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2 SCHOOL HOURS & PERSONNEL SCHOOL HOURS Elementary... 9:00 a.m. - 3:35 p.m. Elementary... :5 p.m. Middle School 7:35 a.m. - 2:20 p.m. High School... 7:40 a.m. - 2:36 p.m. Secondary... 2:24 p.m. PARENTS, SHOULD A SCHOOL EMERGENCY OCCUR... As difficult as it may be, please do not rush to the school. Emergency vehicles must have unrestricted access to and from the school. Your child s safety is of primary concern to staff and emergency workers. Please do not phone the school. This ties up phone lines and, even if you get through, the person answering may not have the authority to release information to the public. Please listen to the radio/tv and the automated phone message from your child s principal to hear status reports and to learn when you are permitted to come for your child! Please follow directions for parking when you come to the school. Randomly parked vehicles may hinder emergency procedures. Please follow directions from the staff and/or emergency personnel for entering the building or locating your child. Please be patient! We must account for your child before releasing him/her to you. No child will be released to anyone but the parent unless there is present written permission signed by the parent or the person(s) named on the child s emergency card. DISTRICT OFFICE 22 Horseshoe Road, Lancaster, PA «Fax Superintendent Dr. Dave Zuilkoski Assistant to the Superintendent - Secondary Ed. Dr. Donovan A. Mann Assistant to the Superintendent - Elementary Ed. Dr. Jill Koser Assistant to the Superintendent - Pupil Services Sarah Schaefer Chief Financial and Operations Officer Phyllis Heverly Flesher Administrator for Non-Traditional Learning Melanie Upton Director of Finance Adele H. Huntzinger Director of Technology Joshua Appleby School Psychologists Courtney Dever (HS) Katrina Gile (BT/FR) / Erin Haugh (LE/ST) / Elizabeth Weidner (MS) Home/School Visitors Carla DiClemente Jena Mable Katie Reiff Public Relations Director Katie Meier Chief Medical Examiner Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Chief Dental Examiner Dr. Sara Gotwalt, DMD SERVICE BUILDING 60 Newport Road, Leola, PA 7540 « «Fax Director of Operations Kenneth Johnson Dawn Dixon, Transportation Director (Brightbill, Inc.) CV HIGH SCHOOL 20 Horseshoe Road, Lancaster, PA 760 « Principal: Michael M. Smith Ed.D. Asst. Principals: Dave Dunsavage, Dawn Eby Nurses: Nancy Lopez, Karen Musser, Melissa Rossos Counselors: Robert Capolupo, Douglas Helsel, Morgan Myers, Jillian Stauffer Counseling & Career Center « GERALD G. HUESKEN MIDDLE SCHOOL Principal: Rachel Metzinger Ed.D. Assistant Principals: Christine Kassay, Eric Hollinger Counselors: Jennifer Gabryluk, Taylor Lantz, Amy Hummer Nurses: Keith Dieterle, Elizabeth Messner, Suzanne Kennedy BROWNSTOWN ELEMENTARY 5 School Lane, Brownstown, PA 7508 « Principal: Dr. Andrew S. Graybill Counselors: Katherine Young/Vicki Peck Nurses: Carla Andrews, Janelle Martin J.E. FRITZ ELEMENTARY 845 Hornig Road, Lancaster, PA 760 « Principal: Michelle Trasborg Counselor: Jennifer Cangialosi Nurses: Ashlee Wagner, Jennifer Schnapf LEOLA ELEMENTARY School Drive, Leola, PA 7540 « Principal: Taylor Alouisa Counselor: Tina Brenneman Nurses: Susan Miller, Katrina Krasinski SMOKETOWN ELEMENTARY 2426 Old Phila. Pike, Lancaster, PA 7602 « Principal: Kathleen Hernandez Counselor: Beth Sharp Nurses: Susan Miller,Jennifer Schnapf

3 Easter HOW TO READ THE CALENDAR Calendar Key MARCH S MDays Tu W shaded Th F S tan indicate. PERSEVERANCE: Days partially shaded persistence/ blue indicate days with Early Dismissal determination to overcome challenges Multi-day events shaded red indicate TESTING (Note: Student vacation forms will not be approved for these days!) HS Principal s Advisory Council, 7 Boys Lacrosse vs. Garden Spot, 4 Boys Volleyball vs. Garden Spot, 7 JH Track & Field vs. Hand MS, 4 ST PTO, 7 Baseball vs. Solanco, 4:5 Girls Lacrosse vs. Garden Spot, 4 Solanco, 4:5 Fritz PTO, 3:45 Baseball vs. McCaskey, 4:5 Boys Lacrosse vs. Hempfield, 4 Girls MT, 4 McCaskey, 4:5 Track & MT, 4 Boys Ephrata, 7 Boys LMS, 7 JH Track & Field vs. Warwick, 4 Boys L-S, 4 Boys Cocalico, 7 PM, 4:5 Girls Warwick, 4 Softball vs. PM, 4:5 2 Good Friday 3 Passover (begins) 4 Fourth Snow Make-Up Day Lebanon, 4:5 Boys Lacrosse vs. Bethel Park, 5 Girls PM, 4 Softball vs.lebanon, 4:5 Baseball vs. MT, 4:5 Boys Lacrosse vs. Central Dauphin, 4 Girls Lacrosse vs. Elizabethtown, 4 MT, 4:5 Boys Volleyball vs. MC, Multi-day events shaded green indicate musical festivals. Multi-day events shaded blue indicate outside conferences. Multi-day NO events SCHOOL shaded orange indicate building/promotional Seventh Snow Make-Up events. Day Hempfield, 4:5 Softball vs. Hempfield, 4:5 Warwick, 4:5 Softball vs. Warwick, 4:5 Boys Ephrata, 7 Fritz PTO Skating Party Girls Hershey, a Track & Black Knight Inv. (Hempfield), 0a All-school and/or all-district events are listed in black type. (Note: When available, event times are listed after the event.) Athletic events are listed in gray font. Holidays are listed in red, bold, italicized type. Snow make-up/in-service days are listed in blue type. PSSA Testing: Reading (grades 3-8) National Library Week TSA State Seven Springs ACT Exam, 7a Girls Ephrata, a Boys Elizabethtown Tournament, 8a Ends of marketing periods, trimesters and semesters are listed in black, bold type. Warwick, 4:5 Softball vs. Warwick, 4:5 Boys Ephrata, 7 LLMEA Honors Banquet Boys MT, 4 Girls L-S, 7 Boys Etown, 7 Boys Lacrosse vs. PM, 4 Girls Lacrosse vs. Cedar Crest, 7 Boys Volleyball vs. Cocalico, 7 JH Track & Ephrata, 4 Baseball vs. Cedar Crest, 4:5 Cedar Crest, 4:5 JH Track & Field vs. Wheatland MS, 4 BT Kindergarten Screening ST Kindergarten Screening Baseball vs. Lebanon, 4:5 Lebanon, 4:5 Boys Lacrosse vs. LMS, 7 Girls Lacrosse vs. LCDS, 4 Boys Volleyball vs. LMS, Solanco, 4:5 Boys Cedar Crest, 7:30 Softball vs. Solanco, 4:5 Track & Field vs. PM, 4 Boys Volleyball vs. Schuylkill Valley, 7 PSSA Testing: Science (grades 4 & 8) PSSA Testing: Math (grades 3-8) BT Kindergarten Screening ST Kindergarten Screening Boys Lacrosse vs. Etown, 4 JH Track & Reynolds MS, 4 Etown, 4:5 Softball vs. Etown, 4:5 Track & Millersville Invitational, 3 Track & Bruce Dallas Inv. (Cumberland Valley), 0a Boys Battle at the Castle (Reading), 8a MAY

4 AUGUST 2022 INTEGRITY: having the inner strength and commitment to do what is right even when no one is looking HS Senior Portraits, 8a-2:30p FR Kindergarten Kickstart, 9-:5a Board Work Session, 7p FR Kindergarten Kickstart, 9-:5a FR Kindergarten Kickstart, 9-:5a LE New Student/ Kindergarten Orientation; 0a Board Meeting, 7p PD Day FR Kindergarten Orientation PD Day HS Link Crew Leader Training Day, 8a-3p MS 6th Grade Orientation, 7:35a-2:20p HS Freshman Orientation, 7:40a-2:36p Clerical/PD Day «FIRST STUDENT DAY « JULY SEPTEMBER HS Picture Day/Health Screening, 7:40a-2:30p SAT, 7a

5 SEPTEMBER 2022 RESPONSIBILITY: think before you act; consider the consequences on all people affected. AUGUST OCTOBER LE Health Screening LE Back to School Night, 6p BT Back to School Night, 6p HS NHS Induction, 7p BT PTO Family Fun Fest, 4p ACT, 7a HS Marching Band HS, 4p Board Work Session, 7p HS Parents Night Open House, 6:30p HS Marching Band 9a 25 Professional Collaboration Day First Make-Up Day Board Meeting, 7p BT Picture Day FR Health Screenings MS Back to School Night LLMEA County Chorus Auditions, 7a HS Marching Band Downingtown West, 4p BT Health Screenings LE Family Carnival, 5:30p Homecoming Bonfire, 6:30p

6 OCTOBER 2022 RESPECT: recognizing a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, thing, idea, etc. SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER SAT, 7a Homecoming Dance, 7p HS Coffee with the Principal, 6:30p LE Picture Day Teacher PD Day Second Make-Up Day HS Marching Band Newtown, 4p No School Board Work Session, 7p HS Picture Retake Day, 7:40a PSAT, 7:30a Marching Band Conrad Weiser, 4p HS Music Dept. Fall Concert, 3p Board Meeting, 7p HS Red Ribbon Week 3 Last Day of First Quarter FR Picture Day 26 HS Red Ribbon Week 27 LE Bingo Night, 6p Teacher-Directed HS Marching Band Manheim Central, 4p

7 NOVEMBER 2022 COURTESY: respect for and consideration of people and property SAT, 7a HS Marching Band CVHS, 4p HS College Night, 6p BT Picture Retake Day Teacher-Directed HS Marching Band Hershey, 9a School Board Meeting, 7p LE Picture Retake Day HS Fall Play - Senior Citizens Show, 6p HS Jr. vs Sr. Flag Football Game, 7p Last Day of First Quarter HS Fall Play, 7p HS Fall Play, 7p HS Fall Play, 2p No School K-8 Parent Conferences 9-2 Local Industry Tours Community Forum/Board Meeting, 6:30p No School K-8 Parent Conferences 9-2 PC Day OCTOBER DECEMBER

8 DECEMBER 2022 NOVEMBER JANUARY CARING: sensitivity to others needs. PMEA District 7 Band/Orchestra Auditions, 7a SAT, 7a HS Winter Orchestra/Choir Concert, 3p Reorganizational Board Meeting, 7p FR Picture Retake Day MS Vocal/Orchestra Holiday Concert, 7p LE HOLIDAY SHOP HS Coffee with the Principal, 6:30p HS/MS Band Holiday Concert, 3p Board Meeting, 7p HS Shop with a Buckskin HS Drink of the Season

9 JANUARY Individualized PD Day Keystone Exams - Winter (CVHS) PMEA District 7 Chorus Festival, 7a BT Barnes & Noble Book Fair, 5:30p - 8p Keystone Exams - Winter (CVHS) HS ONLY, 2: Keystone Exams - Winter (CVHS) End of Second Quarter HS Creative Minds Expo/ Open House HS Clerical Day/Elem & MS Individualized PD Day LLMEA County Chorus Festival, 7a LE Roller Skating Party LLMEA HS/MS Orchestra Festival, 7a DEPENDABILITY: fulfilling one s obligations and promises. DECEMBER FEBRUARY

10 FEBRUARY 2023 TOLERANCE: being respectful toward those whose opinions and practices differ from yours. HS College Commitment Ceremony, 3:5 p.m LLMEA HS/MS County Band South Festival, 7a FR BIZtown PMEA District 7 Band South Festival, 7a Teacher-Directed 2:30 MS/HS :5 Elementary PC Day Third Make-up Day PMEA Region V Chorus, 7a 8th Grade Course Selection Night, 7p BT Scholastic Book Fair (Feb. 2-27) HS Orchestra/Band Winter Pops Concert, 7p JANUARY LE Dad/VIP & Daughter Dance MARCH BT Scholastic Book Fair (Feb )

11 MARCH 2023 HONESTY: telling the truth. FEBRUARY APRIL Read Across America Day HS Coffee with the Principal, 6:30p HS/MS Winter Choral Concert, 7p Indoor Color Guard and Percussion Competition, 9a CVHS Talent Show, 7p End of Second Trimester PMEA Central Region Orchestra, 7a 2:30 MS/HS :5 Elementary SAT, 7a Talent Show (Make-Up Date), 7p LE Bingo Night, 6p MS Play, 7:30p MS Play, 7:30p End of Third Quarter HS Spring Musical Senior Citizen Show, 6p HS Spring Musical, 7p HS Spring Musical, 7p

12 APRIL 2023 PERSEVERANCE: persistence/ determination to overcome challenges. 2 MARCH MAY HS Spring Musical, 7p HS Spring Musical, 2p Coffee with the Principal, 6:30p Fourth Make-Up Day HS Music Department Trip HS Music Department Trip ACT, 7a 22 HS Music Department Trip PMEA All-State Conference and Festivals National Library Week 30 PSSA Testing: ELA National Library Week HS Jazz Exhibition, 6p

13 MAY HS/MS Orchestra Concert, 7p MS Chorus and Band Concert, 7p HS Choir/Band Concert, 7p SAT, 7a 4 LE Kindergarten Screening LE Kindergarten Screening HS NHS MiniThon, 5p BT Kindergarten Screening BT PTO Meeting, 7p BT Kindergarten Screening BT Kindergarten Screening HS Prom, 5p HS Baccalaureate, 3p Senior Athletic Awards Night, 6:30p HS Senior Awards Night, 6:30p TRUSTWORTHINESS: demonstrating reliability, truthfulness and loyalty. APRIL JUNE

14 JUNE 2023 PATIENCE: willingness to wait. MAY JULY SAT, 7a «LAST DAY OF SCHOOL «HS Commencement, 7p

15 JULY 2023 CHARACTER: the ability to know what is right and the courage to do it. JUNE AUGUST