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1 Double Dutch nr 6double dutch 2008 oktober hospitality industry My COMPANY New Company The IBUS Company Dinner is served Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie van Hodder Cabaret: Irene van der Aart 8 november Vraag & aanbod Dutch Business Association Vietnam


3 colofon living Double Dutch is a magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam. It is published 3 times a year. Editors Violette Brand Barbara Piper Hilde Hoogwaerts Renske ten Bosch Design Margriet Kruse Translation Barbara Piper Marleen Sprik Advertisements Deadline next issue: January 15th 2009 Subscription for non members 20 USD per year DBAV New members can contact Mireille Kodden at or Nederlandse Vereniging Marjo Vaessen Netherlands Alumni Network Vietnam Consulate General of the Netherlands Postal address: C/o Consulate General of the Netherlands Saigon Tower 29 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City Summer came and went The schools have started again and we are back in business with a new Double Dutch team of editors! Let us introduce ourselves to you: Violette Brand, Renske ten Bosch, Barbara Piper, Margriet Kruse and Hilde Hoogwaerts. We all have different backgrounds and bring different ideas and experiences into the team; we hope to answer to the broad range of interests of all our readers. The editorial has also changed and moved to the English part of the Double Dutch. For this edition, we brainstormed about possible subjects on the Hospitality Industry. In a way, we thought, all of us are semi-professionals in this field. Once in a while we all run a bed and breakfast and are a tour-guide to all visitors that come to stay with us for a couple of days to, sometimes, even more than a month. Being hospitable means being open, welcoming, friendly, warm, generous and kind, just to name a few. People come and go, are moving in or moving out and we try to fit in into our new environment as quickly as possible. For some of us this is the first time being an expat far away from home, for others this is the last posting before retirement. It does not matter if you are just a beginner or a seasoned expat; it is always good to spend some time together. Maybe, because there is quite a gap between the local community and the expats here, foreigners need each other more, especially the partners of the working group. In addition, our culture, the Dutch school, humour and typical Dutch parties brings us all together. Check out the agenda as all of these typical Dutch events will bring the Cloggies together in the next few weeks. Last but not least, we would like to wish Andre and Bernie Haspels, the leaving Dutch ambassador and his wife, all the best with their new posting in The Hague, The Netherlands. They have always been very supportive of our work for the Double Dutch. A warm welcome to the new consul and his wife in Saigon, Mr and Mrs Jos en Heleen Schellaars. We hope you will have a good experience while being in Vietnam. Barbara, Renske, Violette & Hilde

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5 working working working Mark van den Assem Double Dutch! How time flies! Yet again I present to you another edition of the Double Dutch magazine. The theme of this issue is The Hospitality industry. Several DBAV members are building businesses in and around the hospitality industry and reading about their experiences gives us more insight into their line of work. Furthermore, some interviews and columns have been added to this issue. As sharing experiences is one of the aims of Double Dutch, I would like to encourage more of you to share your stories with us. I am also pleased to write that the DBAV and the NLV have delivered on their promise to make 2008 an active year. The Double Dutch magazine is proof of that but this year has also brought many well-visited events and until the end of the year the agenda is full. Please have a look at for the latest activities. DBAV board Chairman Mark v.d. Assem Eurocham - Dutch Mission Vice President Tau van Ngo Business Activities Additionally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ambassador Andre Haspels for his support to the DBAV and NLV. We wish him all the best in his new position in The Hague. At the same time we are pleased to welcome Jos en Heleen Schellaars, our new Consul and his partner in HCMC. With Ton van Zeeland and Andre Haspels in mind, we are confident that we will continue good cooperation. Enjoy reading this issue and I hope to see all of you at our coming events, Mark Treasurer Peter Kerckhaert Double Dutch Jos Langens Business Acitivities Marjo Vaessen Nederlandse Vereniging Double Dutch Secretary Mireille Kodden Website DOUBLE DUTCH

6 working new company in town ibus development vietnam w Many people living in Vietnam know of the Life Resorts and have visited them. Their beautiful locations and the Spa and Wellness they offer. But did you know what and who brought the Life Resorts to Vietnam? Wouter Roelofs, currently working for Life Resorts as the development manager for the new hotels and resorts is in the process of setting up IBUS Development Vietnam (IDV). He talks to us about the history and future in Vietnam. The IBUS Company is a Dutch company and develops and invests in office, retail, residential and hotel properties in Europe and the United States and has done so for over 15 years. Life Resorts Management Company has always been a small part of the business, but a good learning experience of the Vietnamese market and how things work. So then what brought IBUS to Vietnam in the first place? It was by chance that a market was found here for IBUS. This was in The CEO at the time made a holiday trip with his wife and met a local developer who was looking for an investor in his hotels. Soon after that Life Resorts Management Company was born and plans were made to set up a hotel chain in the 4 star international category. Both hotels Quy Nhon and Hoi An have had many reviews and won some prizes for best resorts in Vietnam and best Spa and Wellness. It has been quiet for a while, but the new resorts are under construction and on their way. And why a new company? For two main reasons: The first reason is that with the experience built with Life Resorts over the past years and the research done on Vietnam, we feel confident that we better understand the market. And we see great potential in the local real estate market. This then made IBUS decide about a year ago to set up a professional development company alongside the existing hotel management company. The new company will develop real estate broader than hotels and resort which asks for different specialisation and profession than managing hotels. Is there already an office in HCMC? At the moment we are in the process of applying for the Business License and we think we will have finalized this early November this year. What exactly are you going to do/your challenges in the coming years? We will develop real estate throughout Vietnam with a team of Project Managers, local experts and joint venture partners. What do you enjoy most about your work? It is a mix. On the one hand my work is about gaining the necessary local knowledge, doing your research and teaming up with experts. At the same time I need to go through a process of creative thinking and develop a feasible Bringing Resorts and Wellness to Vietnam! concept, which then has to be turned into a reality. It s a whole chain of activities that need to be set up and thought through with the right people. Furthermore Vietnam is a developing country and I believe that with our investments and real estate we will add some value to the market and to the Vietnamese economy. If you want to contact Wouter Roelofs, you can him:

7 working working working my company freebizznet Freebizznet is a business to business networking company with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Kampen, The Netherlands. The company is focused on cross border business matching needs for Small and Medium Enterprises. Freebizznet started in December 2006, when its two Dutch founders realized there was a real market need to support SME companies in a fast changing global landscape. As we all know globalization and internet based business models have created tremendous opportunities and new efficiencies in international cooperation, but also its challenges: how can you get on that global bandwagon as a small company without knowing anything about the business environment, culture or even language in a completely new environment and lacking the time to find out? Flying in and out is not the answer and is not only expensive but many times does not lead to good results. Based on this observation, two founders Michael Huyng, a Vietnamese born Dutchman with long time business networking experience between The Netherlands and Vietnam and Harrie Flinsenberg, a Dutch Internet and New Media entrepreneur with long time international experience in high tech service companies, decided to introduce a new concept based on two key ingredients for success: the reach and communication power of the Internet coupled with real incountry expertise and networking by enthusiastic local people. Freebizznet today is based on these two ingredients: a new rich media Internet Platform, www. and www. in Vietnamese that support the needs of business promotion and business matching. A new in-country market support team in HCMC provides effectively the human touch and feel and the necessary local intelligence to support customers in their new venture. Services Core of the Freebizznet business Internet platform is delivery of e- business to business services as media rich company publishing and listing services in a global B2B Directory, smart local search, advertising and e-matching. We offer members a cost effective way to publish and self-manage their company listing and multimedia presentations where they can determine themselves WHAT, WHERE and WHEN they want to communicate, without boundaries! Companies can choose to publish just a company overview page with contact information, or add extra product information, power point presentations, flyers or video clips. They will become part of the Freebizznet business club and will be able to kick start their business network. Additionally we offer consulting services that will support enterprises in dealing with the typical aspects of the local business culture. Through our native language speaking consultants and network partners, we deliver services such as: find partners in line with your matching profile, create a list of candidate companies, pre-qualify candidate companies, meeting support, deal making support and after contract support Quick facts 5000 listings Headquarters: IJsselkade AB Kampen The Netherlands +31 (0) Vietnam Office: B59 To Ky Street Quarter 3 Dong Hung Thuan Ward District 12 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam +84 (08) What makes us so unique! In two words: people and platform. Freebizznet uniquely lets you find the right clients and business partners supported by local know how! We connect business to business by focusing on what people are really good at and what they are looking for: the relevant business match in a comprehensive B2B directory with extensive and timely company information. DOUBLE DUTCH

8 my company hans kemp working w Art of Asia Barbara Piper The first time I met Hans was in an informal setting at the Dragons Nest in An Phu. After an exchange on his earlier work, I asked him what he was up to at the moment. A series of books on Asia, he said, showing the riches and diversity of Asia by choosing one specific subject and illuminating that subject through a substantial mix of beautiful photographs. I am intrigued. Later Hans tells me that he is not only a photographer but has expanded his work to publishing his own and others photographs. In this new series Hans also uses images of fellow photographers. It is called Asia Unique and the first three books are planned for October this year. One of the books is on doors, another on hands and the third on all the different ways in which fish is caught in Asia. The titles of the books are: Doors, Hands and Catch. Hans plans to distribute the books here in Vietnam (production is in Hong Kong and China) and to possibly have the book launch and an exhibition coincide. When this will be is unsure but you can check his web log: I ask him; you have years of experience in Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia. After all these years, what still captures and moves you? What do you still enjoy taking pictures of most? What images are leaving the streets and what are they being replaced with? Hans explains that once you have been in a place for a longer period of time your perception of it changes. In the beginning everything is new and maybe even strange. That motivates me as a photographer. Images are everywhere around you and especially here in Asia where much of life is lived on the streets. That tension, that vibe, makes me alert which is what you need to take good photographs. In the beginning that tension is enough. But after a while you get used to what you see around you. You still look but you don t see it anymore. What you really need is an ardent eye, an eye for possibilities for what could be. Hence the title of one of my books: Ardent Eye. Hans continues: My photography has changed over the years. In the beginning I would travel with no real plan or goal. And everywhere I was, often for the first time, I took photographs of the images I saw. Of the streets, of life that was taking place before me. The result was that I made a lot of post cards (of Vietnam), images alone. The combination of getting used to my surroundings on the one hand and the changing images in the streets of Vietnam and Asia on the other, have, for me, resulted in more focused photography. I walk the street with a goal and in spite of modernization; the strong traditions, rituals and festivals still exist and are alive in Asia today. I do a lot of research and I surf on the web and then I find things that make me think: yes, this is worth while; this is a story worth telling. And an image worth taking. And then I m off; to Japan, India, China anywhere in Asia. The result of all these years experience is that my photography is different; I now tell stories with my (and others ) images. To be able to work on your own projects and have all the freedom to do so is an exceptionally great gift. 8 DOUBLE DUTCH

9 working working working my company jo demar - strategy and marketing consultant Dutch business woman in town Renske ten Bosch In Ho Chi Minh City, the number of Dutch women who are either starting or continuing their own business or who are here for their employer from their home country is increasing. Double Dutch wants to get better acquainted with them. For this edition we interviewed Marjo Vaessen, independent strategy and marketing consultant. Who are you? Originally, I am a marketing professional. I studied business administration at the university of Groningen, The Netherlands. Together with Jan Willem, I have 3 children (Jesse, Daan en Luca). We have lived in Vietnam since June What kind of company do you have and since when? I am an independent strategy and marketing consultant and lead marketing projects or work as an interim professional. I have set up my business - Jo Demar - in Vietnam in December Who are your customers? At the moment I have two assignments. For Dutch Lady Vietnam, I am running a project, helping them introduce a new concept for which they will have to invest in the factory in Binh Duong. As project leader I work together with marketing, sales-, finance- and operations professionals. For Friesland Foods Malaysia, I am setting up a marketing academy for the marketing teams of all operating companies in Asia. I am doing this together with a company in London that specializes in workshops. They are responsible for the context of the workshops and I am developing the format and subjects. Did you have your own company before you came to Vietnam? No, I started my own company here in Vietnam. Before this, I lived in The Netherlands and worked as a marketing manager within companies. Are you enjoying working independently in Vietnam? Yes, definitely. Working in a project team solely with Vietnamese people is a big challenge. Besides that I think consumer research enriches the understanding of the country and its people. For the assignment in Malaysia I mostly work from home. However, for Dutch Lady Vietnam, I need to be at the head office regularly. This combination works well for me. How do you find a good work-life balance? At home things are working out very well. Our nanny (after her two predecessors) is great with our children. What makes things easier is that two of our children go to school every day. During exceptionally busy weeks, it is difficult to be on top of all the news within our community and there is less time sometimes for my friendships with deadlines to meet. Luckily, one tennis lesson and teacher Jason brings you up-to-date again! What is your most positive experience? I don t have any special anecdotes but one of the most positive experiences I had was when I was doing home-visits with consumers. In one particular case, I was working with a translator who translates the Vietnamese in staccato English. It is really very nice to hear what the Vietnamese people are talking about. Would you recommend other women here to start up their own business? Yes, absolutely. Working in Vietnam, and in my case together with the Vietnamese people, is an enriching experience. Furthermore, my experience is that doing something for yourself (paid or unpaid) is definitely a relief for an expat partner. Do you have suggestions for them? Before I started, I spoke to many international entrepreneurs. This helps to build a network and many people are willing to give useful suggestions and help. If you want to contact Marjo Vaessen, you can her: mobile: DOUBLE DUTCH

10 working dutch mission in vietnam monique bennema w Dutch embassy awarded Monique Bennema In September the Dutch Embassy in Vietnam received the VNO-NCW Fenedex award Every 2 years this award is granted to big and small embassies most appreciated by Dutch entrepreneurs. The chairman of VNO-NCW presented the price for the large embassy to the Dutch ambassador in Hanoi, whereas the mission in Lima received the award in the group of smaller embassies. The award was created in 1983 in order to have more attention for the economic related activities of Dutch embassies and to express the appreciation of these activities. The award is granted based on a poll amongst Dutch entrepreneurs. As you will understand we are proud to be the winner and will do our utmost to win the price again in Vietnam officials visit the Netherlands When publishing this Double Dutch issue 2 delegations headed by Mr Pham Gia Khiem (Vice PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Minister Cao Duc Phat (Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development) have visited the Netherlands. Improving and broadening the relationship is the main aim. Possible new areas to cooperate will be exploited, some business issues will be addressed and Dutch expertise regarding water management will be promoted. I will tell you more about the outcome of these visits in the next Double Dutch issue. Dutch visitors to Vietnam In the coming months the following business delegations, funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will visit Vietnam. 25 and 26 November: Dutch companies from the poultry industry will visit Thailand and Vietnam. Participating in the Hanoi Vietstock is the main element of their program in Vietnam. 26, 27 and 28 of November: Dutch furniture companies will visit Japan and Vietnam (HCMC). The focus of the delegation is selling their products in Japan whereas visiting some production facilities will be the focus in HCMC ( 29 November-6 December: matchmaking in Hanoi and HCMC for Dutch companies focussing on transport, logistics, construction, shipbuilding, food processing, environment and energy (www. 25, 26 and 27 February 2009: HME will organise a Dutch pavilion at Vietnam Maritime 2009 and matchmaking for interested Dutch shipbuilding companies and Dutch maritime service providers. Promising sectors in Vietnam The economic mission of Vietnam informed The Netherlands about 5 sectors we think are promising for the Dutch industry. Retail sector (opening up in 2009), Horticulture, Waste Water Treatment and Port development. The available sector descriptions are on our website ( vn) and will be incorporated in the EVD website. Do you have ideas about sectors that could be very promising for Dutch companies? Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Interesting publications Each year the EU embassies and the delegation of the European Commission in Vietnam publishes a Green Book aiming to provide the private sector as well as European institutions and governments with the analysis of the recent performance of Vietnam as well as an overview of the development in certain sectors of the Vietnamese economy. Next to short factual descriptions of those sectors relevant for EU companies we tried to include the specific challenges of the different sectors in Vietnam ( The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently published a magazine on the Vietnam-Netherlands friendship relationship and multi-sectoral cooperation. The publication can be requested at the Embassy in Hanoi and the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City. Finally I would like to draw your attention to the business anti-corruption portal for small and medium sized companies operating in emerging markets and developing countries (www. The country profile of Vietnam has been updated recently. So far a short update on events and publications. I am looking forward to discuss the most important issues you are facing when doing business in Vietnam. See you soon! Hanoi: or HCMC: or DOUBLE DUTCH

11 working working working my company Vietnam journey Cycling through Vietnam Violette Brand A lot of tourists visit the Mekong Delta and a question most expats ask when you tell them you went as well, is: Cycling in the Mekong? I thought cycling in An Phu was already an experience! Time for me to have an interview with Laurens van Kol who started the travel agency Vietnam Journey back in 1995 with his wife My. Can you tell us some more about Vietnam Journey? Vietnam Journey B.V. is a travel company specialising in travel to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Although we live in a time of call centres and international brands and marketing, Vietnam Journey tailors all its tours to individual needs and we know every client by name. In 1995 you gave up your job to start with Vietnam Journey. What gave you the inspiration to choose for tourism in Vietnam? It was a coincidence. I d enjoyed my travels through the country in 1993 and But only after a company asked me to organise their tours, I got the idea of opening a travel agency. Vietnam Journey is known for its bicycle tours in the Mekong Delta. That sounds like a real Dutch way of exploring the country? Do tourists from other countries like to ride the bicycle as well? In fact we do all sorts of tours, lots of family holidays, study tours for business people, trips with fourwheeldrives in the mountains, so not just cycling. For sure we have also welcomed cycling enthusiasts from various European countries, the US and Australia, as well as expats who live in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and China. How did the Vietnamese people react when you started with the bicycle tours? One of our first clients said she felt like a giant alien. This was partly because we use sophisticated bicycles that the Vietnamese had never seen before. These days I hear many people grumble about how fast Vietnam is changing but the good thing is that the response of the Vietnamese people hasn t changed a thing. They still wave and shout and have at least as much fun watching us! What would be your personal favourite track? I d probably agree with a lot of my clients who love a narrow path right through a banana plantation. Another fascinating moment is when you re on an island in the Mekong where you re convinced you re the first foreigner ever, and suddenly stand in front of an old Catholic church! But I must add that our Delta Discovery tours mostly make you discover the Mekong Delta region, not to go from highlight to highlight. Your tourists are usually not accompanied by a guide. Is it easy to explore the local life on your own? It s surprisingly easy. I suppose anyone who lives in Vietnam quickly understands the Vietnamese are not shy at all and always enjoy welcoming you to their homes. And there are so many young people now who speak a few words of English. You and your Vietnamese partner now live in Holland and have offices both in Saigon and Hattem (near Zwolle). Did you take your partner on bicycle tours through Holland? We do enjoy a fair bit of cycling in the Veluwe and Drenthe. Did you know the Mekong Delta is as big as the Netherlands, just as flat, and with roughly an equally large population? More Vietnamese people travel to Europe and Vietnam Journey probably knows best what they are interested in. Do you offer tours for them through Holland or even Europe? We ve thought of that and perhaps do so at a later stage. Just like we enjoy showing the real Vietnam, showing the real Holland would be a challenge. With all the motorbikes in Vietnam nowadays, would you prefer a motorized bike, or still paddle a real bicycle through Vietnam? Vietnam on a motorbike can also be wonderful, particularly in the mountainous North. But of course cycling is the way to go if you want to understand the spirit of the country and the energy of the people here. Thank you Laurens! I have added to my exploring Vietnam to do s: cycling through the Mekong Delta! DOUBLE DUTCH

12 working dinner is served Sunset restaurant in Phu Quoc Lighthouse Restaurant and bicycle tours in Hoi An Since January of this year, Phu Quoc Island has a new, Dutch managed, restaurant called Quan An - Hoang Hon, which in Vietnamese means Sunset restaurant. Earlier it was known as the German Biergarten and featured many German dishes on the menu. A few of those dishes are still on the menu, like the home made sauerkraut, Wiener schnitzel and giant sausages. But ever since Louis van Eijk, his son Martijn and Ms. Uyen took over the place, you will also find Asian as well as vegetarian dishes on the menu. Louis and Martijn have worked hard and made substantial changes to the restaurant. Until now the Sunset restaurant was the only place on Phu Quoc where diners can enjoy a fantastic sunset on a clear day while having excellent food on the roof terrace. The restaurant has an accommodation for 90 customers: 50 downstairs and 40 upstairs on the roof terrace, but can upgrade up to 120 seats in total. As from the start of next high season (November), you will also be able to book a sea trip for fishing & snorkeling north and south of Phu Quoc Island, hold barbeque parties for groups on the roof terrace or simply book a table for a romantic Private Sea View Dinner. All in all, enough reason for all to visit Phu Quoc Island and enjoy a meal at Sunset restaurant. You will find them next to Sasco Blue Lagoon resort. More info on: www. phuquoc-sunset. com. Lighthouse Restaurant & Bicycle Tours is a Vietnamese - Dutch owned business on Cam Nam Island in Hoi An. From The Lighthouse Restaurant you have the best view of the old quarter of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, and the hustle and bustle on the Thu Bon River. It is off the beaten track and situated in a natural, quiet environment. Linh and Hans van den Broek started The Lighthouse in 2004 as a café. Soon it turned into a restaurant and it became a must see - for individual travellers and tour groups. The food on the menu is a mix between traditional Vietnamese dishes and Western baguettes and salads. Linh s famous apple cake is known around the world and expats come to get their weekly dose! Together with the breathtaking view it makes lunching and dining a great experience. Lighthouse Restaurant offers more than just wining and dining. You can enjoy cooking classes organised by Linh. The course starts by taking the guests to one of the colourful local markets where they can see and enjoy a taste of The East. Then guests take a boat from the market to The Lighthouse where the actual cooking class is given. This is followed by a delicious lunch. The group is never bigger than 10 persons. Hans organises enchanting cultural bicycle tours around Hoi An. With 25 years of travelling in Asia and 7 years of living in Vietnam, his experience gives you insight into many of the ins and outs of Amazing Vietnam. At this moment The Lighthouse organises bicycle tours for 19 tour operators. Linh and Hans are planning a new venture and would like to build a replica of a VOC ship (Dutch East India Company), which called in at Hoi An, then called Faifoo, in the 17th century. There is a lot of information exchange going on at the moment with maritime museums, wharfs (Lelystad), ship builders and others on how to start this project. The plan is to present this project in somewhere in the spring of 2009, to members of the Dutch embassy and consulate, Dutch businesses in Vietnam and the Heeren 17. They want to bring a prototype of the boat, give a 3D animation and present a business plan. Both Vietnam and the Netherlands could benefit from such a cultural exchange project. And what a great project to promote Dutch business in Vietnam! Lighthouse Restaurant & Bicycle Tours 5, Thon Xuyen Trung Cam Nam Island, Hoi An Quang Nam Province, Hoi An 0084-(0) Restaurant (0) Office (0) Hans van der Broek - Youtube search for: Hoi An lighthouse or Vietnam Activities 12 DOUBLE DUTCH

13 Local expertise and international standards As a multi-disciplinary engineering consultant, Royal Haskoning has been creating solutions for the interaction between people and their environment for over 125 years. Our 3,800 employees are active in projects in the fields of spatial development, infrastructure & transport, building management & consultancy, architecture & building, building services, industrial installations, environment & safety, water, coastal & rivers and maritime. We are present in Vietnam with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and have a global presence with over 70 offices world-wide. With more than 15 years experience in Vietnam, we offer services including feasibility studies, engineering, design and management to completion for our projects. Today Royal Haskoning is recognized as one of the most prominent leading consultants in Vietnam with a unique track record of successful projects. Domestic and international consultants, architects and engineers join forces to offer integrated projects where we put our clients first. For more information about our services or challenging job opportunities, contact us at the addresses below. Ho Chi Minh City 236/26C Dien Bien Phu, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District Phone: Fax: Hanoi Giang Vo Lake View Building, D10 Giang Vo street, Ba Dinh District Phone: Fax:

14 living agenda living living Cabaret TWEE EMMERTJES WATER HALEN, TWEE EMMERTJES POMPEN 8-9/11/2008 1st INTERN. HOCKEY TOURN. HCMC VIETNAM 08/11/2008 CULTUURDAG NL SCHOOL thema kinderboekenweek 8/11/2008 CABARET door Irene van der Aart 21/11/2008 KINDER KNUTSEL MIDDAG sinterklaas pm bij SMARTKIDS 23/11/2008 INTOCHT SINTERKLAAS 30/11/2008 ZWARTE PIETEN ACTIVITEIT 05/12/2008 SINTERKLAAS JARIG!../12/2008 KERSTBORREL DBAV 1,2,3,4, HOEDJE VAN, HOEDJE VAN, 1,2,3,4 HOEDJE VAN PAPIER.. Wie kent ze niet? Echte Hollandse kinderliedjes! Deze typisch Nederlandse liedjes en spelletjes leren de kinderen o.a. tijdens de Dutch Mother Tongue Activities in SmartKids. Iedere maandag middag van tot uur komen zo n 15 kinderen tussen de 3 en 6 jaar naar deze aktiviteit om hun Nederlandse taal niet te vergeten te verliezen. Gedurende deze middag spreken we alleen Nederlands; er wordt gespeeld, geknutseld maar er is ook tijd voor een kring aktiviteit en voorlezen. Zeker als voorbereiding of aanvulling op de Nederlandse school een aanrader! BENT U GEINTERESSEERD? Bel nu: Joke Otter-van Zuijlen (Yoko) SmartKids is op andere uren een Internationaal Kinderdagverblijf. Wij bieden opvang voor kinderen van 18 maanden tot 6 jaar. De voertaal is Engels. U kunt kiezen uit verschillende programma s. Kijk eens op onze website voor meer informatie of kom langs voor een vrijblijvend gesprek en/of bezoek. Sinterklaas Hij komt, hij komt...! Uit betrouwbare bronnen hebben we vernomen dat ook dit jaar weer Sinterklaas en zijn Pietermannen Ho Chi Minh City met een bezoek zullen vereren. Als de reis goed verloopt, hopen de Goedheiligman en zijn Pieten op zondag 23 november rond 9.30am aan te komen bij de pier in de BP compound. Verder is er op vrijdag 21 november een knutselmiddag gepland en op zondag 30 november een Pieten vossenjacht. Noteer bovenstaande data in ieder geval alvast in jullie agenda s! Sinterklaas heeft ons ook laten weten dat hij over een paar weken een brief met alle details voor de Sinterklaas-activiteiten zal sturen aan alle Nederlandse kindjes in Ho Chi Minh City dus houd jullie brievenbussen goed in de gaten! Hartelijke groeten, Mariska Marsilje Voorzitter Sinterklaascommissie 14 DOUBLE DUTCH


16 foto pagina iving living living l mrs world verkiezing DBAV event leidens ontzet 16 DOUBLE DUTCH DBAV business luncheon

17 living living Cabaret Hockey tournooi zoat Dit jaar werd het Zuid-Oost Azië hockeytoernooi gehouden in Singapore. Aan dit Nederlandse hockeytoernooi dat sinds 1907 wordt georganiseerd, deden 21 teams mee. Vietnam stond voor het eerst op het veld, ongetraind en zonder materiaal. Materiaal werd ter plekke geleend. Paul Popelier, Bas van Rooijen, Marieke Nieuwaal, Germ Doornbos, Lieke Welling, Martijn Coopman en Bruno Tideman vormden de basis voor het team uit Vietnam. We hadden nog enkele invallers uit Nederland en Singapore die het team compleet maakten. living sportiviteit living Vrijdagavond begon het met een borrel bij de ambassadeur en zijn vrouw. In hun huis werd het voor zo n 400 man al vrij snel gezellig. Op zaterdag op naar de velden alwaar vier wedstrijden werden gespeeld van 25 minuten. s Avonds was er een groot feest op Sentosa Beach waar de Hermes House band zorgde voor sfeer en muziek. Zondag nog drie wedstrijden en na de afsluitig weer naar huis. Het was een prima weekend! En ja, zoals we reeds verwachtten werd Vietnam laatste. Volgend jaar in Hong Kong doen we het beter! DOUBLE DUTCH

18 nederlandse school iving living van start in een nieuw schooljaar! living Juf Aletta Goudswaard stelt zich voor 25 Jaar geleden ben ik in Rotterdam geboren, maar ik ben opgegroeid in Oud- Beijerland. Na de PABO aan de Hogeschool van Rotterdam, ik was inmiddels 21 jaar, besloot ik mijn horizon een beetje te verruimen en ben naar Tadzjikistan (Centraal Azië) vertrokken. Ik heb daar een jaar thuisonderwijs gegeven aan een stel Nederlandse kinderen. Na dit jaar vond ik heel gemakkelijk een baan op een Nederlandse Montessorischool in Barendrecht, waar ik eerst als invalleerkracht heb gewerkt en de afgelopen 2 jaar de middenbouw gedraaid heb (groep 3-4-5). In mijn vrije tijd vind ik het erg leuk om te zingen in een bandje, te schrijven, te lezen en te reizen. Ik ben blij dat ik dat laatste nu kan combineren met mijn werk! Ik heb er enorm naar uit gekeken om naar Vietnam te gaan en les te gaan geven! Sinds augustus ben ik het team van de Nederlandse School Saigon komen versterken. Voor aanvang van het schooljaar keek ik hier mijn ogen uit: een hoop brommers, mensen, bamboehoeden, wierook en noodles! Inmiddels ben ik aardig gesetteld en ook al hard aan het werk. Ik heb een positieve eerste indruk van de Nederlandse School, de betrokken mensen en de enthousiaste leerlingen! Stichting Nederlandse School Saigon Na de zomervakantie is de Nederlandse School Saigon met een enthousiaste nieuwe leerkracht en 40 leerlingen begonnen. Juf xíchlô Aletta staat voor de groepen 1 t/m 3 en 5 t/m 7, terwijl de leerlingen van groep 4 en 8 van juf Bianca les krijgen in de Nederlandse taal en cultuur (NTC). De cultuurlessen vinden ook komend jaar weer op vier zaterdagmiddagen plaats. Voor meer informatie kunt u er de nieuwe schoolgids op naslaan of de website bezoeken op www. Naast de veranderingen in het leerlingenbestand en de daarmee samenhangende groepsindeling, heeft er ook in het bestuur een vernieuwing plaats gevonden. Het bestuur van de Nederlandse School Saigon bestaat momenteel uit: Roy van der Knaap (voorzitter), André de Jong (penningmeester), Petra Paenmoan (secretaris), Barbara Kruimer (bestuurslid cultuur), Renske ten Bosch (bestuurslid onderwijsondersteuning) en Mariska Marsilje (algemeen bestuurslid). Terugblik aftredende bestuursleden Marga van Tiggelen, Els Kerckhaert en Christel Satter We zijn benieuwd hoe Marga, Els en Christel destijds bij het bestuur van de Nederlandse School Saigon zijn begonnen, hoe ze het hebben gevonden Marga vertelt dat op de ouderavond in augustus 2005 het zittende bestuur aftrad en zij -met de geruststelling dat je als secretaris slechts twee keer per jaar een leerlingenlijst zou hoeven uitdraaien - deze functie aanvaardde. In praktijk bleek er natuurlijk veel meer werk aan de winkel te zijn! Els had, voordat ze in augustus 2005 naar HCMC verhuisden, al bij toenmalig secretaris Dorris aangegeven zich wel nuttig te willen maken in de Nederlandse gemeenschap. Omdat zij altijd al meer met cijfers dan met letters heeft gehad, lag de bestuursfunctie van penningmeester voor de hand. Els werd dan ook op de eerste ouderavond die ze bijwoonde direct benoemd! Dit nieuwe bestuur hield zich in eerste instantie vooral bezig met organisatie van evenementen voor de Nederlandse kinderen, zoals Sinterklaas, filmavonden, paasknutsel en Koninginnedag. Van onderwijszaken hadden ze nog niet veel verstand, maar dan kwam snel verandering in. Els vertelt: In februari 2006 kregen we de melding dat de inspecteur van onderwijs, de heer Roozenburg, bij ons op bezoek zou komen. Ik weet nog dat Marga had uitgezocht dat we een zelf evaluatie instrument moesten gebruiken ter voorbereiding op dit bezoek en wij elkaar allemaal met glazige ogen aankeken. Begin mei schreef hij een pittig rapport over onze school en kon het echte werk beginnen. Het bestuur werd uitgebreid en vol overgave ging het aan de slag met schoolgids, schoolplan, nieuwe lesmethode, cultuurlessen, rapportage, leerlingvolgsysteem, contacten met andere NTC locaties en het formaliseren van de school. Alle verbeterpunten, die de inspecteur had aangegeven, werden aangepakt om onderwijs van een goede kwaliteit neer te kunnen zetten. Al doende is er binnen dit bestuur een uitgebreide kennis van het NTC onderwijs opgebouwd. Ook Christel was het niet bekend dat er zoveel 18 DOUBLE DUTCH

19 saigon calling barbara piper gedaan moest worden, toen zij begon met de onderwijsondersteuning. Achteraf heeft ze dit echter als een van de leukste dingen ervaren. Christel: Ik vond het leuk om zo betrokken te zijn bij het reilen en zeilen van de school. En het was heel divers, dus heb ik me nooit verveeld en er veel van opgestoken. De ene keer lang vergaderen met het bestuur, dan weer helpen in de klas, op de NOB site dingen opzoeken, etc. En natuurlijk de samenwerking met de docenten, die ik als zeer positief heb ervaren. In april van dit jaar is de inspecteur weer langs geweest en hij was zeer onder de indruk van wat er op school was veranderd. Wellicht mogen wij in een video conferentie met de Minister van Onderwijs onze ervaringen met het inspectiebezoek toelichten en daar wordt maar één school uit onze regio voor uitverkoren. Toch iets om met z n allen trots op te zijn, aldus Els. Want natuurlijk hebben we het samen met de andere bestuursleden, ouders en docenten gedaan. Ook Marga en Christel hebben het saamhorigheidsgevoel binnen het bestuur, zo van we zetten er samen onze schouders onder als iets heel positiefs ervaren, wat ze zeker bij zal blijven. En dat het nu zo goed gaat met de Nederlandse school! Het was het dubbel en dwars waard! Els zal zich van deze functie veel blijven herinneren, bijvoorbeeld de levendige discussies in het bestuur, de Pietenspeurtocht, de kleuterlessen bij haar thuis, de 10-minutengesprekken met meester Gerrie, de sollicitatie procedures. Maar ook de cultuurlessen en de aansluitende feestjes, de toetsen en het inspectie rapport. De Nederlandse School Saigon bedankt Marga, Els en Christel nogmaals voor hun inzet en het vele werk, dat ze hebben verzet! In groep 5 gehoord. Henriëtte: Chinezen zijn heel slim, want ze hebben veel dingen uitgevonden. Waarop Jonah prompt antwoordt: Nou, maar die dingen gaan anders wel snel kapot, dus zo slim zijn ze ook weer niet! Ik zie mij nog staan die eerste dag in HCMC. Staand aan het hek bij de school besef ik mij dat ik geen yummy mummy meer ben. De moeder die strak in pak op weg naar werk even een tussenstop maakt op de crèche. Die zwaait naar de andere mama s - geen tijd voor een chatje. Ik moet mijn trein halen, op tijd cappuccino scoren en aanschuiven bij het MT. In het leven nu heb ik alle tijd. Ik ben inmiddels een slummy mummy die nog net niet in de pyjama van haar man op het schoolplein staat. Geen betaalde baan om naartoe te gaan en, eerlijk gezegd, was ik de weg kwijt. Wat doe ik hier en: wie ben ik ook alweer? Een vrolijke Australische dame op het schoolplein stapt de eerste dag op me af. Mijn verwonderde gezicht spreekt blijkbaar boekdelen want ze begint een praatje met me. Ze geeft me haar kaartje en zegt: I know where you are. At some stage you will be ready to shoot yourself. When that moment comes, give me a call and I will be there. Ik dacht niet dat ik ooit zou bellen, maar dat moment kwam snel en zij stond inderdaad binnen een half uur aan mijn deur met een fles gin en twee blikjes tonic. We zijn nog steeds dikke maten. Welkom op de voor mij ultieme become a Buddha training hier in Vietnam met mijn nieuwe onbekende en zeer full-time taken en een setje uitdagingen die specifiek bij dit leven en dit land horen. Zoals mijn moeder heel treffend schreef: ja schat, het is voor het eerst dat je echt je household management skills kan ontwikkelen. En dat werd ook wel eens tijd. Waar is die fles gin? Ik overdenk mijn maatschappelijke geconditioneerdheid om status te (willen) hebben. Mijn ego. Heel triest natuurlijk. Een betaalde baan. Hoe makkelijk was het mijn ego op te hangen aan de ambitieuze werkende business vrouw. Die sexy, vol zelfvertrouwen, stiekem oververmoeide, bellende, sms ende mama. Makkelijker dan ik ben een stayat-home-mummy. Dat klinkt zo sexy als een zak aardappelen. Ghandi zei: Be the change you want to see in the world. Ik kreeg deze tekst een jaar geleden op een spiegeltje van mijn dierbare work-life-coach in Nederland. Nu kijk ik in de spiegel en vraag me af welke verandering ik wil. De Nederlandse School Saigon zwaait uit: Sophie, Maud en Bente van Baar (leerlingen vanaf 2007) Fleur en Sophie van Olphen (leerlingen vanaf 2008) Noah Kruimer (leerling vanaf 2007) DOUBLE DUTCH

20 wonen in vietnam iving living op de valreep living l CA Saigon Saigon in the Caravelle voor het uitzicht. Warren, Ineke en dochters Lily, Lauren en Richel vertrekken naar Cairo. Hoe lang hebben jullie in Vietnam gewoond? Wij hebben 6 jaar met veel plezier in Saigon gewoond. Wat wordt de volgende bestemming? Wij zijn sinds juli in Cairo, Egypte. Wat ga je het meeste missen? Vrienden, ons huis, de Bazaar, leuke originele Australische feesten, Mui Ne strand, gezelligheid, gekke dagelijkse (Vietnamese) dingen die je blijven verbazen, onze kok. Wat is je meest positieve ervaring met de Vietnamese cultuur? Vriendelijkheid. Wat is je meest negatieve ervaring? Vergeten. Zijn je verwachtingen die je destijds had toen je naar Vietnam kwam, uitgekomen? Een jaar voordat we wisten dat we naar Saigon zouden verhuizen was ik met een gezellige groep dames op bezoek in Saigon en omgeving. Ik herinner mij dat ik bij terugkomst tegen Warren zei dat hij me niet zou hoeven te vragen of ik wel naar Vietnam zou willen verhuizen. Het leek me een fantastisch leuk land waar veel te ontdekken was, mensen vriendeliijk zijn, lekker eten, prima weer Het is wat ons gezin betreft, tot nu toe, de beste posting waar we gewoond hebben. Voor iedereen wat! Wat is je favoriete restaurant in HCMC en wat bestel je daar meestal? The Mandarin- the beef in bamboo, goed Vietnamees eten. Mekong Merchant- voor alle gezelligheid- waar je altijd wel bij iemand aan kunt schuiven- beste BBQ squid in town. Heb je nog een leuke winkeltip? Bij de Mekong Merchant is altijd wat byzonders, iets anders te vinden. Wat vind je de leukste vakantiebestemming in Vietnam. Phu Quoc- voor de ongereptheid (voor nu) Hoi An- voor elk wat wils- Mui Ne- voor al die weekendjes dat toutes Saigon aan het strand is, we gaan the Sailing Club missen! Welke souvenirs heb je nog gekocht de laatste paar weken in Vietnam en waarom? Kunst, hoewel we ons Saigonees voelen, moeten we toegeven dat je in Hanoi wat ons betreft de mooiste, apartste, uitdagendste, origineelste kunst kunt kopen... Wat is het leukste feest dat je hier hebt meegemaakt? Alle Australian Balls, Australia Days en het LoretoFest... maar ben misschien een beetje bevooroordeeld. En ook, hoewel met een dubbel gevoel, ons eigen afscheidsfeest was heel bijzonder. Tenslotte: nog enig advies voor de achterblijvers? Geniet! Familie hodder vertrekt naar cairo

spin-off from the royal visit

spin-off from the royal visit Double Dutch nr 14 Double Dutch 2011 june the magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam spin-off from the royal visit and the economic mission to vietnam mission impression trade mission 28-31

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Art & Culture. Dutch Artists in Vietnam Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie Ketelaar Queen s Ball & Koninginnedag

Art & Culture. Dutch Artists in Vietnam Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie Ketelaar Queen s Ball & Koninginnedag Double Dutch nr 4double dutch 2008 maart Art & Culture My COMPANY ONE Dutch Artists in Vietnam Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie Ketelaar Queen s Ball & Koninginnedag Vraag & aanbod Dutch Business

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Feeling right at home

Feeling right at home colofon from the editors Double Dutch is the magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV). It is published 3 times a year. Editors Renske ten Bosch Hanneke Peters

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Queen s Day. Smartkids opent. Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan Kees & Gerrion Welterusten mijnheer de president. New company in Town.

Queen s Day. Smartkids opent. Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan Kees & Gerrion Welterusten mijnheer de president. New company in Town. Double Dutch nr1 double dutch 2007 april Coming up Queen s Day Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan Kees & Gerrion Welterusten mijnheer de president Vraag & aanbod Condex, yellow pages for construction boekbespreking

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JAARGANG 4, NR. 3 SPRING 2010 JAARGANG 4, NR. 3 SPRING 2010 Wanneer ben je een goede zakenman/vrouw? Doe je voordeel met de kennis van Nick Hewer De weg naar meer en betere aanbevelingen Ga voor groen met de Powerteamactie 2010 OOK

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De Waterheuvel YEARS. De Waterheuvel. eenmalig jubileummagazine. a once-only jubilee magazine

De Waterheuvel YEARS. De Waterheuvel. eenmalig jubileummagazine. a once-only jubilee magazine De Waterheuvel eenmalig jubileummagazine YEARS De Waterheuvel a once-only jubilee magazine 1 INHOUD Voorwoord Voor veel mensen is het inmiddels een begrip in de Amsterdamse binnenstad: De Waterheuvel.

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HILTON HOTEL SCHIPHOL The Plein (Square) 1 THE PLEIN (SQUARE) The Plein is the heart of Schiphol CBD, where everything comes together. Connecting the business district with the Terminal, its meeting spaces, attractive facilities

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. RoboCup. Introducing. SpectrumEE. Onderwijsdag. September 2013 23

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. RoboCup. Introducing. SpectrumEE. Onderwijsdag. September 2013 23 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering RoboCup Introducing SpectrumEE Onderwijsdag September 2013 23 IN A WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY A BELIEF IN PEOPLE Op zoek naar verantwoordelijkheid? Afwisseling? Internationale

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apparently What the British say Khan Academy Ashes WOLV Shanghai Elvira Tromp uit de lichting 2003

apparently What the British say Khan Academy Ashes WOLV Shanghai Elvira Tromp uit de lichting 2003 apparently Ashes WOLV Shanghai What the British say Khan Academy Elvira Tromp uit de lichting 2003 Ouderkrant Wolfert TTO nummer 37 maart 2011 apparently COLOFON Schoolleiding Wolfert Tweetalig Schoolleiding

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Christiaan Huijg Managing Director Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam

Christiaan Huijg Managing Director Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam January 0 WTC News Ambities voor 0 Voorop Voor 0 koesteren we verschillende ambities. Buiten kijf staat dat we voorop willen blijven lopen als internationaal zakencentrum, met onze bereikbaarheid, voorzieningen

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By Team Mental: Heitzer, F Rust, R.M Saadun, A Tomassen, C.M.M

By Team Mental: Heitzer, F Rust, R.M Saadun, A Tomassen, C.M.M By Team Mental: Heitzer, F Rust, R.M Saadun, A Tomassen, C.M.M Table of contents Contents Introduction:... 2 Abstract... 3 1 Defining problem and approach... 3 1.1 Problem... 3 1.2 First approach... 4

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Antirookvaccin werkt niet. 8-9 Fiji Onderzoek: Zumbalessen op Fiji tegen obesitas. 5 Ukraine UCM graduate talks about life in Kyiv

Antirookvaccin werkt niet. 8-9 Fiji Onderzoek: Zumbalessen op Fiji tegen obesitas. 5 Ukraine UCM graduate talks about life in Kyiv 3 KNAW Wetenschap is veel meer dan een kostenpost 8-9 Fiji Onderzoek: Zumbalessen op Fiji tegen obesitas 5 Ukraine UCM graduate talks about life in Kyiv In verband met Hemelvaart verschijnt er volgende

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DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443

DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 Date: 10-1-2014 1 Table of Contents Introduction page 3 Context of Use Analysis page 4 Context

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering News LustrumThor Quadcopters ElektroGoesDownUnder Maart 2013 21 GEZOCHT: HORIZONVERBREDERS M/V Met enkele jaren werkervaring al doorgroeien naar manager Lars Huizinga,

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The Making of... the city marketing of Amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam

The Making of... the city marketing of Amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam The Making of... the city marketing of Amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam I amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam 1 Inhoudsopgave contents Voorwoord Foreword

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The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913.

The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. Perth WA November 2010 Volume 42 Issue 9 The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. In 1945 it was badly damaged

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faces bankenunie? doen! accountancy op de schop De Europese Unie is verwikkeld in een felle discussie

faces bankenunie? doen! accountancy op de schop De Europese Unie is verwikkeld in een felle discussie faces Y. 1 4 #. 0 1 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2 Faces is a magazine published by Asset Accounting & Finance for student members, alumni, relations of Asset Accounting & Finance, and other persons interested

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University College Venlo to start in 2014. Toekomst bacheloronderwijs verdeelt rechtenfaculteit

University College Venlo to start in 2014. Toekomst bacheloronderwijs verdeelt rechtenfaculteit 2 Vastbesloten Eindelijke eerstejaars geneeskunde. De weg van Kenny Staaks 3 Televisie Tros Radar interviewde UM-psychologen over gezond eten 4 Alstublieft Johanna Wagner about the Dear Dutch Language

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On Wednesday, August 13,

On Wednesday, August 13, Our Centenary Celebration PAGE 12 VOL. 100 NO. 9 18 SEPTEMBER 2014 My Belgian Waffle Story PAGE 17 The Belgian Connection Destruction of Leuven PAGE 19 No More War PAGE 22 Onder de Hoge Bescherming van

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4 Stravinsky You only have to listen

4 Stravinsky You only have to listen 2 Anarchistisch Maaike Meijer was op Eindhovense meisjeslyceum een rebel 7 Eureka Bert Gerards sleutelde 14 jaar aan wiskundig probleem 4 Stravinsky You only have to listen 5 Exchange UCM-student Corine

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REPORT OF. June 12+13 13

REPORT OF. June 12+13 13 REPORT OF Oerol Seminar Sense of Place June 12+13 13 Cultural Landscape Development in a World Heritage Area 1 The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

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Bidbook stichting Hatemalo Nepal

Bidbook stichting Hatemalo Nepal Bidbook stichting Hatemalo Nepal Doel van Stichting Hatemalo Nepal is het financieel en immaterieel steunen van plaatselijke initiatieven op de terreinen werkgelegenheid en onderwijs in de meest brede

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MAGAZINE. Year 1, No 1, april 2015

MAGAZINE. Year 1, No 1, april 2015 Year 1, No 1, april 2015 MAGAZINE Gouden driehoek helpt cybersecurity vooruit Digitale domein beperking én kans voor de nationale economie Cybersecurity hoort thuis in elke boardroom Meer internetveiligheid

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FSA BEDANKT... & Beyond

FSA BEDANKT... & Beyond JUNI 2007 11 JAARGANG NUMMER 4 WWW.FSA.NL & Beyond FSA BEDANKT... Nu de zomer er weer aan komt en het collegejaar op zijn einde loopt, blikken wij terug op een geweldig en innovatief bestuursjaar. Vandaar

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Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets

Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Journal 4 (2014) 171-190 Submitted 06/2014; Published 12/2014 Gender Recognition on Dutch Tweets Hans van Halteren Nander Speerstra Radboud University Nijmegen,

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Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Bachelor`s thesis

Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Bachelor`s thesis Saxion University of Applied Sciences Bachelor`s thesis -- A integrated model for change to improve the project lifecycle and use of organisational goals with a business scorecard -- Frederik Tetteroo

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CO 2 TODAY. Inspirerende energie- en klimaatinitiatieven. Inspiring energy and climate initiatives

CO 2 TODAY. Inspirerende energie- en klimaatinitiatieven. Inspiring energy and climate initiatives TODAY Inspirerende energie- en klimaatinitiatieven Inspiring energy and climate initiatives 2010 2011 2010 2011 TODAY Inspirerende energie- en klimaatinitiatieven Inspiring energy and climate initiatives

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AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007.

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007. AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 holland focus The final Bloemencorso in Aalsmeer A look behind the windows,

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