l : -O- : lilll't ll5zolili ni'r\t l. o. ORG.,I'J IS",T ic\t DE R,I]]IODIFTU.S]ON ET TEIE VISION F'PI\N C,IIS On)-anils:,'ías_hi:t rlij nto';elijk een bbzriek van Ëen lveek te brenr:en aan:'le Fra.nse hoc "/an '1cze,.el-eiqenheic naakte ik iie1.,-ruik cn-r even lrnr:s te í,ean (z uren) bij :le Duit :ie a:f relin1,;, Ik zeí I'Duits sprekenlerr,,-rmcl:lt, rte helft v3n het aantal mensen van ï r'iona'l i.teit of vr,,ornar-i;.e Duitsers zi3n. Het, ortrl.giebouw is offíc'ieel in rebruik aan het r:in'le; v:.n L96! cn is,elef,en aan Ce avenue du Presi.1ent, Kenne<ly (voorheer ni-'-r't, -u/cï rr:',n ic oevurs van,le Seine. Vol5;ens,le Franse,locunrcntatie is-hct tt l:el (,nï'oell5','':1:ouv'; in Ce wereld. De nensen al:jaar nocnien het een frntgesterwerk?ï. HÍcr lryc i)roi:ï":ll0]nars v(-ror de,-lrie nationale netten, zowel als die van.le 'r:rlire overzeese en niet uítzenilini;en voorbereicl. Buiten et:n of twee studio!s is van TV niets te 'be cir-b o:,rlat, le t,cl-evisie veel rreer ruirnte behceft,. ïje cc,nstruct'ievorrn heeft icts i/veí.; ván le rromee:arr (het teken vcor ghn), everuvel is ni:r5; opf'c'rul{l n'3t de 'rsalles publiqu stf..,r;an rle buitenzij.le van hct g,:óbo,,ou-breft kantoren aan, titet a3n: renzend -een verdiei:rin1. en t,c,ec rcísoleerd t,ei,en r-,clui4en \ ic stu:liol s, '-1,.r.?r:i.ctcr rle ltinnen plaats vrelke orik voor,\uto I s toeítanke lijlc Ís t,c il.,'0 rinlvormii:e ':1eel van het 1:e11,-ulv:roet werkpl.r.atsen voor.]e technici cn - nic in h.- i: nltlr-len - i.le rrtoren.le r verzamelini:enir. Hier wr)rden alle plat,en en banrlen I ïl:: zrjn 1l-c0 burclen 2000 er,iployets wcrken er volr:ens hun taak àp vt:rschillenrle u r-la3 cn van 'le n'tcht o Za kont Ce jcrnr.;e Duitse journalistr.wiens tiak het is rle r)tif, pcl-il,iclce cc,mnentaren te vurzsï"r1 n, orl 16,00 ullr a 17.OO uur cn blijft,taarschijn J-ani :c'r lantcn hool;stc rricr of vijf urene Hierl:ij ilo,-t nen cchter níet r-rit, het oc zan dat ztin werktijclen nict precies ztjn va-qt';est,elc1 hij boven4ien allc h kclen rn politjr:ke c()runent,?.ren van a.lje halan rijker of zíjn rnin.t,le Franse en I lranten thurs rnoet, Lezen, voorlrt hij zich ne?r ie ORTF be1eeft. Het v,rcrrl mij toe on kt:t, t;chclc Drit:;c r)roí rat.tnr tc volr:cn jn,ce re1 clkamer, van1/va.tï1 c,c., han.lnrc rlil:e ct le lucht in6:a:rn' De stucioruí;rtc i:rcní:jt hi.craan :'eáchctien,,loor een g"oi" i,een.:lct.r-rr rït3r een íebc.1cn, ira.nt, llct irolkor,rcn r,eluidabsbfberenle rnuren. Op rjeze n :';e:o3nkcl r;ciui,l zclfs niet jat van een l)istoolschot v;.nuit Ce re1;elkailer de Jv/BL Jochen i.,{aurer

6 }-lcre Íkt;n o Voorle Dui-bse luister3ars is het, wellicht jnteressant te veïrnemgn i13t :l< krit iek Jc-ier6 olr hut alleen lrrenren van cen pro,'raruna voor Zuil-D.ritse intellectuelen (l s-'uclcle daaro::: voor: J" om onderweïirer op een hrerlere Ï:asis -tc lrren'' ÍIe bj-jv- 'loor l'oeqlrn va.n een DX-i:io1lrarilna en 2, orí] zo snel rno'elijk weer Ce veïreijten;']ê, kortct'c,-i.,.n.,:.1r.:rirtcn, ontlnt, ale c-,ntvlnl:st op cle rniillenrolf frequentie v:ln Str'r.r: bourl mc ).LliÍ.rl ),\J ljf U{-L:\ oj,ftenae-bbaer j-so Tussen twee haakjes, tijdcns en nir. clc onlanf s Jooi de'órif g'ehou ilrocven lo;lrnen de meeste ontvani,,st,ra;lporten uit, Duits'1-anC i, ttct :;1:ijt ilíj., Jat ik lve cns r';ebrek a?n tíjl nicts qoecia.als kan rapportcren c:íitï kor-t,ir1,:oíf. ZóaIS U zult 'rvet,en Zljn de korter:olven'in Frankrijk niet e rl populeir, eerr v--rír:le rc.]enen is cl:rt rle pioi,rar,ro,lclirecteuren cen D)i-prorr.i.nma nic-t, toelat,en, niij"r';e.rd vcrtclri bcschoulvt men dit :Is hct versi)ll1-en van t,ii,l. llc-b j-s ilijn ilvíiir uuá toekonstir:e ta:k Ii.-t voor ccn Í-,rot,e DX-club voor oen-iteza.nenlijke clrqlarlneg -oé -v...' KO RTEG O LF' loo RSPELLIN GET{ Onrler,le stations die'cn tijd nlur,vkeurii: 3:-nÍ'even zijn er en -ta z,i-rt. lcort,e tcrnijn piop.r.i,,t,ie voorspellinf ën i;cven. Hct is cchier noocz'lkci-ijk \{v ul èlt 5-ebrr-ii6be co:le tc i<órr.rqn om cle propallàt iewaàrschuwrlgen. t,e kuruneu Ínterpretcren ri i1"n uiti.ezonien door ci:c i\r,r,rrjka?nse r,,,n[v s'ca{ions wclke tc vjsilun ztin op d9_frcqr" oír-r: cnnn '',,,Iclk.t, ICOOO ) )_5"OOO, ZO"OOO cn 25.OOO kc/s" van,1cze 12VV.e op ucn rvillekeur 2Ut/U, Ïroorï:etlr is hani,t, af van,:le luist,ertijd. HÍcr in Europa wor"cen lle L5 cn 1O mcfl t í':oe il r,ehoor.l" Do korto t,crnijn llropaí,rtie voorspclljnf:cn vuoi',leit vii:tr kuur- F'tr Itj ven en ucl on 05. OO: l2"oo, 17,ÓO en 23,00 G.iT " Dezc voors rell jn,'cn ír vun ecn scl van le lcwalite Ít ov.,r hct Nóorci-;itl-anti=che prd,,loch zíjn',cl.roonliilc ook van toc vc)or an-lcre richt,inr,len, in hetrtri5zonilcr t,ij'lens gocde condities.ic:'lcrc víjf rrjnt z,e hcrhaalcl c'loor '',',].ffv jn 'coce" rrorse Dc vc)orsi)e11in1; bestrlt, uit een lett,er cn cer De lctter ka.n zljn cen,v'i, hytileen lryaarpehuwjní,bctokent vo61 i'cst,,cr:1e ecn'-li!i9s; voor onr.r*est,cn,,tt,ó.?onrlities (unsetfled) of ecn ll, hctílcen norn:,le ccndities betel ci- jfcrs iii i;cn tu.ssen ] cn 9. J = c,nbruikbaar en 9 = uitstekend o Dc ovcri,e cl jf e r,jc ccncitics ver.htud jnr,si;er,vijs àtílo Dezc kcrie.tcrnrjn voorspellinfien hrnnen zcel zijn vc,or le DXer.]ie er een í'uwocint,e van nralrb om eerst even ne te í.;aen hoc tlc ( zljr.,:,lvorcns oii cen zrullc of ver veï'r,'rrij ler':1 stet-íon af t,e stcmien; -O- JV Rii D^'.ï<T IC}IIIEL,,LLII?.LE I gok i:r hct ju-ni-nuttrïiur ven Radio,-Ta1:an nieuvts tro-ífcn wij e{:n fota aan van cen or Dcze ni:.,':nil is hct L, Krij i,cr,s B t,c G'ICrrep. l1a::t,c.l ijk,jank 3,an Jochcn L,iaurer voor z1jn art jkcltje over cle ORIF" Dit Ís hct nï zockcno Een vc.rslei,; ovur hetl;een r,vij zelf belecfl hebben en niet, een ovetzichb 'l: r:estel:c uít,liverse ft,l:lers, De vakant'íl:s staan nu voor cle,-leulr,, In-lien U een lle: ea;. uêl,r rstrocpstat,icrn.n z,atl',lan,lat U iut,s ltij U hcbt or-1 ïu&t fiot evcns tc not'eren a1n dc hanil rir.arvan U.v.r artjkejtjeo iíij zr.jn buniuuwcl hocvcel er koncno -l:c HULP;,uvri,r.?irl1-ï i'1.,:gr ecn r,tcrlelll. 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8 Tï18 tsenet,ux DX-L0G800"( ( suonr \,/AVE BROADCAST SE CT I0r\ ) by I,e o v. d. ille er o The abbreviations u-sed aret 62A5 is new frequency; 11Q! is sign oï Z2OO is sign off time i = tipgpeciatly for beginnrn$ DX-ers I + I lffiers outsíde,europe; mx musicl nx news; Ar- Arabic; h Ené Fr* French; G Gerrnanl P rortlr.guesel Sp S.p.anish; ID-ldentifrt IS Intermission Signal; A Approximately; // in parallel- witl ad.vertisements;commcommentar1esor.cof0il rcia.11re1 poi-.ular; prgr programrce; unid unicentified; sin statíg*; B _ ctr contributors. Remember all tj-mes are Greenwíclr iviean Time (G] lux t in:e le e s one hour! ) Kc/s; Station and countty/town: 4720 R.CJ.ï',{indelo,C,Verde Isl. 10,5 1730A l,éopoldville, Congo Dem.Rep,X1, R.Cenit,Ecuador 13,5 48?-5 R,i[ariho,Co]oi"nbia R..Ne iva, Colombia 8.5 4BB5 R" Cultura de P,ocos,Braz:-L A.Dakar, Senegal 6, R. Quit o, Ecuador R. Cultura Ce Campos, Bra ztl R " Su cre o Ve ne zaela A R " Rumb os, Ve ne zue le 22 " Ecos del Torbes,Vene zvela F..Barquisemeto,YenezveLa 5" lagos, I"ig etr.a )7 A c)c'-r 50í 0 R,Eco,Feru 28, Bissau,Port. Gu i-nea lomé, Togo Republlc A q 5)7 O- R.Berlín Int., llr t 1. ) 5975= BBC-london * P..Bucharest, R.umania R,l[ederland 6050= R.Berlin Int., DIR 6A55= R.!ragro, Czechoslovakía 607 C R. Ghana Date : f irne: 24.4 'íq / ) ) a'l x 4,5 i "/t 7r\ A 6070 R, Soc,i\ },,ïine ría, Chrle ) V c * 6A75 R. Sutat enza, Colombie 30, Bayerischer Rf",\Al-Germany '1 X 0 Escuelas Radiofdnicas,Venea = :ffarzaw,poland 6155= Vienna,Austria BB0-london R.Bucharest,Rumanie 7200= Ii.Belgrade,Yugoslavia 72O5 VOA-Ihessalonika 7210* tsbc-london 725 OA=R.. Bu da pe s t, ï:ung ary 72604=t/i e nïla, Aus tría 7305= R, Bud,a.pest,Iïungary 7460A F.. Pyongyang rnorth Korea 9505 R. St o Domingo, Dom, Aep, 9)05= R. Pe lgrade 'Yugcslavia 951 A* R, Bu chare st,ruroanía 952A Voice of Denmark 9540 R'Australia 9 55O= JiRIIl, tr\te w Yo rk 957 O- R, Bu chare s t. Ru nrania 9595= Swiss Radio' 960C R, Tashkent,USSR R. Sweden,^/ R, del Pa.ciflco,Peru 9695 F,NE, spain 97 55= R 'l'le de rland Z I t4.1 r t. - ) r'\4 A 1,1 o4 4r1 A tl ( ti t-, l o ) 24 "4 16, A t v a. ï I)A A L* e Lt n7.4 4 r t o ) t Ê. +.-) 2A.4 1R A r v a ' ï L ) a'-r 7 A A ) V o * v c ) ,. 20" m q^ L--/ J ) 0400 a I ZUV 2226 r\^ 4 r a z''/ u t 2 l\ 213o r\4 Í-r -/' l \-) // a\r-\ 4 r // /' ll 'a /\/a r\ il \J\/U o 0c r y - l! \ l P \ I J-/-/ lrne t v v z l r - {)v ( \ 4 r ty t ) 0210?nqtr L.\JJ) a4 45 a9 45 í17aa [ / \./L/ a\í1 2 r /,'/ -\,\ LL ) -./ i 600 Á ^ r - IXF\r\ t ' J - / - / ilr.jj) À)7A vl -/ v 4 ' 7 7 ^ ))u 1100 Progrann details: SINPO: Ctrrs: pop rnx at lïjj Fr with E nx 220Q IVJJ Sp ID NJJ pcp ffrx & adv t[jj mx & Cin zane adv NJJ pop mx NJJ mx & Il wit h zqo "32422 I{JJ classical mx NJJ poll mx BD R.. Rumbos BD NJJ 0i1 adv?"r: -l a rr 4 v + s J ilob i] Sp mx Tang o E í.rx pop mx p op rnx uj.^ Fr nx Enx & 2300 kr-ia 4 ci r i í\ -1..t q v I / v r v v + G lctterbox DX-Juke Box Enx roag azíne Enx? Ê! n I t l tvjí J-L/ NJJ 22V72 Rn NJJ ÀTJJ a.dv,c NJJ & Rinso adv NJJ NJJ Sp ID Gnx pop mx Nx in Espe r,ant o E tal]c mx Enx Gnx&mx E ID&nx E eomro lïx in Ruma nian Ar mx ID&mx $mx l.l 'r,tó u v}, r:d st)s.r eí)nda.ljà Sp comedy prgr Gnx Di,-p rg r E prgr Enx ítrnn T-Ti *c: r vt, rj.! vv Enx }jnx i1, rx G prgr Sp nx Re I prgr Dut cir nx q2 777 J L. /. /. / êtl V r r BEd ilb BEd i\/ip BEd J C CB BEd í^'11 vt -/./ -/ -/ -/ MG l,{g ï{b ,,{G BEd JFK BEd JFK BEd WR BEd BEd BEd I{B MP 7E,AZ7 llr\ ) J'ï./ ) )) )J hb v/r HH l,tp q7 *f A 77 -/,,, -/ ) JJLJu Pr'À ARo nb BD vir?_3522 BD /i5444 BU/ GH

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10 , 17860= R., Australia.., R,lforway, ] R. Be r1 in Int., DDR Deuts che 1[elIe,\M-Germany HCJB,Ecuador VOA-Greenville F.. Japan 17875= 17Ê..'7q t t v I ) R. Cairo,UAR 21485* Vat i can Rad i o Swiss RadÍc ORTF, Paris R.}akistan 21700= R.l'Tacional,Portu.ga1 217?-0= VOA;Monr ovia Some rgssre {n-y}99 0 sg9r5l3g9! 3-7- ÍBr _9 :4 ' ',1 'a' t a'r r )?,,?,5, ' ) i xg.4 2Q.5 'l 8.4, 9,5 19,4 24, ,.4 06x 5 T r3m' ,1,23 A,1700 pop mx.... t Norwegf?q".&.E tr-p. S wakril i pr gr, : Itr ni : r, r ;i i,,,. E rel prgr, i EID llurope an ' lrgi,, ETD Fr nx at 1100 Fr prgr E &_Fi ID Enx P talk Swahili nx?*,142 J 7'?4333 GH Glí 2123? Jle iup GIï NJJ GIí HB iïb rïb HB ïrb JS HB JFK CB Welcome back in óur Dx-family!,', I{JJ you are a lucky dog. In spíte of lhe too Iàte arrlv-ai of y9?r ti we could publiéii,,them,, for I, had t o ryait for extra chief-editor t ma il- f rom t he lliivers ím HQ. The Dut ch PTT made an error. She sen the rnail from Hilversum to Vianen instead pf Vleuten. Hi! ARo Iíe laas ware n uw b i j dragep de vo f ige nlaand,,aan de te l-ate kant, d moesten ze tot nl1 blr jven liggen. : i JS ï{arteli jk dank voor uw eerste bl jdrage. UIé. hppen dat u een regel rapporteu_r zult wordêh. Jle - ïie stelden het bi j zonder olr pri js Weêr wat van u te verneillen MG 6205 kc, TïJCD, the short wave out1et of TIRS, R'4!!9n9, Cos usès 62o2/620i',kc. R.Reloj, Cost,a Rica is now on 6210 kc. 0ï THIS TI{O}TT T] COIITRIBUI ORS : RAPFORTEURS VAI'ï DHZE MAAND: AF.o - A, Rorabou,ts o,aimcjq. JC J, Caza\y, England. BD B. Davie s, England. "'JÍ..,e ;IK J.Klein, Voorburg. BEd B.Ede lman, Y/asseriaar. J.lekkerkerker, LopÍk,. T A BV B "Vi.,rhout, NunsPeet ' dd J rv.d..siuijs, 'ilieringerwerf. B\li B.v.d"V[aafs, leiden. JZ J.7'warteveen, Ensche de. CB C.Bray, llngland, IvIG M, Gr o ct, Driekrui s-ve lzen, Giï G, Fiuybens,Haarl oo lup ï I/, England., Im Iï. Bos, GronÍngen..NJJ,1d.iensen, Danmark. '\n/r Hï{ H.HartI, Ósterreieh. V/. Ri chtet, Bundesrep. ts chl-. Anci that is all for to-day.or for this month, if you prefer. Ï hotr Í' meet fr ' you again next month. TilI then t Tbt volgende maand t, 73 s ï EsËHss!-s* : gg3-se:e!iggesis Degenen onc-ler U c]-achten, i1-r.t c1e oríjtocps tatior:s,das ní- d-c oc'rlog c1c klrnst van he t sturen van QSl-kaar"ben v:rn d-e arnateurs hebben afgekeken, hebben het riti-s. Dat builct wei uit cl-e hierrrrast afgebeclc,.e QSl-kaarb met een ziiveren jubíler.lm: Statron &nno 11+A, Deze kaart rrrcït1 iloor een keniris van 0},{ Veer in /umstcràaxl aal't letroffen in een boek, 'v'rauj:: hrj reeds jaren v'rcrd. gebn:ilrl als boekerlleffieïr r r r Tn lro'l,r*! -rv i:rnr- 19/+0 bestond. ijai1-io ltteil"erlanil. \ierelilonrroep noe niet, mf-ar Eih-mrd- Startzt. "H"ppy Stationtt ilrl-aiile al elf iaar en l,',trs claarmee toen ai urrielc" Dc teks t op d-e luiitt als' ' vo1gt 3 : I'PCJ, I{ilversrm, Iïol1ancl, I'rish t'o corrvelr to Jrou thoir appreciatiqn of your kijlrl c -i'ion regardi::g the eqrerjaents0 trez:sruissj.on on Jreha1f, ;f Philips tg 4* 119{16, Ei HolianC-. or.,.' (ea.tun, trjd-, frecluenti"). -Frequencies anrl 9590 k9/s. " vervolg op blz'" 16. ErUlish summary on pai:e 16 ' "_o_ :

11 CP DE h{iddengolf rned.iun wave section all times Ghff compiled by JB Kleijn, F ' e q ";;" i - /ty:z g *----u_-t-- *3 i I ilslj[e: í! Ers:[gslq:y i! f Ëss; :É9i e-g.!e,^ INt V-:í-íffL L L , , , 10 79L E? ? I,+O l-025 '? : l_034 0, ? r ,25 r1n? 1520 L 0 a\ -o- R l,{o scow 4f ó at 2320 with Russian rnx JFI( Droitrvich Eng1and. 72/4, at L256 rrith shipping f orec'ast 54ó44 ïii{ R Iceland Reykjavik 4;5 at 2310 with light rnx JFI( R l,ionte Carlo II 4/5 at 2150 mx and talks GiI,IFI{ 0s1o Norrvay at 74!L ín NorwegÍan Hl,í I'farsa'ru Fo1and 4/,5 at 23X-5 with mx and nx in E JFK Lahti Finland 7 /6 at 2050 rvith Sp }ight mx JFI{ Baye ri s che nn Ge rma.ny 7 15 at 2LL5 wi th mx JFi( tsudapest llungary 7 /6 at 2L20 mx JFK R Nacional }{adri d. 4/5 at 2215 with nx JFK Batra treypt 4ió at 2225 rvith Ar nx 4U"t+ JFl( A, DDR, East Germany 7 /5 al,1730 with light.rnx JFI( I'iilversurn I Netherlands (r/6 at 220A talk ( reception near Belgian JFI( VoA Thessalonika Greece 415 at 2240 with nx JFK PJB Bonaire NA 8/5 at 0045 in E JZ Dentsche:r: 904 7/5'aL 2040 nx JFi( irtris Yugoslavia I8/5 at 2200 in Serbo-Croat Jl( Dcutscher S at 2250 rvith nx and. mx JFIí R Àlger Arabic service l f S at 2055 nx JFI( 'R Andorra 7 /5 al 220A,r*' JF'l( R City g/5 'al 1330 "2gg on your dial, City" 3/t222 JZ ÀFi\i Gernrany al 2200 nx in Ll i(li{ R Breme n Ge rmany 5/ 5 at 1310 mx 233/12 JFi( R \rida Sevilla L7/5 at 0030 rvith light.nx JÏi I( I N G Radio British pirate 5/5 at light mx JiiI( Stavanger Ncrway 5/5 at 1600 in Nortvegian 14232, JFI( Tirana /,lbania L8/4 at 2100 talh (power was increased to 100 kií last year-jl() 4tt541 JZ AFI{ Gernany '17/5 al 0000 with last nx sumnar-y' in E lil'í R l{oscorr relay ri/s at 2300 rvith nx and nx 23/'32 JFK R Caroline (W) ZO/+ at 0215 nx tests JFI{ Unfortunately the reception cond.itions on nedirrn wave have' cleteriorated. last 2 nonths, hcnce the nunber of, con-bributors and contributions dec'reased. ft's not impossible that reception from Latjn lirlerica will become bett,er rvithin the next -bhree montlts, although also the noise levet (qnm) will increase. For the tirne being we cen only rvait and seel?his nonthrs con-bributors were: HI{ -- Hans \r l,ii}i kelsen Randers Denmark Kl,{ K. lr{arsyla )elfzijl Net}rerlands JFI(- Jos. F. I(le in Yoorburg rl GII Gerard I{uybens Iïaarlen Neth. J7, Jan Zvrarteveen Enschcde ír JI( Jaap' I(l eijn lïns te lve e n I' From the "Xuroirean ilroad.casting Union", Supplenent no. 40-8, we quote thc f o1, e.hange s : 529 ltc 567 n = new Russian station, heard. since mid January 548 kc 547 n = 2A kï/ station at Bad Diirrheim relay Deutschlandfunk since I'e 629 kc 477 n = 30 k\{ station at TÍmisoara, Rurrania, }ieard. since Februa::y 863 kc 348 n = 0RTtr Paris increased power of this outlet froni 150 Hï to 30( 890 kc 33? n = Austrian Radio relay transr:ritter at Línz increased power fr< These are only the rnost inportant changes. itf s impossible to rnen-t,ion all nin< just imagine the ïlurllerous'fregular" changes of the low-porvereri. Spanish staiior Jan Zwarteveen in Ensched.e inf orrns us that i.n English and- Scanclinavian languages tltis- the )eutschlanclfunh rvil.l start year. Ba:'t, lvijnberg reirarks on the,tf Lo'*g*..r" transnitter (.f B)XC no.41): 'rthe I mitter stays on the air during the rvhole nighi, thus itt,s ir:rpossiblc ill, Easl, Gernan" on thc freqrr-ency 151 hcf stt.lïeil tsart,r You s rigirt, Irn anxious rvhat IIl,í has to say on this. program"les i( lifarsyla cf De 1f zij ), heard last iriay 17th an unnod.ulate cl car"rier on t+60 l<cf s. rryhich nav havc been a ncl'í pirate. 0tirer reports mention a frequency of apprx. 13/'0 hcf s. Jcs. I(1e in youii rrirideniified on 76+ lic have been i3aghdacl, Irao. r"rith 30C ldï (ni) Loridrn hns ir;;s'b rro-/crt frcin 1129 to 1133 kc (Z6f n) to a"voic hcterodyne r,'histles. d 4 v v

12 -9- P0 ïlilx -TO-POïïfr PtNORJll{À a monthly presentation of the SDXC coïffposec and ed.ited. bjt L{aarten van Dclff,, givi lrtcs'c "ê,,rs, views anc-l gossip of thc proscnt PTP-scenc. Frequencics mentloncd. *"" exàct vrhen tn"y have a callsign orllvhcn they are underl otirenríse fl-pprox, Á11 tjrnes rffc of course GI['T, 4{gb+4iq-teq; Kabul heard. with vrn i.n E + h;shto and '1orrg mm at: 2021 hrs on'1 3^,,6QQ, iffic1ear,fromtjrnetotjmetoi;yard.sparisatioo0t'""overïar1-1e65ec 'i8610. Only on QSt I(uo-nr. from this statior!, e. /,cldress is simply },{iruistry of Coii tiorrs, ï(rbul. $glre+tup". ild reports to ha,ve hearc, Starrcla,rd. Freq. & Tj:ne Srgnal Stetion LOL at,,:l mre% to close d.o'r,irn c"t 22O0, Time ar1. cvery! min. in Sp, by á ï\roríle Strong art{ {rom 1IïV. ïfrd-. on 150OO kc anrl ón 1C0OO too but -ivcnker' QSLs from a-dilr.,4{fëlr:11i". Syd.ney (ttre Eastern 'cerrnj-nai of the ltustralian Overscr,s Telephone Serrr 5ffii'9'nln-l.o''1l+66oat215ohrs(/"E)...-Thísisprobab1ytheir,Lond'c over VïÀT71 "* 1 l+61o, Perth ( tne liestern ÀOTS Terrainal ) has rmrch less circuite but excellen-i; verifier arrcl so is Syd.ney. Card.s ancl/or letters from: À0TS, 12 Spring S G.P,O.; iox 7COO, Jrcl Floor, Syd.ncy.. (*d. ) De_nmaflc. Copcnh&gen noted. d.aily over OXO 99 - %68 with a fcme"lc \rrn in n vrhich llns ffiquircereóen,u1y.the:rnsnistothefáróei^ïs1'and.s.(lg)-pcrhaps].or this s tations has i-ssuecl onc of tr;ro veries but, I trn not s.ure, 'The las t f clv years r becn reported. from: Generalilirektoratet for:pos'l' og Telegrafvaes.eTtÊfi; Copcrrhagen..'.raJr to the DX-Perlie-ment in'svreclen, your ed-.' 'f,rill try to visit them in ordcr to ir r,lr.r'rrr-",-, *hn-i* vrrutr+óv uatv.ltr minils a Gaqb"ig. C&J Ltc1" llathurst r''rith thcir rare vrn in E, at OBOC hrs on kc. (m) cjrcui'i; is to Lagos but no cxact freq' lclor"tl" As 'said' thc;r selclom use their rrm; j they try to tt1"r-ketr thc announcer.rtat the otn-er,endtr by scrcani-ing anil callfug thej sore! híl This nia,y bs obscrlrcc-l alrnóst clai1y '',rith ''cheir Lorxlon circuit at l6oa hï VSH t+. Gm.fuia has bccn obscrvccl novr for a-bout'one ]roar but so far the only is to yout' cd, courtcsy óf a- l-l.ilc nelvs reporter malcirg usc of -thc PTP-facility at rrinnincr nf this year rvhen Glriibia got its inclcpenc}encc o. i)**+s..i) Gcrmanv-iïegt', US./,rmv Radio S'betion /S/i hrc1. r,vith rrm in JI. on 735O at C91! i,vith ffi).thisstationislocateilatpirmaseus(heiacttcrg:)andisopera-tc bencfit of tire lïeacl-quarters of the US Arrrgr i-n Europe. 0rt1y oïle or tvro QSLs lcror,''1n. try to ihe f olioi,.',ri{ a-d.d.ress : US /,rmy Comnrunicatior:s Statíoir ffià, STÁRCO}{ Facilít *-:ïj"ï;.oilïi; Ïtïrï in r. at 11oo on 1B7oo (cn). - rhe overscas conu'ounj Service l-ras its main ccntre at Poona-15, closc,onibay ancl finc vcrícs are s ihere. Of faie t.i.-"ti."" ccntres Calculia, Nev,r Dclhi ancl },{adras have been heard t vcrif icat i ons from there s o fa.r, -LjIJRppppppppppppppp C&Iï Ltd.Tripo1i. rrotccl again lrith rrm in E. at 1230 hrs on 136g0 to London ( Qffi" 5!A$ - l j6-g9. Foïmcrly they \:rcre of tcn hcr,rril- at the same time over 5it\r.76' /rs hrs 'becn e,irtounccd. vaguely alreacly in the previous cd.itlon, C&\i Ltcl's hcad.qut London nol? secros to havc orcl-ered. all thr:ir mdrrly statiorrs.around-"the vrorld. -bo stotr attcntion tc rcports on thcj-r transmissions, Every station it scens mrst novr seru rcccivecl rpt to thc Lorulon IIQ frorn v,rhcrc :lrou'll rcccivc a denyiry le tter. ltith a of st,::"'lior:s it has alreacly bccn provcd. from e:q>ericnce that thcy ind.eed. havc becr r,rith this dirty measurci ïrm ivonclcrir4r, horl,cvcr, Íf every C&I'I stations will foll< thesc.rrrlcs, su-ch vcry kínc1 C&iï stations as c.g. tr{aita, Jorilan, narbailos arul rna"nl some of r,''rhich even issued. itïce printcil QSI,*card.s" Libya so far l-ras ah-rays vcry ]<i anc-l verified. fast by lc"bter or., if you rcquestecl, by mearrs of finc viclvce.rd.s. Thj action makcs it nore d.ifficult for rnc to state the exac'c attituile of a certain Cé right nor,'r tororard-s QSLing. Try argnvay to: Cable & lïireless Ltd.,, L{unicipality lluip"0.r_-tox 4O0, Tripoli lria-ltg, C&iï Ltat" hril wíth thcir Lonclon círcuit at OBl+5 hrs over 2I{168 : vríi Formcrly vcries by lcttcr in 1 vtreek. /:"cldr.: Cable & f,iireless LtcL.,P0 ' : 13ox 253,St.( \vu.,i, 4liu*K:rr+ Is.l.. US /',rny Station /idd a,t okj-rra-v,ra observeil with goo+ signals onóc ffiane.vïí I(''ya'kker'')on29J59.Vcrif.-1ctterreccived..(rr).-Great<!*$en, Taipci hceril rrith vrn in 1tr, on 176LrO at OBOC hrs (en ). 1,Íe11 d-one, Unf ortrrnately no cxact QRG a:railablc but v,mite to; Govcrnmcn'i; Êoncl - Tn inr:i II^-i,' hrr 'l_cttef F,adio Àclininistration, 1826 Clmï Chc::g '.LV(-!LLt! (.L+t/vr. v v{ +v "J J " vvrrw. rtr.'rt* -,n crg -t1*ó ''l J.

13 -1 C- SHORT ITEii,ÍS I(0RTE BERICIITEN compiled by R. Grevenstuh. ' All times are Gl'tI Afghanistan. Radio l(abul norv broadcasts in Germln fron: :feoo:1830 on Ló225 kc. rep"rtsé-houfa be sent to Kabu1 directly and. not to the Berlrin address. -IiII- BrazíL. ZYZ Z0 Radio Relogio de Rio is slill on 496ó l<c and is no longer calle Re1"g.r Federaltt because Rio d.e Janeiro is na,-. longer Fed.eral 1)istrict. -NÀS,i- Bulgaria. Radio Sof ia' s schedule has been amend.ed as f ollorvs: To North Americe r<c -at OóbO-OOaO and and 00& in English. To'[urope on 6070 kc e 2000 and 2fiA-22A0 hours. -]'IP- Canad,a= CBIIX on kc, relaying CBU,'Vahcouver 8,C,, has recently changed ce itrto Ci<ZU and i s nory on the aír 24 hours.u day -SC)X- Congo. fnrurzavíiie. RacLio Brazzaville replaced L7725 kc by L1930 t<cf f L5190 kc. 'ceáêe'd, Iceland.- Broad.casting on shortwaves some tine ago d.ue to te chni c ai d,if f icultie -SC)Xin Reyirjavik,,,,.,, fndonesia. To nalie your i'lorld Radio & T\r llandbook'1965 up to date we harne sone i o n s a n d " c o r r e c t i o n s f r o n R a d. i c I ï e p u b l i k r n d. o n e s i a ' Jokj akarta y)tg on 2350 kc and Y)J on 5047, { irc. Suralcarta YlG2 on 2440 kc l-.y{ 3305 hc and ydgs on 4B?5 kc. Surabaja Y)J3'ón if-7} kc. Banda Àtjeh (Irotaradja) 4gB5 kc. Sibotga y)i,{6 on 2330 kc. PakanbaÍu changed fron 4985 tó fgfs hc and } frequency in tée 84 meterbqpd. Padahg Y).L3 o l<c, líenado Y.])S on.3215 kc. Fassar Y)U6 on 7\20 kc. SingaraAsa agf ete f ró'qu9.n9y 4-B4A kc. i,1.98uf "1,Not 1eti Dj amb j- YDKG on 2490 kc, Tanctj ong Pinang YDX 'on' 3223' ltc, l{enatlo YfS on 3215 kc talo YfS21 on 3395 l<c. -RRI- i.. Japan. Since l{ay 2nd Radio Japan has. r'e-pláced by kc in it's Europt ;tft G],fI. The other f requency renains kc. In the General Servicr and. Japanese) 6t/,0 lcc has been replaced by kc fron GIIT. It rei from on 9605, and kc and from on LI940, s triald.ive islands. Thc lialdive Islanrl.s Broad.casting Servicè gives the netvs at 0l ffi,í45oltc.àisotestingon9650kcataround'0500rvithnusic"..,s. identification every half hour..sodx- transnitte rs h{aii. Radiorlif fusion du i,{ali plan the construction of two 100 It'!.Ishortlvave f or int-ernational services. -NÀS:i- l,{onggtia. Rad"io UIan Bator an ingl.ish progranme f ron n Tue, lved, Fri ancl Sat is an English prograrlr-le from 2L4A Peru" Radio El Pongo, Tingo l,{aria is a new station closing d.own at 0500 on DXI- Portugal.:\ to the Portugal fx Club Emissora Nacional at Lisbon wiii conduct G""p.ttbf e?) singie side band teqts on 6025, L5+25, and kc. ('I'nrs /.^ ]-s tne 'the 5th Èroadcu"i"" aiter Voice of l'rmerica, Neder:1and, the British Brcadcasting Corporatiotr and Radio híoscow Ed.) -slrl,- Saud-i rlrabia,. In Dahran the Àramco 0i1 Conpany operates a mediun 1095 lic. on 9540 and kc. -SCDX- -sl\'i-',- wave transmitter -DXR- Swed.en. The fnternatio.nal Service of Racl:,o Swed.en scheclule reads now as follor E"glrrh to Europe at 1100 Gl,fl on 9620 lcc', at 2200 on 6065 hc and 2330 on to the Far trast cn l<c and. L7845 kc, To Squth risia at 1445 on g15 kc. To the l,íid.clle fqst at 1615 on and kc. To r\frica at 7945 lrc. To the tastern part'of North ri.rierica at 1400 on lic and at 0145 on Ia To \ïestern North rimefica at 0315 on kc. French prograns to purope are a'i on 9620, et 2030 on 5990 arrd. at 2L45 on 6095 hc. To;'^frÍca at 7715.on 7ó240 kt prograns ilre transmitted to Europe at 1000 on 9620 k", at 2130 on 6065 kc and at 2300 on 11?B hc. To Àf,ric,a at 1915 on 11?05 and to South r:unerica at 02L5 oi You can hear the Swed.ish, prograns no\\r at 1030 to Europe on 9620, to the Far ii 1800 on 1b1gb and lqc. At 1515 is a progran to South r\sia on and 1t In nfrica you can hear the Swed"ish program at 1815 on lcc. To South /gutj on i.1?0b kc. To Jastern North;"unerióa át 0100 on.,11805 kc:and at 0230 to the 1 part of North rtnerica on the salle f requency. on

14 4!b,revi at ijqe us e d i, Nr:iS,i Ncrth.\nerican Si.í Association, SSWN Swiss SIf Nervsr 'Switzerlancl lxr, - )X Radi o Stochholm, Swed.en RRï Radio Republik Indonesia l,íp I{. R. Pe dd ar, Engl and Short ftems l(ortc Birichten (continued/vervolg) -11- Swit zerland. The I'fmission Protestairt Internationale" (EPI) i" Switzerland wil d"ft"tt"ly rtart with klti shortwave transnitters at the Ganzenberg near I graben some 30 l.ln, f rortr Berne. RohrbErchgraben is situated between Langenthal-I and' Iiuttwi 11 ' -ssiï'n- Thailand.. Raclio Thailand rlropped 7305 kc and rrses:rlotnr 7185 tic in their North i tr-anr*.iision at 0/"L ( I, thittl North,^r.nerican radio amateurs did not appl tha't, frequencyl,sd). -SC)X- Tog-o. luring the i:ric'!.day tranbmission on'weekclays f y'om , Sat ( slr". rooo-rí00 àaclio Llné is now hearcl on 7265 kc i'nsteacl of 6155 hc.-scx- Linited. States cf.' rlrcric.a. Since }{ay 2nr1 The \roice of,i,i:lerica,'i.natcurs Noteboo}." S""aays 'i"n't h"."d arty longer" -CP- Diiring l;ïorld.wicle r.rili bc it I s s,econd contest on ;^iugust , Saturt 1900 Gl"ff on L6440, L7B/,0 and L7730 kc. Anyone wishing. to enter should write tt i,lá"iaooiá* (+ tunst'58th street, Nery York I9, N.Y., usrï).o"t request the qpgci.aentry form. prizes for this contest wirll be announcacl during t4" next ferv rvq'el USÀ at 0000 on hc -NriSÀ- -o- SCDX fxi S\'{L IT{' CP POIliT -.TO-FOÏNI PIJ'ïCRJU\A ( coni;. /vervolg) L/RII rcports thr-'b C&f'f '',rest ltïii"" ttal-,'i-11 bcglin r- {}zo nillion cxlpa-rrsion pr()i.:r:ume ',,o tn 1966 provid.c morc chaiiilcls f or d-i-rec1; c,:;in,ru.nicrtíon to Llcn'nudra rncl i\orth -;ncrica a-nrl 'uhe in-hc Cotrnorr,rcr-lth Ca.blc' U"S"/i. :'lïld- i{ivcs u.s 'che r-clcl-rcss of N.l':. /iir n"/ï;bcd ere-l Àvi,::tion / i,..;nc;r, Int. Flight Scrvj-cc Sta'cíon, F/il Opcrr.tions.]ui-1r1ir1g, ilr..--lrgl.r 11, ï(.cnncc-l-y Int. Aigpor-i;,.l', li. S..Ii. ' ' Ih"-nlSto thc f ollv'roing conbril-rutors, AE.n,..J, vl-n -llclí, Lopi JEcrke-pq] jld,lerric Da-vis, 1ir411r.rrc1- L',lld-. lasti,..l"n Lid-clm"n, rt-sscna,lf C,l Cccil )ra;r, Era,, GiI GcrarC. :1u;'bons, lhrrlcm L'[tH ]ri.s; ]r''::'.:-r'c-1,.i, Iï '-i1,'ifnir''-"-'' fx Inte rnat i onal e, USÀ t{orth rirle ri c an SI,VL C lub, USÀ U. S.S.R. The special transnissions in Spanish f or Latin Ànerica by Lloscow, anl 'T[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[riso"a Paz y Progreso" has'been heard.'at 0330 nentioning the follorving freqr 9480, 9810, 7150, "í440 and 6070 lic. SCDX- C. Parncll, Erglandi ;,. ilclorr you fínc1 thc AustráIían PTPcSL (Pcrth) rcceivcd. by l,{vd, Cf. this monthr s FTP-PanoraIna. In our lir.rch issuer oil p,1p,e 12, J'ou founil a iliscussion elout a station CÏCPM t1l)+c posed- to bro,^-dcr,st fronr',.inrlsorr Cxrt. r CannCa. - Drei,r Ï(almair irr I'fichignn, U.So-/,. str--cion CKI-,li ( inasor) ot-1. tlrc tclephonc, nnrl thcy sr-icll ttrey never heerc'l- of CKPM. (ftris iteiri s]lou-lc', iravc been incltrcl.ed.'in,o'r.rr L[',r-sec'i,iony sorry. I just fouird. this -l-.he, flin nf ljrn-,irrs rnnj Cf-biOn fofm. llext'cj-fne rr^ll r.n^itr.: T)?ai.i nlanqo.'ut youf T t/j.iu l LJI/ U-L _ljl tiïy È L.PyrJ-L/- - uil,.ri I Lrlfll vr!! vv ": "",". J,r* 'uhc -lulletin on I sepe-ratc piccc of pa-per. Thanks e-njn\rl-)r" Á"usFrellanOr'srse al /GP),' I ', / n r - \ n.;.r"rr n^ -ri a. c1 -.--r+ r....,v lvp (Engla,ird-) r"skef- vrh;r for al-l br--.11-e'ciirs l,,iere postcc-l in SIJïTIj"{GSD/rTL$,{ 20 "[n\ti 1965 Co-operator ; Ilnc'l-ir: Cot :nun. D,(-Club, Srtec1en. ' -ogsjr - 1 ts*l er r -! l!:r i g 3 our lviay issue a,rrivecl i,rith such'a bíg delary; Ï d.onrt,l<r:olr, the early mornirg of Niorul-a-y n{a;r Jc1. (Cp) -o- DEADLÏ}iE JTiNE

15 -12-,.:,, QSL-RE\rIBI\I / Thi,s rironth edited by Jaap Ktreijn as lríaarten van Delft had solnejveï ant exar:is to deal with: Not necessar)- to renark that we ruish:fou " i success l.! ' C. Bra)', 9ngland PHIT Saigon It L n PTT Caracas cd. Lt' ms NET Lagos cd T ns l'ts Guad e I oupe lt 4A ds Rad,i o Tanzania cd 3 itls \rng Ll"ndhurst lt L lls ETLF Ethiopia cd 5 l:rs n. Pyongyang od 12- r:rs 0TS Ceylon It 4 ns IBoT.,, cd 3 lts Sweden/DXAcd 2,,rvk \ïe1c crne back l B. Davis, England brffiasq"ta(r)a rvt lt t5 d.s cd./l+,6.è ds n. ïl-euni on R " IIano i R. Rr:nbos cd 10 rís R. Dahome;' \''I0I{0 cd lt 3 7 ms rvk n. Dianang cafttt n l? ; 91, L5? 5050 T5L L844ó t ó2s (") Sotterrs Switz. ca/ftf8 ds Aden c d S n s R. Valera cd 5 lvk Penrr.ants $'ere received from Lisbon, Canad,a, EÀJb Spain, Srvitzerland, Ilanoi and Raclio Nacional Quito. (*) This is the Berorrunster f req, (.rr) tr(.r. Peddar, EnALand R,adio Cairo cd 4 rls lyláir{ USA It 1g wl< Congrats to the latter 08, in Ilolland tool (ltvo) ilíargaret R. Hinkson, Trinidjtd Radi o Pel<ing cd 3 ns IIN Radio \ry cdx 51 d.s l{iii( Tohio Olyn. cd 3 tts R. Pres, Bal-iracedacd 13I d.s R " New Ze al and cdftttlz ds li i nc ludi ng an Ul'lICtrF nap S.iur S. Stumo, Xgrw"ry. R. Luxenburg cd. 3 ryli BBC ccl 36 ds UN Radio cd 3 r.k{onte Carlo ccl. 38 ds Vatican Rad"io ccl 2 rvk R. Ceylon cd. 10 ds RIJE Canari as 1t 3 rvk \VIBS Grenad"a cc 6 w k Radio London 1t 2 w k Bayerische RF cd 3 rvk x reported via Bombay Tnx'for conplinents and best J.B. I{1ei,jn, M{K T oki o \WTUL NY Voz d.e Madrid R. Ne de rl and Bn Netherlancls ccl 5 wl< lt + rvk c d S w k cd 1 wk? r47 0 but reported e66?( x) L ( t'mn) t544a 107I r\ ') \i i 1f red. Richter, \'íe st-gernany Voi\ l'íoimovia cd ' 47 ds VoÁ Greenrri lle c cl 47 d s, VoA Tangier cd ftalcable PTT cc1..47.ds',52 ds.ifrts hry cd 10 ds R : Ànkara Turkey c cl I/' d s DX-d.11i,ansen cd" 20 ds (progr. broad.cast over R.. Srveden) Rad.i o l{osco'rv cd 23 d.s IIXBC líani l Ia ccl 82 d.s Be l giun c d 2 cd 2 ccl : I cd" 6 cd 3 c d b cd. 7 ccl o cd 5 crl, 3 9ó ? nb Nanreless (nut supposed to be located. in the Benelux, welgerteende verontschuld igingen I ) NBI Grcece 2 cd 4 wk 79I/7295 R.Bukarest cd 3 wk 755 R. Be ri in fnt. 3 ccl 3 wlr 7300/ï{l'i \'n'fvh llawai i cd 3 ; wk R.Nederland Bn cd 3 wl< (heard on ilpril 15, 1st da)' on the air) Pe:ter,Ponpê, SBC Berne:, BBC FES.. Radio i\nericas R.Peking \roa I,{onrovi a Vo.,\ Poro -Springbok. Radio Lahti Finlancl R. Iíonte Carlo R.,lrrulan Jordan rvk wk 111 rvk 11S rvll lvk d.s..ns , ,54 2LB 800 D. SchiIling, Netherlands Flungarian T\r 2 lt 2 rvl< 49,75, Tal1inn. TV 1t 3 w k 5g,26, DDR TV'J 1t 5 r-"ls e:h.ó/6/8 LerníF,rn.c ïi') l-t tgt75 includ"ed pictures of the test picture. Bastiaan Edelnan, Ne the ri ands IIcllenic Telec. tt 10 ds ETLF cd. 5 rvk SBC Berne cd L w k R.Nederland Bn cd 5 rvk lrlerv York R, It 3 rvlr Red. Cross over SBC cd t rvl< R. Srve d.e n ccl I wk SBC Berne ccl 3 rvk II. r"an.d.e r: \'/aals, Ne thc rl ancls R. BuC.apest c d. 2 r.)s R Saarbruecken cti í t 1V1( R Cairo cd 2 r:ts - /-, BRT Brussels cct/tt / z \vl{, L,{. Groot, Netherl_qnd.s 4.4 EÀXT Nairobi 1t I'a- cls YV],ÍQ \re ne zuc I a c d L7 ds Pyongyang cd 3t' ds R, Norwa;v c cl 5 (=) inclucling a" nunber of./. continued ills s656 f 7 llo L3261, ó 7 2r llo / s635 P í A ooo 11"2! , 7 Fl,í (ru) ds 6130 stanps. p.t.o. / z,o,o.

16 QË!:!EYPU ( continuc df vervolg) C.P. cle V.ries, Nethe:rIand.g Nigerian Br " Corp, ccl +..r\ R.Nac. de Espana 6 Id. Beograd ; cd I R" BaghclaC fraq cd. 5 R. Tirana.l,lb.nio ca( t ) B I(o1 Israe i cd B BBC ccl 4 T\ïR lr{onac c c cl I R. Eire ann. It 4 n. Carno rg!_i-w.14. KIe iq, R, Pol-en R. i,ustralia R: /r.ustri a SF 'ilerl" in lcutsche ÏfcLle StrV ilunit It" Free Europe SBC Bcrnc cd, Nctherlands nrl crl cd" cd n.1 ULL cd ccl rl " J. van 4"L., ]'Te thc rl a.nd s ïícnil USii " e w k,1.)l 0kÍ nav;a lt 3 rvh E;J 205 Sta IsabcL cd 2 n s Taipeh PTT It 2 w k WJJI USA c c'!. 3 n s i(sl US,l ccl 32'ns 4,. Ni aney Niger cc 2'wl< o'r1 I wk wk 6130 wk 6100 wk 6030/60e5 wk 7090 wk 9625 wi<? wk 7260 wk 566 wk ns L502/714ó 5 wk wk wk ivk wlt. 665 / wk 719/49 trb 1 rvh '0 6235? B)XC' s llgl!lgrr*g t{aarten van }elft, ilolland ri,j. \ra.n llcli,iïollancl 300 ; t N" Í, Jenscn, Jcn:larlt i{.,t. P,,us o'!vr i'il, Gcrl:rany 2ó4 L\L ; L43 H. 'van der lr&on, IIollancl 238 7A7 131 J.E. Iitcijn, IïoIlanci 2L Ja:res,'. ï{artfori!, CanaCa zlt 94 tlt 9ar,'ry Davis. 'Iriglancl Fr e cl \ïc j clena, " "Io lanc'l 23t J.'r'.W. Blyth, trngland IL7 Larry Stanclley, U.S.i. 1'57 7I : 86 Fete r Poi-rpe, Bc lgign À.J. van Eck ( óóntinuecl) \'{LriC USÀ crl 2 XERR l,,,iexi c o l t 2 ZB 'I-L Bc rnud a..d. Zwarteve e n i R. Ghana R. Prague R. Ne cle rlanc Bn SBC Bernc R. Norrvay HBS Jord an DX-L Club Norrvay Ne the rl ancls cd ccl cd. ccl cd ccl ccl wk 1ó10 wk wi'r wh vrk wk wl< wh rvl: rvk 1544a(tr*ur) h{aarteg van }eif t,, I'tretherlancls VLQ I Brisbane lt : 2 rrls 9660 R. Bangui CrlIl cit 2 rvk 5035 WSts USÀ I If cd t. rvii 750 0f ipostcl Tchacl :l t I0 d.s' 9965 C&l,V Gar.rb i a 1ï 2 ns C&\'{ Trinidarl ed 7 lrs \VTIC USÀ cc1 2 ryh 1080 I'[I{N US,i c d. 3 rv}r 1050 R. Santa fé c ci 4 r:rs /'966 R. Tupi Sao Paulolt 6 -Irls Both last statíons a pennant Austri an TV ]t 2 wlr ch.2 -,naitor'!-noíe = ÀlthougJr your contríbution (that'u I,{t'D) did not arrive until ir{ay 25, it cou-l-d still bc incluced, iïe 1I, f guess you are not used to it HI (.lx) J. Zwarteveen, IIollanC 156 H.G. IIartl, /r.ustria 139 N. Ducrd.oth, England 199 lr{arg " R, Hi nks on. Tr i ni d.acl 747 P.v.Berge l{enegouwen, I{oII, tq Iïilfred Richtdr, I,f.-GernanJr 115 l,,{alcoin l}. Ped.dar, EngIanC 110 Sjur S. Stuno, Norway 96,ilan Lefting, England 28 Piet Jansen, Ilolland 98 G. Peet, Ilolland LLI l',{. Groot, Hollanrl L/11 o )3e,?para.cLerr \.ei1 Cc zc "r:aanc'l he ef t z oal s u zíel.- e'en kle ine nttï, i ging oncle rgaan, ko1c,à bijgekor:e n, cl.ic hct totaal aangeef t van.gchoorcïe en getrerif ieercle Ianden. r^.ro::d.t bóreilct dat clc resultaten van clíe )Xters die wel veel lanrlen hebben gehc pral*,,j-sch nooit rapportcrcn,. juister wortl.en gehonoreerd.. fn de rangschíklring j g.nn,,'ernnclering goitot,ron, naar er valt iets voor te zeggen de gqg5tg- kolor:r als geycn.!.-le ]rcschoul,ícn, ïlj houden ons aanbevolen voor op] en outtil"affig"n hierol o Just for a change wctadjustec.f this nonth's ranl<ing list by adding a colunn ir *,hc granrl-tota1 of both countries heard. ancl QSLIed.. By doing sof also the )Xrc never sencl a rcport (trot nay have loggecl over 150 countries) is getting the at l;1e ile serves. Thcrcf orc a good. thing Àight be to consider the f irst cclu::n as i i-7e. Iïe shoulc vcl:y i:ruch like to trear yo,.t opinion on this iratter. o F,o:'1*g19:q.c.s froi:i QSL & fvllp eili'cor l'{nartcn van Delf t: it:]íl,is\ J]*L-"-i:.lgl:.l-'l-l hc plcnsal 'coa"nsrrer.)t solvc an;y of the clues'bions or probl rriign"," l:r.:.-vc;r: bu'c rluc to n. 'ccrríble< of -b jne Ï,",nt r-tna.ble t,r enter j-n'bo rci.;ulr-r por1írlèncc r',.itir l.,ou".ll,; S*-o;qg-: kcep off ïrrrr nflrie r,víth ïour rlirty (ni) fi.t1'1ers, Jron c,?-n ncverl;rairsla-'bc ", gig"_l --: : 'lharrlcs,í.lo to Jaap.j,l''lc:r;n ancl C*:rarcl Pce 'k'irrr-t.l!.t-ia_i c,nnrrrlri;o Vf,t\/q"Jr t-:"p* ilj- sccïj-ons on stcncil'l;his ilcrnth since at'bhe nioincnt Jrours rrr,reclcir"'lr,'ii brr,.i-ns ovclt some books :j..,r orr-].cr tr i:rcprre for l" prirnariljt cxlgn' L48 lr o íu ? L

17 }ET'TEDUS B E } J E } O X -4), - I T J, Vas'ceirhoud. ílnnii ilr.-;rrr ïlrr"r-liï.rl. -ja:- -:i:-*-:/ if \r^tr'l lr.q. t f.rrnn.l Iot* ;; r x,ëia:ll]-; II J -u uvru qu c- wj1zvll -.- t ie Ï l-n A- closed. cirr,relcpc lrith a 3d starrp on i-b nr:t tha.,rnr r -,"IC havc to Palr fbout 7c'l- sr.rrchargc, " cvcntt if you ds iinrintcd. vj.rv r / tr* vr uu yr Jrt vvu mattcrrr ril on 'uhc cnvclopc. 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Op ZZ/S oril:ckcncl l?ussisch icl.t 'I'V-FIR/JJ[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ÏN /'l[st.fnd1$,{? 0p 1p mci v,:n C trt]r op kan.i+: TV-lcarncra,r4crichl,,rll,ïl r-cir-i;er ecn keuken'cafel. ïiij lach-i; in c1c karnera, r,vorc'l--t clan lreggcclul'ril r,loor zgn r C.czr: nraait in ólc krtnera cn i-rr,rbecrt Icu}< tc clocn. Voorilat ile zencler r,rit c1c luch1 s"l':clc'; zti noíi cvcn hr-a,r t,rqq uít" q, (1ic 'ca-fcl 1a;4cn ecn hoop zcnil-cronilcrd.elcn",r.clr.-lcr1,,rol'l-. s'cocr-l ccn opkl.nplrer]. Slcchtc vcrlichtinq; lteclrl liei: ]rror:-zon'baal en -'lii:-a.-l- r''cg: Gecn geluicl, aliccir ccn lrromtoon. Fotots gcnonen. -lïie hr:cft clczc uítzcy -l-ril t.'.rt.';u:- :r-l'rr :r,, r'.i on? t í tms ) i'rr:ir-lljíll. \-ryp /. VefV. Z. ().2

19 VTfi'"-COCKTAÏIs lot _q.uims 0F ït"ilili$ise_ TESTI4$LD, ï{l rmaagt l'relke zenrlers worclen voorgestelcl ''rl door en 31. ' noch SU-lijst helpcn U ui-b d.e nood, rnaar d.e BDXC vrel: { - Toraino- 4vL1&Lvt kan.c (geluid- op 87 J5 \lftizl) th = },{onte Caccia, ker:aal A (= Z/l) 3 = Monte Penice, kanaal B (= L) 23 = L{ontc Cammanta, tr tl 11 = l,{ontc Faito, kanaal n (= 4) 3l - Monte I,trcrone, rr rr Gcgevcns van Gcraril Soerema ín EinrlhovcrL (Uit SDXC mei 19q). lt{: en a,rrlere!x; op 21 mei ook op d.e Flvï-be":rd. Spanje (t,5) en Portqel (t0.3 en '1 Op lcan. j is geen Spanjaard. bekend.. PortugaL k,3 is Lor":sá B7,9 40idT; k.15 Monchíqu 215k1:{. 0p 19 en 20 mei ook trat DX gepleegd. op \tr12,, I,vaa-r aller1ei.r4ptilofogns..etc stcrkd.oor1o-'ra:nen,op19/5"icrtaíiël-op2o/5uttóost-er.ropa'(le).- Lfecle'werkers deze maa:rd.i ]IvL H, v. C,. Laan, Riisscn JFK J"F.1;r.UI.ï(lein, Voorburg nïiíj llart'tï{jnberg, /msterilam F'vD F.van D-i.erm, nmgge ln1 H.lollcn, /,rnsterd.aro HIS H.Dieter If, H, Lalraye, Rothem-1,[eerss en PÏR.I,XTPRÁÀT (Vtt, verv. van BDXC mei) G. Peet Rad.ig:-Oaroline. ( zuid? ) heeft s ind.s enige 'weken óótc rr:ieun's en '\Írcers overzicht, (nne De 'cests van R.Carolinc lloorcl (ryoo-o}oo, met aanlcorxligingen in het Ergels, Duits en Ncd.erlar:C-s!) lqlzcn op plannen voor herstel va.:: c1e nachtuitzenclir:gen. (Étt) Radio Cgnieg, Plaru:enmaker is cen zekerc ljórn Sesam. Ifi hecft al voor cen }:ed.rag Kr. vrur hct rijk ecn afgcd.ankt 500 ton metend rmurschip gekocht, Een b$zond"c clat he'c station zích ook van ecn hulpzerrcler op een krciner vaartuig vril. ga:4,bcclj 11a4io Cj-tJr rru ook gehoord, rnet rveerbericht. (Sp). - I,{r.Àcker Bilk is niet rneer ir van rlit s-lation geïnteressccrcl. (pa) " - UIen vril cen tnvecd-e racliostation begínne oucle marincboot in hct icane-al van lirist-o1 blj Lund.y ïsland., met uitzerrlir:gen voor en Z.!ï.Ergelotof. (SCnX)" - Vcrrnogen van 'de zend-er,',op 1Oj3 t<hz j-s volgens ornroepcï op 1621 t<jiz is 560 Ii'att, (m). - De grote ze:i1ler r,vorclt vcrsterkt tot 10 kii benc Craarrnec ailerlei extra testuitren&ingen (SCDX). - Volgens brief van het stat het ver:nogen binnen cnigc rvcken zelfs 5o à 6o-k11r. (pa). S$fg+'."alg gaat spoedig ook 's avonds uitzend.en. Têsts gehoord. van 1ilo m/íï zoel< om rapporten. (scox). It"aig--t-,.$gg: volgens SCDX van À- mei nog steed.s 18 à- 20 k1ï en nog Éleen 55 l<ït. Fre is iirrnid-d.els vers chcven naar 1133 kliz precie s, clus 26J m. (pa ). 8Ë-+i9-SXÈ. illevr. llritt l7a-dner is onlangs voor ile clcrcle keer uit c-e gevangeni-s gek -La-atste straf v'ras 30 clagen. Een n-ïeuyr proces staat voor de d.eur, (persbericht ), llog rneer t.ticu','trs over Ra.:lj.o -Qi!g, L{en r,ril nog d.eze zonter cen TV-statíon starten, v schip nabï het iruieígffition, (pcrstóricht). sochte met verzock ofii rapporten. Naam onverstlnnbaar. /JI htc Hn.rstra, Leeu.,',ra-rd-en GH G.Ïïufircns, Haarlern SCDX S'vtcclen Calling I IEA ll.eilcl-rnen, l,rassenaar l'à P.Àshcroft, SloughrErlglanrl SP G.Peet, l Ecn OSl*kaart mct een,geschicd.enis (vervolg van hlz,7) lcrrslotte vcrmelclt d-e kaart: ilpovrer: 1'r'ro Pkrilips t Tubcs tjpe T.A. 2O/2n in firral Fosit--'r-on: Lat,JTo 17' 32' ïv - Lor:g. 50 1À-' k{jt' E. ". Dezc positic stelt het voorn r:end.station Huízen voor" De kaa-rt toont c1e bcroemde d.raaibare masten, ilie in jarrrtcn offcr vieten nan dc.moníngbouw, ê-g*:ggfl:i!l_g_lig!gfu (see pase 7). Those of you rrho mi,qhi; think thatl D0-stations aclopted. the usc of send.ír1g OSL-card after lïorlcl ïlar II, arc'!'inaor\o), a.s is sho'r,nn by this rlsilver ju'bileett c.1-.á of the ï cíon in iy tirat time, the shor-,r had bccn goirqg on for 11 years in a roly a&d. f ore lras alreacly urr-ique! /i friencl of CM Vcer in / founcl this card. used. as mark, someviherc in a book. The carcl sho.;rs 't,hc fmous rotatablc masts of the forn nitting station at l{uizen, Netherla::r1s" Thesc masts v/ere puiled. d-olrn onj.y Í:r i;he call sign of the Philips Slï transmitter, prcd.ecessor of nor,vad-ayst }Ied"er l';dr'iardr Startz gave thcsc cal} le','ters the mcarring of rtpeacc, Cheer arrcl Joytt. Cf. planation on ps e 7 and. above, for thc rerce.índ-cr pf the text on the cardl lvhich i,:i:le on thc pictr-lre.,ïfc1 J, Verclijk, Tilbi;rg LH L. Hoekstra, Hilversum ],{[vd M. van Delft, Zeíst ffi, Stanley Rowin, 3rook1;m, N" Y., USA. -o- -o-

20 ïnhoïj-dsopgaïe 2e JA3RGÁNG BH'Eï,ilX DX-CIïIB BtïtËETïN TABLE 0F COlmEt{TS 2ïrd. VOLU Eerste ALGUUEEN decenrb-er ,("rrg fi) r rrovcrnber 1964 ( ng 2l+) h;'ree cljf ers: La:r-ts tc twcc cjjfcrs : Firs t tlro f i-gurcs : Last tiro f igures : qene&&r. t l ilumroer Va*r iret chrbblad.. ïnrr.ffner van d.e $dC, bullctin ps e rar:rbcr. n-rnbcr. Ànrlerhalf jaar BDXC 1901,, i,ntcirnes 1311, llr-o1, 11,,-09, 1611, 1911 BDXC "a.d-optccrt'r rad-j-osta-bions 2OO1, 2311 BDXC 'iac'op'ls" s'ba-bioir,s 2001, 2313 BDXC prograrrlrocs over ï[rut 1715, 1810, 191!-,,, 2o0L SDXC-uitzcird irgen over ïfrut 1715, 1310, 19oB, 191+ Ictrrccn thc norrnal bands " 2301 cei:. Blik -bcrug (1953) t 61j, 1901 Ccntras"l antcrrrrcs;istgcm 1911., Coriinerciëlc cn'cieác 1505 Driu-cn*ccn--]ra1f jar"r DXcn (I'rcd- iicid-crna") 1943 DX-/il-lia.ïr,sen 24ot DXcn rnc-l d.c 15O1 D(en ilet d.c frequenticmetcr 13O1 DXirg arrd. yoqr tape rccord-cr 1W2 tr'rcquency rneters for DXirg 1302 Frcquency a-ilocetioirs, Rcgion ï 23O2 FrcqueritÍctocwijzÍngen, Rcgi-on ï 23O2 Ja,anirrg Lis'c of si;a-tions verifyittg by pcnnant 2L1A Log-period.ic arrt cnnc 1à.o1 Luj-stercn cn rapporleren ï]asj point-';o -poirt zcnd.ers 2201 Luxcnrburg-cff cct 1311, 1N3, Poin-i; -t o-p oin'b transruit tir']g, I 512 rcpor'cing arrd. listen:ing 2202 Radio Lirguistícs Coursc., pe-rt I 2213 d-c Rui-mte tusse.,r d.e bl.nlcn 23O1 Scrr-f oon ( s i:rof oon) 1513 t 161)+, 23tt Sïj'ïPO/SI0-cod.e 11,,10, 1508, 1512, 1610, 17Og, 1912 Svircd-en callirg DX-ers 1801, 2210, 2)r19 S'vïl'-lcaa-rt 1À-09 ThfCe-a-nCl."a,-1rn'1 f rrí:.crr.,(r of Díiffg /- -,-" ï':*- '("'-" (.u'rccr iïcr_dei]}a/ 1 go3 Trans-n-biantic DX on r,red.iur* l,ravcs ïíay back to 1953 ïfcrcld D)i-f cd-era-tic? ïíorld- DX-f cdcr:lt i-on? 11a9, O1 ), 1go TSCHNISCH TECHIVICAI, Cornpat íbe le enl:elzgbarrd, 1)+O3, 2)+17 Compati-b1e si-irgie sid.e ba-i1d 1403, U.17 Fílter s ( eir af stenrjcir:gen) 1701, 1911 F j-lters ( "rrd. tuirirrg circrrits ) 1706 t ' ^ / - Firato voor de Dlier Kop'c e le f o onon-bvangs t Spiegcls Supra-sel,ec'Lor 1 963, een zoelqrlaat je Dit is. Jujn pppara"buur! C. Àrrrres 2"t02 R.F. ï(oopnan 2102 L{, An-bonis?-102 J. H. Itroon 1610 K. de Blois 1513 R.Lóvstróm 21Oz C. Bray 2102 J..rï.oiic 2102 F. Gregory 21CZ F,N.Smith 21A2 H. ten I{aaf 1513 H. J, Vant'r,rrriver 1304 P, Jairsen 2102 ïi, ïfienre 13A)+ M, Koclr 2102 J, Zvtarteveen 2102 ontvairgprs, recel-vers BC -221 frecluent ieireter BC-Jtug Blaupu-irlct I{V-820 cornrerter Sraun Tl 000 Eres w563; ti,a6ot'.1p, RÀ601-p *a- z- - Erres RP/65-1 Geloso G+/218 Gnrndig Tascherrb qr 2A% Grurrd.ig E>portboy Grundig Oceairboy 13A1, 181 Iïitachí W-958, IG{-907H ï{itachi Iïippoiri c '$H-999 ïngelen TRVI OCl Jerrnen JR1o1 (gnsg) t 611, zjd+, Jer:nen Jii102 23d+, Lafayette ïiejo, zíe Jeruren JR101 lmll frequentiemeter 13A1, 1811, tuiarconi CR}OO/2 Perdio PR-7À- Philips BJX16À, B4d26A, T6X25A Philips il5xl 5A 1511, Philips L4X95T Radialve- Prcstige Risiqgrna"s-bcr Sor5r TR911 Telefur':kcn Barxlola 6Zr"l't Tclefurrlren J?-81T, :9:I9lg-2=2=72 - gg*!ise*-p:!:9: 230+' 2)+19 11tt F15 2t JOl )v zjo d+ 2U2o 2h.14 2\14 (zgot) 1610 ryu , fl Ot+ 23Ot+ Toshiba 81'.t{-/+28R, 3Tï{-607R, g:irh*6r+lr, 10TlL65JR 2301,, Toshiba 9Ïl-6BBn, g\l-641r, ïrl*86r, 16TL-"62ry'A 2305

All and more about Sharp PC-1 500 at http:/

All and more about Sharp PC-1 500 at http:/ All and more about Sharp PC- 500 at http:/ 3e JAARGANG NR 3 985 INHOUD SHARP HANDCOMPUTER CLUB VAN DE REDAKTIE op de valreep errata 'BNIE UWS ARTI KELEN softwar c- r ecen s softwar

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ij WOE - I Kostendeclaraties fll3

ij WOE - I Kostendeclaraties fll3 Dossier: Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur (WOB) WOB-verzoek geadresseerd aan: tumc Datum WOB-verzoek: 17 maart 2015 ij WOE - Kostendeclaraties fll3 irr WüE - Z Kostend,eclaratles ü14 irr WOB; - J

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hospitality industry The IBUS Company Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie van Hodder Cabaret: Irene van der Aart 8 november New Company

hospitality industry The IBUS Company Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie van Hodder Cabaret: Irene van der Aart 8 november New Company Double Dutch nr 6double dutch 2008 oktober hospitality industry My COMPANY New Company The IBUS Company Dinner is served Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie van Hodder Cabaret: Irene van der Aart 8

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A decent way to do business, I do not think so!

A decent way to do business, I do not think so! A decent way to do business, I do not think so! The Dutch bank, ING, have proved to be extremely prejudice towards the English, at first I thought it was just one manager, a Mr Cor Steijsiger, but I later

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Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets

Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Journal 4 (2014) 171-190 Submitted 06/2014; Published 12/2014 Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets Hans van Halteren Nander Speerstra Radboud University Nijmegen,

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. dinsdag 22 mei 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen.

Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. dinsdag 22 mei 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2012 tijdvak tijd 1 dinsdag 22 mei 13.30-15.30 uur Engels CSE GL en TL Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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Black Books, Subtitling a Comedy-Series Using Every Trick in the Book

Black Books, Subtitling a Comedy-Series Using Every Trick in the Book Black Books, Subtitling a Comedy-Series Using Every Trick in the Book (Black Books) Valerie Vastbinder 3500721 Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 187 3582 ZJ Utrecht 4 juli 2014 BA Thesis First Supervisor: Dr. O.R.

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JAARGANG 4, NR. 3 SPRING 2010 JAARGANG 4, NR. 3 SPRING 2010 Wanneer ben je een goede zakenman/vrouw? Doe je voordeel met de kennis van Nick Hewer De weg naar meer en betere aanbevelingen Ga voor groen met de Powerteamactie 2010 OOK

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The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913.

The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. Perth WA November 2010 Volume 42 Issue 9 The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. In 1945 it was badly damaged

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Colofon. Fly-Over Volume 18 - Number 2 March 2008. Board Leon Lammers Steven Quick Patrick van Dalen Yvonne van Zon Maarten Houtzager Anne Dijkstra

Colofon. Fly-Over Volume 18 - Number 2 March 2008. Board Leon Lammers Steven Quick Patrick van Dalen Yvonne van Zon Maarten Houtzager Anne Dijkstra Colofon Fly-Over Volume 18 - Number 2 March 2008 Dispuut Verkeer is established at 10 May 1990 and is the study association for students who will graduate in the masters of Transport & Planning, Road &

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Mywayfr en effet, une bonne base win-win pour chaque partie :)

Mywayfr en effet, une bonne base win-win pour chaque partie :) 1 Dear reader, I have to confess something, but please, don tell my creatives: I started my professional life as a Market Researcher. Later, when I came home to advertising, I was always fascinated by

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o o (ît ::= c0 Vice-voorzner

o o (ît ::= c0 Vice-voorzner Naam Bestuursfunctie Einde dienstverband Declaratie 2O'3 Voorzitter en decaan Vice-voorzner L d Lid en vice-decaan o o (ît ::= c0 netto onkostenverooedinq ( 400.00 per maand) 4.800,00 4.800,00 4.800,00

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. Internships. BachelorCollegeLive. PhotoImpressionGLOW. December 2012 20

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. Internships. BachelorCollegeLive. PhotoImpressionGLOW. December 2012 20 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering News Internships BachelorCollegeLive PhotoImpressionGLOW December 2012 20 I Colofon Jaargang 5 nummer 4 December 2012 De Connecthor is een uitgave van de elektrotechnische

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Ezelsoor: Newsletter of the Department of Book and Digital Media Studies

Ezelsoor: Newsletter of the Department of Book and Digital Media Studies Ezelsoor: Newsletter of the Department of Book and Digital Media Studies Spring 2006 Index Editorial Welcome to the second issue of the renewed Ezelsoor. Here we hope to provide you with the latest developments

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. RoboCup. Introducing. SpectrumEE. Onderwijsdag. September 2013 23

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. RoboCup. Introducing. SpectrumEE. Onderwijsdag. September 2013 23 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering RoboCup Introducing SpectrumEE Onderwijsdag September 2013 23 IN A WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY A BELIEF IN PEOPLE Op zoek naar verantwoordelijkheid? Afwisseling? Internationale

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Dependable power for your ships

Dependable power for your ships til Dependable power for your ships RTA-series low-speed engines 1480-48600 kw ZA40S medium-speed engines 3600-12960 kw S20 medium-speed engines 420-1440 kw New Sulzer Diesel Nederland BV Wieldrechtseweg

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Bijgeloof. Chrystal Clear. Challent. Arie Troebel. CurrentAffairs Association ComputerScience Mathematics Miscellaneous CONTAINING: COLUMN WITTEVEEN

Bijgeloof. Chrystal Clear. Challent. Arie Troebel. CurrentAffairs Association ComputerScience Mathematics Miscellaneous CONTAINING: COLUMN WITTEVEEN MACHAZINE Year 15 - Number 2 December 2010 COLUMN WITTEVEEN Bijgeloof ALGEMENE DOCENTEN STUDENTEN LOUNGE Chrystal Clear WAERDEVOLLE GETALLEN Challent EXCLUSIEF INTERVIEW MET Arie Troebel CONTAINING: CurrentAffairs

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DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443

DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 Date: 10-1-2014 1 Table of Contents Introduction page 3 Context of Use Analysis page 4 Context

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De overheid als keuze architect?

De overheid als keuze architect? De overheid als keuze architect? Prof.dr. I.D. de Beaufort Prof.dr. M.A. Hajer Prof.dr. M.V.B.P.M. van Hees Dr. A. Klink Prof.dr. H.M. Prast Prof. R.H. Thaler lecture 2009 De overheid als keuzearchitect

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering News LustrumThor Quadcopters ElektroGoesDownUnder Maart 2013 21 GEZOCHT: HORIZONVERBREDERS M/V Met enkele jaren werkervaring al doorgroeien naar manager Lars Huizinga,

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Fotowedstrijd. My job. My company. Op de valreep. Prikbord. Dutch Business Association Vietnam. voor de volgende voorpagina. F&B managers @ work

Fotowedstrijd. My job. My company. Op de valreep. Prikbord. Dutch Business Association Vietnam. voor de volgende voorpagina. F&B managers @ work Double Dutch nr 10 double dutch 2010 februari Fotowedstrijd voor de volgende voorpagina My job F&B managers @ work My company Nedcoffee The belly of an architect Op de valreep familie Kerckhaert Prikbord

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Internet Information Shop. Jos Visser Open Solution Providers

Internet Information Shop. Jos Visser Open Solution Providers Internet Information Shop Jos Visser Open Solution Providers 13 juli 2004 i c 1994-2004 Open Solution Providers All rights reserved Open Solution Providers is a trademark of Uniteam B.V. This document

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The Power of the Object

The Power of the Object The Power of the Object How do museums deal with contested historical issues? How do you exhibit causes, effects and concepts by means of objects? These are just two of the key issues facing contemporary

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spin-off from the royal visit

spin-off from the royal visit Double Dutch nr 14 Double Dutch 2011 june the magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam spin-off from the royal visit and the economic mission to vietnam mission impression trade mission 28-31

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AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007.

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007. AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 holland focus The final Bloemencorso in Aalsmeer A look behind the windows,

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Feeling right at home

Feeling right at home colofon from the editors Double Dutch is the magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV). It is published 3 times a year. Editors Renske ten Bosch Hanneke Peters

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4 Stravinsky You only have to listen

4 Stravinsky You only have to listen 2 Anarchistisch Maaike Meijer was op Eindhovense meisjeslyceum een rebel 7 Eureka Bert Gerards sleutelde 14 jaar aan wiskundig probleem 4 Stravinsky You only have to listen 5 Exchange UCM-student Corine

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen.

Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2008 tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur Engels CSE GL en TL Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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