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1 AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $ NZ $ vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 holland focus The final Bloemencorso in Aalsmeer A look behind the windows, Amsterdam s Red Light District Open Air Museum Arnhem André Rieu 2008 Australia Tour 100 years Brons engines

2 frontpage photo by Yolanda Edens, Aalsmeer bloemencorso CONTENTS ARTICLES 4 letters to the editor 7 André Rieu - Australia tour 10 Fruit en Flower Corso 20 Nederlands Openluchtmuseum 24 Volkszangdag Delft 30 BVN over op glasvezelverbinding years Brons engine book reviews 42 School s Art Show, inspired by Ton Schulten 46 Dutch Business starts in Australia 47 A look behind the windows - Amsterdam s red light district 52 WA Windmill The Lily 54 Hongertocht 56 The Barnevelder in Tasmania 58 Dutchies in Carnarvon 60 The Other Side of the Maas 64 Profile of... Eddy van Reeuwijk 65 André Rieu in Maastricht COMMUNITY NEWS 51 NSW reunion 63 Queensland club news 65 NSW club news 66 SA club news REGULARS 3 Editorial 12 Edo - Crooke 13 Marcia - December in The Netherlands 16 Verbeeldingen - Frans Hertoghs 17 Dutch/Flemish cinema - Darren Arnold 19 Puzzel - Dutch Cuisine 26 Taals Taaltje - Stuur meer geld asb 27 Who s Who 28 Kiwi Korrels - Frans Hertoghs 34 Pim column - Caravan Sold 44 Fryslân Boppe - skûtsjesilen 50 Plaatsnemen - De Broek aan photo taken at Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2007

3 editorial G Day Maori tourism, folkloristic entertainment or authenticity? words and photos Jacob van Splunter It takes some getting used to. I am in Rotorua and squeeze through the crowd in Te Puia, where the (cultural) history of the Maori is being told. Thus I get acquainted with a meeting house (wharehui). The building is used for cultural performances and hui (gatherings and meetings). Of course, the haka, the war dance of the men, has been placed on the programme of this cultural show too. On the other hand the poi (ball and rope dance) with its elegant movements, has been reserved for the women. Besides this the powhiri (welcoming ceremony), waiata-a-ringa (action songs) and the tititorea (short stick dance). These performances still reasonably guarantee the authenticity, some hangi s, meals prepared in a geothermal Maori-oven, are a bridge too far. In different hotels in Rotorua the meals have become too touristmass-produce, and the Maori-culture has been degraded to a kind of folk amusement. I travel to Gisborne to be introduced to the Maori-culture on a smallscale. Dutchman Kees Weytmans has started the Knapdale Eco-Lodge in this town. Gisborne is the town where the sun first rises. In Knapdale they honour this with a ritual to greet the sun or, for the late sleepers, to tuck the sun in. To give this ritual more style, the local Waka toa Maori-group performs as well. I want the Maoriculture to have a significant place and this way people who visit Knapdale get to know the Maori-culture in a unique way and on a small-scale. Thus I stand on a hill close to Knapdale watching a fascinating performance, while the sun gradually sets. In Whangara, an idyllic spot in a small sheltered bay, at the end of a small, dead-end road off the State Highway 35, about 20 kilometres north east of Gisborne, the same small-scaliness is to be found. State Highway 35 goes from Gisborne to Opotiki along the East Cape and is 340 kilometres long. Together with State Highway 2, which goes directly from Gisborne to Opotiki, this road offers the only access to a huge area, almost exclusively inhabited by Maori. It is a rough and very inaccessible territory. Whangara is made famous by the shooting of the film Whale Rider (2002). Whale Rider is a beautiful film about the old traditions of the Maori s, but also about the generation gap, about pride, respect, will, strength and love. The film managed to get many (international) prices. Whangara exists of about ten houses and a marae (Maori-communityhouse). The visitor will not receive a warm welcome. No shops, not even a place to eat or drink something. However, plenty of signs with private road. The Ngati Konohi (a sub-tribe of Ngati Porou) do not particularly like hordes of tourists. To turn this place into a tourist resort would mean destroying it. But at the same time tourism would be able to form one of the (few) sources of income for people in this area, and that can offer a way out of the spiralling of a difficult economic situation. For the lovers of the Maoriculture this is thè place to visit. But I hope this will not happen in large numbers, to protect the authenticity. Finally I want to reflect on the new holland focus. It has been busy at the editorial office. The copy on your table has gained 24 pages in comparison to the last edition. This was necessary to be able to accommodate the growing advertisements and articles. We also are on the eve of the Australia Fair in Utrecht, of which holland focus is a joint organiser. In short, it sparkles at the editorial office and from the many positive responses it becomes clear, that you all appreciate those efforts enormously. That stimulates us to continue working with much enthusiasm on new editions of holland focus. Waka toa your editor working hard - 3

4 Als u informatie kunt geven over gezochte personen of als u een verdacht persoon ziet neem dan zo spoedig mogelijk contact op met Crime Stoppers. Voor informatie over verschillende gezochte personen is een beloning van AU$1000 beschikbaar gesteld. U hoeft uw naam niet te noemen. De persoon die belt krijgt een codenummer toegewezen, dat gebruikt moet worden in elk contact met de politie totdat de beloning betaald is. Bel gratis naar Crime Stoppers op of ga naar www. I am writing in response to the letter printed in your July/August issue. To be honest their letter got me stumped. They claim that Maastricht is not in Holland, as there is no country by that name. I have been in Australia since 1950 and all mail sent to Holland was no problem to the Dutch post to deliver. They claim that Holland doesn t exist on account that two provinces are called North and South Holland. From that statement one could draw the conclusion that since they live in Western Australia and I live in South Australia that Australia doesn t exist. That is what I would call confusion. Sincerely H. Koopman, S.A. I have only just managed to catch up with your splendid September/October issue of Holland Focus. There s no doubt about it, the magazine is just getting better and better! Here is my answer to Who s Who? Thanks to your generous provision of clues plus the fact that earlier this year I read his justly famous novel Max Havelaar for the first time, I had no difficulties identifying the person depicted as EDUARD DOUWES DEKKER. It was an unforgettable read! With best wishes, J.M.T. Groenewegen, NSW gezocht Ik ben op zoek naar Alisa Fiona Smit (geb ). Alisa is de jongste zus van mijn moeder, wie kan mij vertellen waar zij is gebleven? Laatst bekende adres: 4/1485 Heatherton Rd, Dandenong (North) 3175 Vic. Alisa, als je dit zelf leest, wil je dan alsjeblieft contact met me opnemen?? Gré Weishaupt-Mulder write2hf PO Box 169, Olinda Vic 3788, Australia E: Firstly, may I thank you for your prompt delivery of three books I purchased through you. I have started reading Living with the Dutch by Norean Sharpe and am finding it thoroughly enjoyable. I have written and submit to you a story in the hope that you may find it favourable for publication in your marvellous magazine: Holland Focus. I am a 53 year old wife and mother of both Australian (mother) and Dutch (father) mixed heritage. I have been subscribing to Holland Focus only just recently and have been enjoying reading your down-to-earth stories of everyday people, some of which are not unlike myself. I also work in the public school system, part time, as a Teachers Aide helping special needs children. Even though my story could be directed to anyone, I had an overwhelming desire to offer it to you in the hope that my fellow readers may find it of some comfort. My Reflection, by Julianne Roberts How many of us at some stage of our lives have not flinched or even cringed at suddenly catching sight of our image in the shop front window while passing by? Perhaps we ve even struggled with the impulse to take a pained glimpse of our dial in the washroom mirror and if overwhelmed by the temptation, immediately regretted our lack of discipline! There are those times in our lives when the skill of actively avoiding the mirror is of great paramountcy. Perhaps it s those teenage years when all you see staring back at you is a face full of angry skin eruptions. Maybe it s that time our mothers warned us about when gravity takes its course with our bodies after those child bearing years. Well, there s a solution to that: you have the bathroom mirror reduced in size to only reflect the absolute minimum needed for essential grooming that is, nothing below the neck! All my adult life, my reflected image has been a reason for concern for me. The sight of myself in the mirror was not automatically a pleasant or celebratory occasion but more a catalyst for self-criticism or reproach. Oh! Look, I must have gained weight over Christmas again. There s that tell tale double chin that seems to always make an appearance around January. I guess you could say: body image, not good! Recently, I have come to the conclusion that liking and accepting what you see staring back at you in the mirror is a matter of discipline, a choice. We can choose ugly or we can train ourselves to practice choosing beautiful. In addition we can see intelligence, kindness, compassion, understanding, wisdom etc. The day will pass regardless. We can choose to spend it thinking ugly thoughts about ourselves or spend the day looking at things less superficial. Negative thoughts, if practised enough, can become a habit. It s time to practice something new and break the cycle of negativity. These days the last thing I focus on when I view myself in the mirror is my smile. Before walking away I give myself a big smile and remind myself that I may not always look like a top model but in the long run, it s the character image reflected out to the world that gives the lasting impression. So, choose beautiful and wear a smile photo taken at Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2007

5 Dutch TV for only $ 499 *No Monthly Ongoing Fees... *Full 1 year parts and labor warrantee. *Bring a part of Holland to your home for keeps. *Includes 10 Christian (English speaking) and 10 other ethnic channels from all corners of the world* Sydney Melbourne Call now *discounted price till end of 2007 *Datek Pty Ltd supplies and installs satellite equipment and do not have control over transmitted channels. Therefore Datek Pty Ltd does not assume any responsibility for any changes in broadcasting methods of any channels. All available channels are correct at time of printing of this advetisment. Being a great fan of André Rieu you can imagine how pleased I was to receive your parcel with the message, that I had won the Who s Who? competition. Thank you very much, I am sure my wife and I will enjoy New York Memories for many years. We love the magazine, so keep up the good work. Joop Barnhoorn Vic Ik heb een aantal maanden geleden (mrt/apr) een advertentie laten opnemen dat ik opzoek was naar een oude vriend van mij, ene Jos van Dijk. Hoewel hij zelf geen lid is van een Hollands blad heeft een vriend van hem de advertentie gelezen en hem hierin herkend. Vanmorgen de eeste mail van hem mogen ontvangen (eind goed al goed). Dat wilde ik toch even laten weten. Theo Laurense Thank you for such a fine publication, I must thank you also for the recipe for the bitter almond cookies. Would anyone know how I could get embroidery/cross stitch patterns of Ot en Sien and other such projects? Deb Landmeter THE CLOG BARN Experience the colour & charm of Holland without leaving Coffs Harbour Don t miss OMA S COFFEE HOUSE Delicious meals Dutch pancakes, Croquettes, Uitsmijter, Bitterballen, Poffertjes Clog Barn Take a leisurely browse through the Clog Barn, where you will discover a treasure of souvenirs - e.g. Delft blue pottery - and special gifts and fascinating daily clog making demonstrations. You can also view the North Coast s largest collection of Diecast Collectable cars and motorbikes. Clog Making Demonstrations 3 times daily 11am, 2pm and 4pm. Dutch Village Take a delightful stroll around the model Dutch Village with working windmills and working trains! Entry to the Dutch Village adults $5, children $3.50 and pensioners $4.50. A Family Fun Adventure My name is Annemarie. I don t know if you are aware of the difficulty in regaining Dutch Citizenship. I was born in Holland and even went to school there. Our family migrated from Holland in My dad decided to become a Naturalised Australian in 1966, because I was under age I was automatically Naturalised, and being a minor I was not able to give consent. Recently I decided that I wanted to travel through Europe, and I applied for my Dutch Passport, and after going through endless paper work etc, I was rejected on a clause (WNI) which basically means that if you were a minor and became Naturalised, you automatically loose your Dutch Citizenship, it made me feel that I was an outcast from my birthplace (Netherlands) I was told by the Sydney Dutch Consulate that there are hundreds of people in the same boat. Surely it is one s right to regain their Dutch passport, if a person is born in a country? I wonder if this matter is brought to everyone s attention, and people appeal, that this ruling can be reviewed? I gave them every document that they required for the passport, it took me months of going back and forth from the Melbourne consulate to do this. My question is, why would they put you through all of this, only to reject you, it just doesn t make sense? I look forward to hearing what comments you and other people have about this matter. Or if there is an organisation in Holland that can help? write or to Holland Focus 215 Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour phone: open 7 days from 8 am


7 André Rieu Australia Tour André Rieu comes to Australia. The Limburger violinist is with seven DVDs in the top twenty in Australia and thus extremely popular Down Under. Performances in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are on the agenda for November/December In September Andre Rieu was in Melbourne to promote his concerts. Holland Focus spoke with him. André Rieu had always wanted to start an orchestra. But I had nothing to offer the musical instrument players, only the ideas in my head. Still in 1987 he managed to get 14 people together to start rehearsing in a cold rehearsal room. In 1988, the first concerts followed and were instantly successful. Rieu: We were completely taken back when the concerts sold out. The director of the theatre was very enthusiastic and said that we could be booked for the coming 20 years. The success remained. Some concerts were so popular that we did several performances per day. In Roermond we performed four times on the one day, Rieu remembers. But we were young, so we could cope. Rhythm of the heart Meanwhile his Johan Strauss orchestra has developed into 43 members and on larger stages sometimes even 50. Had Rieu expected that his orchestra would grow like this? I have not started to become big, Rieu answered. I simply had fun. André Rieu gets a lot of support from his wife Marjorie. She helps him with the designing of the costumes and writes song texts. Together they also create the programme. André: That just happened. She started helping me with translating songs. At first I did that from memory and that became too much for me. Marjorie offered to help me and that has not changed since. André Rieu travels the world with his orchestra. In November/December 2008 he will perform in Australia for the first time. I had wanted to come earlier, but such a venture is very expensive. Actually only wellknown people could afford that. Apparently I have now reached that status. Rieu has blown new life in the waltz and brought it under the attention of the general public. He is also called the King of the Waltz. It is fantastic to play the waltz. The waltz has the rhythm of the heart. That shows in the responses of the public: people get up spontaneously and start to waltz. It really is my favourite music. Décors Transporting such a large show to Australia takes some doing. André and the orchestral members travel by plane, the décors arrive by boat. The décors are really marvellous: we use the Schönbrunn (Vienna) décor and splendid period costumes, skating rinks on both sides of the stage and a golden carriage with Sissy. About 500 people are working to put the show together: 250 on stage and - 7

8 8 -

9 the same number behind the scenes. The décors are made up in triplicate to manage performing in more cities within a limited time. Rieu works with people from all over the world. In his orchestra are also two Australians: singer Mirusha (of Dutch parents in Queensland)) and singer Gary Bennett from Tasmania. Music is international and doesn t know boundaries, says Rieu. Everyone who fits in can participate. Tomorrow, for instance, I have an appointment with an aboriginal didgeridoo player to see how we can do the programme the Australian way. Rieu certainly intents to incorporate Australian melodies in his programme and also wants - if successful - to produce an Australian DVD. Stradivarius André Rieu is one of few people in the world who has a real Stradivarius violin and he carries it everywhere. A Stradivarius is the ultimate dream for a violin player. But only a few places sell Stradivarius violins. From the moment salesmen suspected I could afford a Stradivarius, they headed straight for me. You have to be very careful, because there is a lot of junk amongst them. The most important thing for me is that I can play it and that it sounds nice. When that is not the case, I do not want it and I will tell them. And when I suspect that it is a real one, I go to an expert. However, André always carries a spare violin as well (not a Stradivarius). It is purely for security. When a string has snapped during a concert I prefer to restring it and play the Stradivarius instead of replacing it with the spare violin. Dreams Rieu and his wife Marjorie live in a real castle in Maastricht (in the south of The Netherlands). This too, is one of his dreams come true. As a child I always read Kuifje (Tintin) and captain Haddock lived in a castle. I wanted that too. Both his children are also gifted artistically. The oldest is a painter and art historian, the youngest is the production manager of his father s shows. Everything around and on stage are his ideas, Rieu says proudly. André looks forward to his concerts in Australia. I really want to visualise Australia in my music. Ayers Rock, the kangaroos: people have to imagine it when they hear my music. WIN! THE SHIP YOU CAME OUT IN Ships now available: Achille Lauro, Australia, Australis, Castel Felice, Ellinis, Galileo Galilei, Groote Beer, Guglielmo Marconi, Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, Fairsea, Nelly, Neptunia, New Australia Oranje, Roma, Sibajak, Surriento, Tasmania, Volendam, Waterman, Willem Ruys, Zuiderkruis. New York Memories We have this CD of André Rieu to give away. How many people were in his orchestra when he started? To be in the draw, please send an with the right answer to or a letter to PO Box 169, Olinda Vic 3788, Australia GOURMET TEFAL Gourmet en Raclette Sets verkrijgbaar bij SYNCRO AUSTRALIA de sfeervolle en lekkerste manier om gezellig samen te zijn 284 Western Avenue, Montville Qld 4560 tel: fax: sibajak Unframed prints $10 Original Colour Paintings, 12 x 16 inches, framed $165 Artist Dacre Smyth 22 Douglas Street, Toorak Vic Phone +61 (0)

10 Fruit and flower corso

11 in The Netherlands Fruit and flowers controlled the weekend of 8 and 9 September. On Saturday 8 September the 46th edition of the fruit parade (Fruitcorso) took place in Tiel. In Aalsmeer on Sunday 9 September about 40 carriages decorated with flowers passed the 27,500 visitors for the 60th and last time. words and photos Yolanda Edens The Bloemencorso (flower parade) in Aalsmeer stops. Lack of big sponsors made the event too expensive, hence the last version turning into a very special event. On the day about 40 carriages, decorated with flowers, drove from Aalsmeer, through Amstelveen, to the Olympic Stadium. There a spectacle took place; the flower carriages on show and artists performing. About 15,000 people had gathered in and around the stadium. In the stadium the programme was opened by one thousand children attempting a world record by establishing a flower boa. With 1,027 meters the attempt succeeded and is now submitted to the Guinness Book of records. In Tiel about 90,000 people came to the annual Fruitcorso. Appelpop attracted more visitors too: according to an estimation by the event commission, no less than 130,000 visitors came to this free music festival. The Fruitcorso traditionally starts with the laying of fruit mosaics along the Tielse gracht by schoolchildren and associations. The parade is preceded by the children s corso where youthful designers proudly show off their decorated bicycles or carts to the public. The carriages are built from seeds, vegetables and fruit, everything used must originate from The Netherlands. Citrus fruits have been prohibited. Most of the trailer-designers and sticking-people only take a couple of months rest after the corso. In October the corso association meets to start on the designs for the next year. And although each year it is a race against the clock to get everything finished on time and to find sufficient volunteers, the Fruitcorso seems not yet ready for its last edition, for the time being.

12 DE ECHTE KROKKETTEN EN FRICANDELLEN ZOALS ZE OOK IN HOLLAND SMAKEN! VOLGENS ORIGINEEL HOLLANDS RECEPT Factory direct! KIP- EN RUNDVLEES KROKETTEN BITTERBALLEN FRICANDELLEN Mulfric Foods Pty. Ltd. 17 Plasser Crescent, St. Marys, NSW, 2760 Ph: (02) Fx: (02) Made in Australia for over 20 years! Ook verkrijgbaar in: NSW: The Dutch Shop,Smithfield (02) Nohra Smallgoods, Yagoona (02) Grayco Foods, Mittagong (02) Bibina P/L, Warners Bay (02) Lesuire Centre Market, Fairy Meadow (02) Deli International, Lavington (02) Neerlandia Club, French Forest (02) Dutchies Delights, Darling Harbour & Warringah Mall Jan VanGerwen, Wanniassa (02) Go Vita Health, Springwood (02) QLD: The Dutch Shop, Acacia Ridge (07) Casey Vergers, Logan Village (07) VIC: Park N Shop, Melbourne CBD (03) B&H Continental, Mulgrave (03) SA: The Dutch Shop, Brighton (08) WA: Euro Shopper Perth, Maddington (08) Contact us for a more detailed list or to become a distributor

13 Marcia DECEMBER IN THE NETHERLANDS Originally (oorspronkelijk) this was going to be an ABC of Christmas - using Dutch words. What got me started was a news item that perhaps the new coach of the Socceroos would be Dick Advocaat. This got me thinking about advokaat the drink, which was mentioned in the last issue of holland focus on p. 28, and then about een borreltje (strictly speaking a glass of jenever gin) and cadeaus (presents). At that stage my Dutch-Australian thoughts were only on Christmas (Kerst). Then, thinking about cadeaus, some memories of December in the Netherlands in earlier years carried me, of course (natuurlijk), to the celebrations associated with St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) early in December (6 th ). The approach to gift giving in this traditional celebration was vastly different from the commercial emphasis on Christmas which happens here. We were with family in Amsterdam one year. The task was to prepare a gift (a surprise, which sounds somewhat like sorpresa ) and write a verse or two for the person whose name you had been given. Great challenge and excitement. Thinking further about December in the Netherlands, thoughts then went to the end of the month to New Year s Eve. It was in Australia that I first heard the question What are you doing for Old and New? (Oud en Nieuw) and it was always nice to hear it in the Netherlands. One of the New Year traditions which I first encountered was here in Melbourne. My mother-in-law was out here on a visit (een bezoek). There was great excitement on this occasion also this time it was about the making of oliebollen. No translation I ve come across does justice to the sensation of eating a freshly cooked oliebol dusted with icing sugar (literally, an oil ball but translated as an oil-dumpling or doughnut). With friends in Alkmaar we spent many a New Year s day watching the concert from Vienna and sharing oliebollen and appelbeignets (apple fritters) or appelflappen (apple turnovers). I m not sure what the drink of choice was elsewhere although not necessarily for New Year, I remember boerenmeisjes and advokaat with whipped cream lekker! (this is another hard to translate word in Dutch it is said with such relish if you ll excuse the pun. The dictionary translation enjoyable is a bit tame delicious is sometimes better). The drink, boerenmeisjes, according to one dictionary is apricots in gin. There is another drink in the same family boerenjongens raisins in brandy. The connection in both cases sounds very rustic, boeren meaning farmers, joined with the words for girls and boys or lads suggesting the country life sometimes shown in paintings by Bruegel. Another enjoyable part of the visits to friends and family was to come into the warm home and to be offered een stukje Kerstkrans (a piece of a pastry ring which is filled with almond meal, usually served warm, with the coffee). Gezellig! This is another word with atmosphere which is difficult to translate well the full list of dictionary words is the best I can do to convey the experience of hearing and using this word gezellig sociable, pleasant, cosy, gregarious. For people from warmer parts of the Southern Hemisphere it is a great experience to celebrate Christmas during winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Perhaps it is because some of our Christmas cards still show the northern winter scenes cold weather, darkness coming early, candles and lights and so we feel that we belong also to this different kind of festival spirit. Certainly we can understand the nostalgia felt by those who experienced such times when they were younger. My husband used to recite a little verse about de donkere dagen voor Kerstmis (the dark days before Christmas) and as well had memories of this kind of atmosphere being very conducive to the telling of ghost stories and subsequent, even enjoyable, tension. As I write this I feel nostalgia of a different kind. Many years ago, the family from Amsterdam mentioned earlier was here at Christmastime. One of the children was about four years old. He was very fond of a small Father Christmas which we had as a table decoration. I loved hearing him call it het Kerstmannetje (literally, the little Christmas man). One of my favourite Christmas memories is from attending a service in a fine old church (kerk) in Zeddam in the Achterhoek on Christmas Eve (Kerstavond). We sat near a large carved wooden panel with scenes from scripture of the lives of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and enjoyed the singing of the choir (koor). Afterwards we came out into the cold night air another part of a European Christmas. Greetings for Christmas are varied Zalig Kerst, Prettige Kerst are some we heard. We often spent tweede Kerst literally second Christmas - the English Boxing Day, with family friends in Didam. Oud en Nieuw is perhaps more a celebration for the grown-ups, although another memory from Alkmaar intrudes as I write. As soon as midnight comes on New Year s Eve, the fireworks begin in the street. Some of us here have memories from childhood of fireworks night again great excitement but not for the dogs. What was a bit sobering around Alkmaar and elsewhere I guess, was that the public letter boxes were sealed until after fireworks time. When the fireworks display for New Year s Eve here is shown on TV, I phone Alkmaar to wish the friends an early Gelukkig Nieuwjaar. And so I say the same to you, and wish you many good times in Marcia de Groot - 13


15 Rabobank s top Internetspaarrekening en multi-manager beleggingsfondsen aanbod nu ook in Australië via Na het succes van Rabobank met Internet bankieren in Europa en recentelijk Nieuw Zeeland is er nu ook een Australische Internetspaarbank: De website biedt een hoog renderende Internet spaarrekening, evenals een selectie van termijndeposito s en de mogelijkheid tot het online aan- en verkopen van een ruime selectie beleggingsfondsen. De diensten worden uitsluitend via Internet aangeboden, waarbij het kostenvoordeel aan de klant wordt doorgegeven via een hoge rente vergoeding en zeer lage kosten voor fondsen. Een lokaal callcenter is beschikbaar voor technische support en andere vragen. Hoge rente vergoeding, voor iedereen zonder beperkingen! De producten van RaboPlus zijn beschikbaar voor zowel particulieren, bedrijven (behalve financiële instellingen) en trusts, zoals DIY Self Managed Super Funds. RaboPlus biedt een hoog rente percentage van 6.7% op de spaarrekening, zonder kosten, minimum inleg en andere beperkingen. Termijndeposito s zijn beschikbaar vanaf AUD 1,000 voor periodes van 30 dagen tot 5 jaar met eveneens hoge rentevergoedingen oplopend tot 7.1% afhankelijk van de gekozen termijn. Beleggingsfondsen Klanten kunnen een ruime selectie beleggingsfondsen van verschillende gerenomeerde aanbieders online kopen en verkopen. Waarbij er naast een eenmalige aankoop commissie van 0.75% geen andere commissie door RaboPlus wordt gerekend. Vooral door het ontbreken van jaarlijkse platform beheerkosten kunnen klanten veel geld besparen. Daarnaast brengt RaboPlus geen verkoop commissie in rekening voor beleggingsfondsen. Door het aanbieden van wholesale beleggingsfondsen worden kosten voor de klant eveneens laag gehouden, echter zonder de in de markt gebruikelijke hoge minimale investering voor wholesale fondsen. RaboPlus kan namelijk door haar unieke online distributie model deze fondsen aanbieden voor investeringen vanaf AUD 250,- in de particulieren (retail) markt. Door gebruik te maken van het internet kunnen klanten 24/7 posities bekijken en orders inleggen, waarbij eveneens belasting en performance overzichten periodiek online beschikbaar zijn. Rabobank, The World Safest Private Bank Rabobank is de enige bank in Australia met een AAArating van ratings agencies Standard & Poor s en Moody s. Deze fantastische rating heeft de bank nu al meer dan 25 jaar. In de afgelopen twee jaar is Rabobank uitgeroepen tot The World s Safest Private Bank door het toonaangevende Global Finance magazine (2005 en 2006). RaboPlus is onderdeel van Rabobank Australia Ltd., en 100% eigendom van het vertrouwde Rabobank Nederland. Internet beveiliging is top prioriteit Als Europa s (en natuurlijk Nederlands) toonaangevende internetbank, is er ruime ervaring in het toepassen van de best mogelijke internet beveiliging. Net als in ondermeer Nederland krijgen Australische klanten een gratis Vasco Digipass een handig en veilig apparaatje dat samen met een pincode toegang geeft tot een rekening alsmede noodzakelijk is voor validatie van elke transactie. Zo kunt u met een gerust hart gebruik maken van internet bankieren. Meer informatie? In de enkele maanden, sinds de lancering in Australië, is er al meer dan AUD 750 miljoen op RaboPlus rekeningen gezet, een fantastische start voor de boerenleenbank. Want zoals u misschien weet, in de afgelopen 10 jaar is Rabobank Australië uitgegroeid tot de op twee na grootste kredietverstrekker voor Australische boeren, waaronder velen met een Nederlandse achtergrond. Edwin van Raalte, verantwoordelijk voor de RaboPlus business case en implementatie, verteld: Tijdens de marktanalyse werd al snel duidelijk hoe groot de behoefte is in de Australische markt voor zaken als internet security, credibility en transparantie bij banken. RaboPlus heeft hier goed op in kunnen spelen met haar unieke klant propositie en internationale ervaring. Ons team is aangenaam verrast door de vele positieve reacties van ondermeer Nederlandse expats alsmede emigranten van het eerste uur op het nieuwe aanbod van Rabobank in downunder. Als u meer informatie wilt over de spaar- en beleggingsproducten van Rabobank in Australië, kijk dan op

16 Creator of the precious Bread, Our dearest food in life on earth, You even offer without dearth. To feed us with Yourself instead. May Bread, that fell out of the skies, Eternally our souls suffice. I n Wie het lichaam voedt Is voor de ziel ook goed. Vertoond in 100 Verbeeldingen van Ambachten, Konsten, Hanteeringen en Bedryven; met Versen (1694) Who feeds our body May feed our soul. Translated and edited by Frans Hertoghs O, Schepper van t geliefde brood Als voedsel van het sterfelijk leven, Wat heeft uw mildheid ons genood Om ons Uzelf tot Brood te geven: O, Brood dat uit de Hemel viel, Stil t hongeren van onze ziel. Z e zijn druk aan het werk in deze moderne zeventiendeeeuwse bakkerij. De bakker - zijn krullenkop maar nauwelijks in bedwang gehouden door een slappe bakkersmuts - is geconcentreerd bezig met zijn gespierde armen een flinke hoeveelheid deeg te kneden. Misschien heeft hij het deeg daarnet met zijn voeten voorgekneed, want zijn broekspijp is opgerold en zijn blote been steekt in een soort muiltje dat hij gemakkelijk uit kan schoppen. Onder zijn ruimvallende bloes draagt hij een voorschoot. Een knecht knielt neer om rijshout en takken te rapen om het laaiende vuur nog hoger op te stoken. Tegen de oven naast hem leunt de grote platte ovenschep waarmee het baksel in en uit de oven geschoven kan worden. Op de achtergrond zien we een vrouw met een schort aan, die juist aan komt lopen met de rieten boodschappenmand aan de arm. Misschien is het de bakkers vrouw, misschien een dienstmeid die versgebakken brood komt kopen. Op de achtergrond zien we vuur en rook uit de open oven slaan. Dat kan geen kwaad, want de grote overkap daarboven zuigt alle rook gemakkelijk op. De bakkerij heeft een hoge zoldering die de overtollige warmte opneemt en zo de werkvloer koelt. Toch heeft de oven heel wat te lijden gehad. Luyken laat duidelijk zien dat zowel de oven als de kap behoorlijk verweerd zijn. De bakker is omringd door zijn gereedschap: een elegante water- of melkkan, een versierde trommelzeef, een simpele houten trog en op de werkbank een deel van de enorme balans waarmee de ingrediënten kunnen worden afgewogen. Let op het ontbreken van houten kozijnen in de ramen. Zijn het dure glas-in-loodramen of goedkope tralies die aan de buitenmuur zijn vastgezet? Buiten schijnt de zon. Dat zien we aan de realistisch getekende schaduwen van de ramen. Hier wordt hard gewerkt aan een kwaliteitsprodukt. De Bakker The Baker Jan en Kaspar Luiken: Het Menselyk Bedryf: this modern seventeenth-century bakery people are quite busy. The baker - his curly head hardly controlled by a limp bonnet - is concentrating on kneading a massive lump of dough with his rather muscular arms. He may have pre-kneaded the dough with his feet, since his trousers are rolled-up and his bare leg sits in a kind of easy to take-off slipper. Below his wide shirt he wears an apron. His helper kneels down to collect brushwood and twigs in order to stir up the already roaring fire. Alongside him against the oven wall leans the wide flat shovel, used to handle the bread in the oven. In the background we see a woman walking in with a cane basket hanging from her arm. It might be the baker s wife, or a servantgirl wanting to buy some freshly baked bread. In the background we see fire and smoke bellowing out of the open oven. That is no problem at all since the huge oven hood sucks up all smoke easily. The bakery has a high ceiling, capable of collecting a lot of heat and keeping the work floor cool. Still you can see that the oven has been hard hit. Luyken shows clearly that oven and hood are both quite weathered. The baker is surrounded by his tools: an elegant water or milk can, an ornamented drum shaped sieve, a simple wooden trough and on the work bench a huge scale to weigh the ingredients. Notice the absence of wooden frames in the windows. Do we look at expensive stained glass windows or at cheap bars fixed on the outside wall? Outside the sun is shining. We can see the realistically drawn shadows of the windows. People are working hard here to make a quality product

17 Dutch/Flemish cinema For this first venture I ll take a look at a film that I have a feeling many of you will have seen: Paul Verhoeven s Zwartboek (or Black Book, as it s known in English.) This recent movie marks the long-awaited return to Holland for its director, who some will remember from Dutch cinema of the late 1970s/early 1980s and the likes of Soldaat van Oranje, Keetje Tippel and De Vierde man. Many more will no doubt be familiar with Verhoeven s Hollywood films: the notorious double-act Showgirls and Basic Instinct, plus sci-fi fables including Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers and Hollow Man. After somewhat losing his way with his later US efforts, it s pleasing to see that Zwartboek finds Verhoeven on top form. The return to his native country appears to have rejuvenated the director, who must know that he has something to prove and appears to have tried his best to get everything right with this one. Anyway, the story: Dutch Jew Rachel Stein (Carice van Houten) tries to flee the Nazi-occupied Netherlands of WW2, but the escape goes wrong and Rachel s family is executed. Rachel joins the Dutch resistance, where she assumes a different name and hair colour, and is given the task of seducing Nazi officer Muntze (Sebastian Koch) as a way of infiltrating the enemy s headquarters. Rachel manages this Special offer to Holland Focus readers: two nights accommodation for two in quality 3 ½ star comfort with sumptuous basket breakfast, with a relaxing & romantic scenic tour by horse drawn carriage to award winning winery and restaurant A warm South Gippsland welcome awaits you with complimentary fresh fruit bowl, fresh flowers, and pillow chocolates. Normally $350, now $295 if you mention Holland Focus when booking. Offer available from December 3rd, Monday - Thursday only. Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be many articles on Dutch and Flemish cinema. My association with Freek and iet goes back many years, and I m delighted to be working with them again. The general idea of these pieces is to take a look at films and filmmakers from the Netherlands and Belgium, mixing the old with the new and the well-known with the more obscure. by Darren Arnold with some skill, but it s only the beginning of a difficult, complex story as the war heads towards its final days. Unlike many of the WW2 films we ve consumed over the years, Zwartboek presents us with the troubling idea that there were notable exceptions to the Dutch=good / German= bad rule that many of us have grown up with. For example, Muntze is depicted as being a character more interested in doing the right thing than following Hitler s orders, while some members of the resistance are shown up as being not incapable of selfishness and treachery. There s an awful lot to like about Zwartboek: primarily, it s big, shiny, old-fashioned entertainment, and despite the terrible times in which the film is set Verhoeven has clearly set out to first and foremost capture the attention of his audience; that he keeps us gripped for the entire duration of the not insubstantial running time is testament to the director s talent. Van Houten makes for an attractive and likeable lead, and her relatively unknown status frees her from the baggage that a big Hollywood star would have brought to both the role and film. Koch is also superb, and if you catch him in both this and German smash-hit The Lives of Others you ll be in for quite a double bill. While it s not flawless (a scene late on in the film where Rachel is humiliated in front of a baying mob is as heavyhanded as anything in Verhoeven s most excessive work), Zwartboek stands as one of the most outright enjoyable films - Dutch or otherwise - in recent memory. A nice DVD edition (which features exclusive interviews with Verhoeven and van Houten, as well as English subtitles) is available via Proud breeders of Friesian horses Carriage hire for weddings, festivals and private functions Contact Chris and Col Rump on: did you know that? The Droste effect is a visual effect in which a picture has a smaller picture of itself and is named after Droste s cocoa-tins

18 18 -

19 Dutch Cuisine Kruidnoten Ingredients: 250g flour 3g baking powder 10g speculaaskruiden 125g butter 100g dark brown sugar 75g golden syrup CROSSWORD - KRUISWOORD Sift flour, baking powder and speculaaskruiden in bowl. Add soft butter, golden syrup and sugar. Stir into a smooth dough. Make into small balls (about 1½cm Ø). Press lightly on greased tray. Bake in moderate (180 C) preheated oven for about 15 minutes. Translate the questions into Dutch words. Some questions are the other way around (marked N-E). e smakelijk Horizontal: 1 Christmas time 5 musical note 7 mass 8 record 10 short for Sinterklaas 12 name of helper of 10 horizontal 14 tear 16 date 18 everything 20 thrust 23 times 26 adverb 27 wind direction (abbr) 28 single 31 floor 33 moose 36 play! 38 live off 41 a spice 43 rag 45 there 46 old 48 French article 49 dart 50 new 51 TV station in The Netherlands Vertical: 2 eminence (abbr) 3 fin 4 Steam Ship (abbr) 5 myrrh 6 girls name 8 member 9 horse (slang) 10 Saint (abbr) 11 job 12 fits 13 kind of lighting 15 namely (abbr) 16 article 17 kind of flower 19 candy 21 at 22 one 24 rambles 25 scary 29 couple 30 doctrine 31 aristocratic 32 agitate 34 recently (abbr) 35 biblical book (abbr) 36 mineral (abbr) 37 honour 39 part 40 number (abbr) 41 toy for girls 42 a French street 44 demand 46 in our opinion (abbr) 47 digital university (abbr) solution in next edition holland focus last edition s solution - 19

20 Nederlands Openluchtmuseum History with a smile words and photos Jan Weijdt No doubt you will be familiar with the following situation; you are invited to a family gathering. After consuming coffee and cake, followed by a few drinks (alcoholic or not) the uncles and aunts start to dig up stories from the past. They mainly do that, because they re surrounded by people their own age, so it takes a lot less explaining about situations that were more common in the olden days than they are at present. The audience knows what you re talking about, they ve been there too: The first cars in the village, the old steam trains powered by locomotives gradually replaced by electric trains. Electrical, automated washing machines invaded the house, hoovering instead of brooming. Dad went to work on his moped. What was it like to grow up with all those changes and find your own way? The generation of twenty- and thirty-something that presently form the core of the Dutch society have the opportunity to find the answers about these developments of the past. All they have to do is visit the Nederlands Openlucht Museum in Arnhem in the province of Gelderland. If you re worried to find another one of those dusty, historically correct rubbish collections, rest assured, this is not the case. As mentioned before, this is a museum with a smile. Even a smile of recognition for some of you.

21 Many a visitor might wonder why the museum was founded in the first place. What motivated the founders? Well, in the year 1912 a number of influential citizens of Arnhem worried about the possible loss of Dutch traditions and regional cultural values, because of the increasing industrialisation and urbanisation of Holland. These citizens obtained the estate De Waterberg as a leasehold property from the city of Arnhem. To start the collection they transported and rebuilt six, in their vision, important buildings. With this inventory the Nederlands Openlucht Museum opened its gates to the public on July the 13 th Of course with the intention to expand the collection whenever possible. Is it fun to be there on a rainy day? Since the museum opened its gates with the six formerly mentioned buildings, the collection has been expanded and changed significantly. More than eighty buildings can now be visited. And a couple of historic electrical trams (streetcars) transport the visitors warm, dry and comfortable through the entire park. Some of the latest attractions are the remembrance project Holland-Rama and the exhibitions Een bonte stoet, Wat mag het zijn and the Spaarstation Dingenliefde. Making you forget your rainy day for hours. The contemporary development the rural parts of Holland are experiencing has been highlighted in a monumental family farm that had to be moved from its original position because of the construction of the tracks for a high speed train. This farm is known as the Woonboerderij Hoogmade. Its history goes back as far as the year Since 2003 this farm serves as an educational project at the Openlucht Museum. The fate of the Dutch Moluccans after WW II comes alive in the so-called Molukse Barak. This old wooden barrack was time, before being able to return to their islands in Molucca, Indonesia. Despite the lack of interest from the Dutch Government, even nowadays, the museum considered the Moluccan question to be crucial for the historiography of The Netherlands. The 1929 strike of the East-Groninger farm workers went for almost one year is exposed from the same perspective and is considered a black page in Dutch history. HollandRama Close to the main gate of the museum is a strange, eggshaped building, nearly 10 meters high and covered with copperplates. No doors at ground level to enter the building. The entry is in the basement of the building near the main gate, where the way of living of the modern average Dutchman is on display, by means of several small exhibitions. Also on display are utensils, pictures and amateur movies that give a fairly good impression of how our parents and ancestors lived. HollandRama is a sort of time capsule that takes you by the hand on an informative journey through Dutch history. The technical staff of the museum has invented an ingenious mechanism to let visitors travel through the building. Thus taking them to the right spot for each momentum in time: From a visit to the bottom of the former Zuiderzee to a small 18 th century canal somewhere in Gouda. Small shopkeepers and their trades Nowadays unification is the trend in supermarkets and general stores. The milkman and grocer have vanished into thin air. Instead we enjoy the blessings of supermarkets. No one will ask in the old-fashioned way: What would you like (wat mag t zijn?) or: It s slightly more, is that ok with you? ( t is wat meer, mag dat?) once part of a camp at the village of Lage Mierde in the province of Noord- Brabant. It is comparable with the barracks from concentration camp Vught near s Hertogenbosch, used by the Nazis to imprison people before being transported to other camps in Germany. This alone was considered to be a disgrace for these Moluccans, who have always been the most loyal subjects to the Queen in the Dutch Indies (now Indonesia). This barrack shows what these people went through after arriving in this cold and hostile climate and how they were left to believe that it would be only for a short period of - 21

22 is a children s playground, carefully restored and rebuilt with all sorts of attractions from the year 1925 (approx.) and an old-fashioned Amsterdam s children labyrinth. To bring back those memories the museum has rebuilt a shopping street with different small shops that have long gone. To name a few: a pharmacy, candy shop, drugstore, a man s hairdresser, a tobacconist and a toyshop. They used to be real shops in different parts of the country and operated from 1816 up to A restored and functioning brewery from the village of Ulvenhout (near Breda) has been brought back to life by the museum. A collection of unique brewery tools and various pints, mugs and glasses have been conserved and are on show. The history of brewing beer is documented, especially about Brabant. That region is regarded as the cradle of beer brewing in Holland. That is, according to the museum. Electrical trams at the museum In 1912, the first trams started in Arnhem. Famous models were the GETA 70, 75 and -76. The last one came into service in 1929 and the city of Arnhem was very proud of it, as it really was the state of the art tram at the time. Rotterdam And that s not all. Fancy freshly baked bread; this is the place to be. In the before mentioned shopping street is an oldfashioned bakery with an oven fired with faggots. It really is a treat to smell the fresh bread, warm from the oven. The Brabander Café from Budel is a must for wit-beer, old fashioned Ranja, boerenjongens or a café-late. Some things are a must when re-discovering your Dutch childhood: poffertjes. At the end of the shopping street, entering the marketplace called Zaanseplein, is an original Old Dutch poffertjeskraam. Youngsters could go overboard with the old fashioned push-bikes, flying Dutchmen, hoops or stilts near the poffertjeskraam. How to get to the museum? By car from all directions approaching Arnhem-Noord (near the A12), follow the road-signs: Openluchtmuseum en Burgers Zoo. had the same type of trams. The GETA 76 was rebuilt by the museum. Since 1996 several trams have been in use in the museum park. The tracks form a circle with a total length of 2.1 km with 6 stops. All tram rides are free. No need to buy tickets. Catering Restaurant De Kasteelboerderij caters for approx. 300 visitors with smorgasbord facilities. It is accommodated in a former country house that originates from Oud Beijerland. An old Inn from Zwolle, called the Hanekamp is a real pancake paradise for children. But the chef also prepares some ancient meals like stoofpotjes. Outside, in the Inn s garden address: Nederlands Openluchtmuseum Schelmseweg AP Arnhem. T: +31 (0) , website: The museum is open from the 1st of April till 31 October, every day from 10am till 5pm. On sufficient demand free English spoken guided tours will be available on Sundays at 1pm. Call the above telephone number to check whether this tour is actually available

23 Orange Alert For different, Dutch design you can t miss House of Orange. (No, really, you can t miss it. It is painted bright orange!) From the achingly hip Dutch design incubator that produced Tord Boontje, Marcel Wanders, Moooi, Hella Jongerius and the Droog collective, House of Orange is newest addition to the seriously cool wave washing through the streets of Armadale, Melbourne. Take the tulips, windmills, clogs and the little boy who stuck his finger in a dike to save his country, mix it with that globally coveted Dutch design aesthetic, and you ve got House of Orange. A treasure trove for the hip hunter, with something for every budget. Created by Dutch/Australian husband/wife team, Hans and Ursula van Schoonhoven and named after the Dutch house of royalty, House of Orange brings to Australia for the first time an exclusive range of eclectic, affordable Dutch home wares and accessories. Traveling between Australian and Holland, Hans and Ursula identified a market for affordable Dutch design. The result brings a little Amsterdam chic into every home, celebrating Dutch design, with a sense of style that doesn t take itself too seriously. Featured in the collection is Growing Veip, the celebrated European home wares label and mainstay in designer dwellings across Europe. House of Orange is the only concept store in the world outside of Barcelona built around the Growing Veip collection. The Growing Veip aesthetic begins and ends with colour and is unlike anything available in Australia. There are brights (hot pink, yellow, sea green, Cuba blue) metallics (moss green, aubergine, silver, grey) and monochromes (black and whites) represented in glass, resin and ceramic. The current seasonal range takes classical, baroque and romantic designs, and reinterprets them. Old motifs like butterflies and cameos are reborn with a striking element of cool. Antlers morph into bowls and flying ribbons into candelabra. Also in the quirky mix are one-off pieces handcrafted by Hans, (such as a dissected lamp stand emerging from the wall like something from a Magritte painting) and a selection of cards and posters from Amsterdam including iconic works from Dutch national treasures Dick Bruna (Miffy) and Mondriaan. Neighboured by Market Imports and Sanders and King in Morey Street, House of Orange is next to Armadale Station, behind the Kings Arcade. Visit Hans and Ursula and experience for yourself the difference of Dutch design. See advertisement on page 10. Own the First Map of Australia, the Duyfken Chart Size: 565x510. In colour $46, Laminated $60,Two maps: $82 All prices postage included Send a cheque and your details to Henry Van Zanden PO Box 49N Campbelltown North NSW 2560 Antique Clocks Buying, Selling & Restoration of Antique Clocks & Barometers by a qualified clockmaker. 220 Stirling Hwy, Claremont 6010 ph: See our website:

24 Volkszangdag Delft Jeanne Bouwmeester Months before the actual Volkszangdag Mr. Van Hauwe visited the schools regularly and practiced with the students and ordered them to learn the words of the songs. On the day the students had to gather at school and walk to the Markt in rows of two. Hoog op de gele wagen, Boven Gent rijst and the song De Zilvervloot are only a few of the songs that everyone, who ever participated, will remember. The canons were an all time favorite. Pierre van Hauwe was a very strict conductor. Open your mouth wider is one of the fraises he still used at this 2007 Volkszangdag. The 87 year old conductor reckoned he is still the same as he was all those years ago. Only a bit greyer, but still as strict as ever, Van Hauwe joked After 38 years Delft had its Volkszangdag (Folk singing day) again. Volkszangdag was a yearly happening for the children in group 7 and 8 (at the time it was called the 5 th and 6 th grade). It started in 1923 and the last one was in Pierre van Hauwe, and before him Mister Bak, were the conductors of this event. bake your own Poffertjes YUM!!! Poffertjespan with recipe AU$39 Australian Made ring Maria Bast on POFFERTJESPAN MAKERS 28 The Wridgeway, MT. EVELYN 3796 About 3,000 old volkszangdag-singers gathered at the sunny Markt to indulge in this nostalgic concert. The youngest participant was 50 and the oldest 93. Jeanne Bouwmeester had this idea of doing a small retake of the Volkszangdag and asked on her website www. if people would be interested. Mr. Van Hauwe was approached and liked the idea and many people followed. Jeanne was a bit overwhelmed on Saturday the 25 th of August when the Markt filled rapidly with the participants and onlookers. The participants had to gather at the Beestenmarkt and walk - behind their old school sign the short distance to the Markt. With the never changing décor of the Nieuwe Kerk at the back and the Stadhuis in front every old Delftenaar (or Delvenaar as they like to call themselves) who travelled to Delft for this occasion felt homesick. Only one person could not be found on the Markt: the mayor of Delft didn t consider this event worthwhile, although the media from all over the country was present and old Delvenaren throughout the world tuned in Stadsradio Delft ( to be part of this nostalgic happening. Jeanne is considering turning it into a yearly event. photos by: Jeanne Bouwmeester, Martha van Loenen and Gerard van den Bergh

25 HAT TOURS FOR CYCLE HOLIDAYS IN HOLLAND Cycling is fun! For 18 years now the Dutch tour operator HAT Tours in Purmerend organises cycling holidays in Holland and abroad. The best way to get to know a country or region is by bike. Pleasure and relaxation always come first when you travel with HAT Tours! Guided Cycling & Sailing Holidays in Holland Stay: During each Bike & Barge holiday you ll be staying and eating aboard a cosy sailing hotel barge. This ship travels with you from port to port and will transport your luggage, meaning you ll have a light cycle tour! All ships are provided with double cabins that have private facilities. Furthermore you ll find an attractive dining & recreation room, sundeck and - on some ships - a separate bar. If you re not in the mood for cycling please stay aboard on the sundeck and enjoy the landscape floating by! Fellow travellers: during these small-scale tours you ll be with fellow travellers of all ages. The cycling speed will always be easy going as not everybody is in the same physical shape. You may get to know Italians, French, Americans, English and Germans, but also South-Africans and residents from New Zealand. Everybody has a common wish though to experience a relaxed and somewhat active holiday. Daily activities: The daily cycling trips (average app. 45 km) are fit for anyone that knows how to cycle. This means you are leisurely pedalling from app. 7am to 4pm. Usually there is enough time to take a break and do some sightseeing along the route. After all: It s your holiday! Full board: Each day starts with a large biker s breakfast. You prepare your own packed lunch (bread, fruit and drink) at breakfast. When you have freshened up after your cycle trip, you may enjoy a good 3-course dinner. Bicycles: For all cycling holidays in the Netherlands we supply fine bikes of good quality. They are provided with hand brakes, at least 7-speed gears and a saddle bag. In France bikes with 21- speed gears are used. Tour guidance: All Bike & Barge Holidays will be accompanied by an enthusiastic and multilingual (English, German and Dutch minimum) tour leader. He/she guides you along the fixed itineraries, informs you and will invite you for some interesting city walks. Crew: The crew of the ship will ensure that your stay aboard is as pleasant as possible. The captain is responsible for the safe transportation of the passengers and their luggage. The chef and his assistant take care of your meals. The crew will be there for your questions and help. See advertisement elsewhere in this issue of Holland Focus! LEKKERE ROOKWORST Made to a Traditional Dutch recipe, by Götzinger Smallgoods owner, Antony van der Drift fijne vleeswaren Available from all good Delicatessens, IGA stores (Qld, NSW, Vic), or call for your nearest store available direct from the factory Delicatessen at 126 Lahrs Rd. Yatala, QLD GÖTZINGER SMALLGOODS P.O. Box 6136 YATALA DC QLD 4207 Ph: +61 (0) Fax: +61 (0)

26 TaalsTaaltje door Frans Hertoghs STUUR MEER GELD ASB Ik zal het maar meteen bekennen: ik ben geen echte rugby-fan. Ik weet het, ik hoor ook de favoriete sporten hier min of meer te volgen, zodat ik met de buren mee kan praten. En dan hoort voor een oude voetbalminnaar rugby nog wel tot de pruimbaardere sporten. Ik kan daar overigens nooit naar kijken zonder dat ik moet denken aan het oer-hollandse hardrijden op de schaats, korfbal en kaatsen. Al jaren levert Nederland daar Europese en Wereldkampioenen aan de lopende band. Min of meer bij gebrek aan concurrentie. Want onze speciale vorm van schaatsen blijkt elk jaar weer opnieuw een Nederlands onderonsje, waarbij we bij gebrek aan tegenstanders keer op keer met medailles beladen terugkeren. Wat zijn we toch goed, he. Met rugby is het al niet veel anders. Deze typisch Engelse kostschoolsport is internationaal gezien min of meer beperkt gebleven tot de landen van het oude Engelse Imperium. Plus een paar landen Frankrijk en Argentinië, waar rugby duidelijk een minderheidssport is. Dus gooit Nieuw-Zeeland, waar rugby wél de nationale sport nummer een is, hoge ogen bij de wereldkampioenschappen. Maar het Gemenebest bestaat vooral op papier en rugby kachelt langzaamaan ook op wereldniveau achteruit. Zodat wereldtop-landen als jawel Nieuw-Zeeland, Australië en zelfs Zuid-Afrika een zuidelijk-halfrond-competitie moeten spelen bij gebrek aan tegenstanders van formaat. Maar goed, dit stukje gaat gelukkig niet over rugby maar over taal. Op TV een verslag van een rugbywedstrijd van een Zuid-Afrikaanse tegen een Nieuw-Zeelandse ploeg. Met een half oog volgde ik het kluwen kreeftsgewijs over het veld voort-struikelende spelers. Het leek wel een veelpotige spin, waaruit af en toe de ovale bal als een glibberig ei te voorschijn schoot. Toen schakelde de camera even naar de toeschouwers. Spandoeken gaven de tribune het aanzicht van een slordige waslijn en automatisch las ik de verschillende opschriften. En zo zag ik met een glimlach het halve laken dat twee enthousiaste donkere meisjes de camera voorhielden: MAM, STUUR MEER GELD ASB, ELISA. Ook handig, dacht ik, zo kun je nog eens gratis telefoneren. Als je weet dat mam thuis ook zit te kijken heb je voor een oud stuk laken en een kwart spuitbus een noodkreet geslaakt waar ze niet omheen kan. En ineens, als een bliksemflits, realiseerde ik me, dat dit de allereerste keer was, dat ik geschreven Nederlands op de TV te zien kreeg. Een paar seconden stond de mededeling schermgroot in honderdduizend huiskamers, verlevendigd door de brede armzwaaien van de twee aardige meisjes die er overigens volstrekt niet uitzagen of ze honger hadden. Voor Engelstaligen bevatte dat spandoek onzinwoorden. Als er nu gestaan had: MAM, ZEND MEER PENNINGEN, dan hadden een superintelligente Engelstalige misschien nog wel kunnen opmaken wat er stond, maar toevallig zijn dit keer de Nederlandse woorden totaal anders dan de Engelse. En nu zag ik ook pas, dat er niet stond a.u.b. maar asb. En ik herinnerde me ineens dat alstublieft in het Afrikaans wordt uitgesproken en geschreven als asseblief. En zo was de internationale verbinding compleet. Juist door deze vreemde afkorting kwam ik erachter dat het eigenlijk iets buitengewoon vreemds was, wat ik op het scherm te zien kreeg. Het ging hier namelijk om Afrikaans Nederlands, een tak van het Nederlands die behalve de woorden Boer en baas aan de wereld het vreselijke woord apartheid heeft nagelaten. Wat ik op het scherm zag was dus geen Nederlands van Nederlanders. Het was de nauwelijks getolereerde en altijd verdrukte taal van een bijna even verre uithoek van het Britse Imperium. Het Britse Commonwealth, dat de wereld nog steeds verdeelt in Engelse en barbaarse gebieden, zij het dan voornamelijk nog op het gebied van de sport. Zuid- Afrika, een Nederlandstalig gebied dat pas een eeuw geleden slachtoffer werd van Britse land- en geld honger. En het deed me goed om te zien, dat het Nederlands daar in Zuid-Afrika ondanks de Britse overheersing nog steeds springlevend is. Ook bij zwarte mensen. Maar het grappigste komt nog. De verslaggever las de tekst even voor. Mam, stuur meer geld alstublieft, zei hij letterlijk, en hij vertaalde het voor zijn luisteraars: please send more money, mum. En toen realiseerde ik me pas, hoe ongelooflijk deze taalsituatie was. Immers, de verslaggever sprak zonder enige twijfel ook Nederlands. Hij kon niet alleen de tekst lezen en begrijpen, maar zelfs correct uitspreken. Op een manier die de Nederlandse afkomst verraadde. En sterker nog, de regisseur, die uit de verschillende camerabeelden die scènes kiest die aan het publiek vertoond worden, had dat spandoek uitgekozen, omdat ook hij wist wat erop stond en zich realiseerde hoe leuk dat eigenlijk was. En zo gaven we elkaar allemaal een zuiver Nederlands knipoogje, in de marge van een verslag van het zieltogende rugby. Een donkere moeder in een huiskamer ergens in Zuid-Afrika, haar dochter op de uitzinnige tribune, de vertederde regisseur die zich temidden vervolg pagina

Feeling right at home

Feeling right at home colofon from the editors Double Dutch is the magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV). It is published 3 times a year. Editors Renske ten Bosch Hanneke Peters

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The heritage of World War II in the Netherlands

The heritage of World War II in the Netherlands The heritage of World War II in the Netherlands The development of new criteria to value the traces of World War II in the Netherlands L. Elemans (s1187759) Figure 1: The ladder, symbol for comfort and

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Christiaan Huijg Managing Director Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam

Christiaan Huijg Managing Director Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam January 0 WTC News Ambities voor 0 Voorop Voor 0 koesteren we verschillende ambities. Buiten kijf staat dat we voorop willen blijven lopen als internationaal zakencentrum, met onze bereikbaarheid, voorzieningen

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The Power of the Object

The Power of the Object The Power of the Object How do museums deal with contested historical issues? How do you exhibit causes, effects and concepts by means of objects? These are just two of the key issues facing contemporary

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering News LustrumThor Quadcopters ElektroGoesDownUnder Maart 2013 21 GEZOCHT: HORIZONVERBREDERS M/V Met enkele jaren werkervaring al doorgroeien naar manager Lars Huizinga,

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By Team Mental: Heitzer, F Rust, R.M Saadun, A Tomassen, C.M.M

By Team Mental: Heitzer, F Rust, R.M Saadun, A Tomassen, C.M.M By Team Mental: Heitzer, F Rust, R.M Saadun, A Tomassen, C.M.M Table of contents Contents Introduction:... 2 Abstract... 3 1 Defining problem and approach... 3 1.1 Problem... 3 1.2 First approach... 4

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Antirookvaccin werkt niet. 8-9 Fiji Onderzoek: Zumbalessen op Fiji tegen obesitas. 5 Ukraine UCM graduate talks about life in Kyiv

Antirookvaccin werkt niet. 8-9 Fiji Onderzoek: Zumbalessen op Fiji tegen obesitas. 5 Ukraine UCM graduate talks about life in Kyiv 3 KNAW Wetenschap is veel meer dan een kostenpost 8-9 Fiji Onderzoek: Zumbalessen op Fiji tegen obesitas 5 Ukraine UCM graduate talks about life in Kyiv In verband met Hemelvaart verschijnt er volgende

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Visual Marketing. Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Visual Marketing. Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Amsterdam Fashion Institute CAPITA SELECTA MERKANALYSE Visual Marketing Blok 5 Fashionketens 2003-2004 Amsterdam Fashion Institute Samengesteld door René van de Velde Hogeschool van Amsterdam Amsterdam Fashion Institute Mauritskade

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De Waterheuvel YEARS. De Waterheuvel. eenmalig jubileummagazine. a once-only jubilee magazine

De Waterheuvel YEARS. De Waterheuvel. eenmalig jubileummagazine. a once-only jubilee magazine De Waterheuvel eenmalig jubileummagazine YEARS De Waterheuvel a once-only jubilee magazine 1 INHOUD Voorwoord Voor veel mensen is het inmiddels een begrip in de Amsterdamse binnenstad: De Waterheuvel.

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ROULAR spapers I Free Press I Radio I Television I Internet sites and digital mag A MEDIA GROUP zines on P agazines I New a n M m o t u C e l i I p

ROULAR spapers I Free Press I Radio I Television I Internet sites and digital mag A MEDIA GROUP zines on P agazines I New a n M m o t u C e l i I p Magazines I Newspapers I Free Press I Radio I Television I Internet sites and digital magazines on PC, tablet and mobile phone I Services I Printing I Seminars I Events I Surveys I Research I Books I Custom

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Sustainable Procurement. A Thematic Review on Sustainable Procurement in Higher Education

Sustainable Procurement. A Thematic Review on Sustainable Procurement in Higher Education Sustainable Procurement A Thematic Review on Sustainable Procurement in Higher Education Sustainable Procurement A Thematic Review on Sustainable Procurement in Higher Education Editors Jorien Helmink

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De overheid als keuze architect?

De overheid als keuze architect? De overheid als keuze architect? Prof.dr. I.D. de Beaufort Prof.dr. M.A. Hajer Prof.dr. M.V.B.P.M. van Hees Dr. A. Klink Prof.dr. H.M. Prast Prof. R.H. Thaler lecture 2009 De overheid als keuzearchitect

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MAGAZINE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK MAGAZINE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK IN DIT NUMMER O.A.: Favorite Gems of Visual Basic 2008 < Using DotNetNuke to Build Groupware Applications < Vormgeven aan Virtueel Samenwerken < Tag Clouds: Usability

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Colofon. Redactioneel

Colofon. Redactioneel Colofon Redactioneel ECONOMETRISTEN IN ACTIE is een uitgave van de ALUMNIVERENIGING ECONOMETRIE AAN DE VU AMSTERDAM Opgericht: 15 april 1997 Correspondentie adres: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam t.a.v. Alumnivereniging

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Energie-efficiënt bouwen onder Europese vlag

Energie-efficiënt bouwen onder Europese vlag Energie-efficiënt bouwen onder Europese vlag SESAC demonstratieproject in Delft Energy-efficient building under the flag of Europe SESAC demonstration project in Delft Energie-efficiënt bouwen onder Europese

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The Making of... the city marketing of Amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam

The Making of... the city marketing of Amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam The Making of... the city marketing of Amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam I amsterdam Het ontstaan van de city marketing van Amsterdam 1 Inhoudsopgave contents Voorwoord Foreword

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MAGAZINE. IN DIT NUMMER O.A.: MAGAZINE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK ISSN: 2211-6486 IN DIT NUMMER O.A.: Remote debugging naar een Azure VM < Decrease dataflows between systems with CDC < SQL Server In-Memory OLTP < SCRUM is meer dan

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MAGAZINE. Year 1, No 1, april 2015

MAGAZINE. Year 1, No 1, april 2015 Year 1, No 1, april 2015 MAGAZINE Gouden driehoek helpt cybersecurity vooruit Digitale domein beperking én kans voor de nationale economie Cybersecurity hoort thuis in elke boardroom Meer internetveiligheid

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UM op eerste plaats in Keuzegids Masters. NUM wants to work together with the Executive Board

UM op eerste plaats in Keuzegids Masters. NUM wants to work together with the Executive Board 3 THE UM is een van de snelst stijgende jonge universiteiten 3-6 Labradors UM had niet moeten zwichten voor dieractivisten 6 Opinion The NUM ideologues are only interested in one voice: their own 7 Refugees

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LIGHT HOUSE. / solution partner of the Intelligent Lighting Institute at TU/e

LIGHT HOUSE. / solution partner of the Intelligent Lighting Institute at TU/e Vision and roadmap urban lighting Eindhoven 2030 Research Results July 2012 Produced by LightHouse for and in partnership with the city of Eindhoven as part of the Interreg IVC PLUS project

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Motivating flexible charging behavior of electric vehicles at office car parks

Motivating flexible charging behavior of electric vehicles at office car parks Motivating flexible charging behavior of electric vehicles at office car parks Name: B.R. (Brent) Bodenhorst Meyer Study: Business Information Management Student number: 334473 Coach: Prof. Wolfgang Ketter

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PerSonal HealtH records in dutch HoSPitalS; is the HyPe already over?

PerSonal HealtH records in dutch HoSPitalS; is the HyPe already over? MaSter thesis PerSonal HealtH records in dutch HoSPitalS; is the HyPe already over? D.F. Dubbink s0082414 november - 2013 MaSter thesis PerSonal HealtH records in dutch HoSPitalS; is the HyPe already

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Vitality & Tourism Management Journal Nr.1 2014

Vitality & Tourism Management Journal Nr.1 2014 Vitality & Tourism Management Journal Nr.1 2014 Credits This feature report was published by the Research Centre for Coastal Tourism & Scaldis Academy. Copyright 2014, Research Centre for Coastal Tourism

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Stepping Stones 3 vwo. Stonesvertalingen

Stepping Stones 3 vwo. Stonesvertalingen Stepping Stones 3 vwo Stonesvertalingen Vierde editie Noordhoff Uitgevers, Groningen auteurs Nynke Bottinga Johan Cranen Marijke van Dijk Carolyn van Koperen-Fredrikz Nathalie Meeuwsen Joyce de Ruiter

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Improving customer satisfaction in infrastructure outsourcing

Improving customer satisfaction in infrastructure outsourcing Improving customer satisfaction in infrastructure outsourcing Influencing the different handshakes to increase customer satisfaction This is the Master thesis Part-time MSc General Management of Authors:

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University College Venlo to start in 2014. Toekomst bacheloronderwijs verdeelt rechtenfaculteit

University College Venlo to start in 2014. Toekomst bacheloronderwijs verdeelt rechtenfaculteit 2 Vastbesloten Eindelijke eerstejaars geneeskunde. De weg van Kenny Staaks 3 Televisie Tros Radar interviewde UM-psychologen over gezond eten 4 Alstublieft Johanna Wagner about the Dear Dutch Language

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An Kun PRETTY, BOURGEOIS FRIENDS & MORE An Kun PRETTY, BOURGEOIS FRIENDS & MORE Schilderijen / Paintings / 油 画 2010-2014 COVER: AN KUN My Pretty Bourgeois Friend Na 70 x 80 cm, 2011 1 2 An Kun PRETTY, BOURGEOIS FRIENDS & MORE Schilderijen /

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Selection of Research Data

Selection of Research Data Selection of Research Data Guidelines for appraising and selecting research data Heiko Tjalsma Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) Jeroen Rombouts 3TU.Datacentrum DANS Studies in Digital Archiving

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Selection of Research Data GUIDELINES FOR APPRAISING AND SELECTING RESEARCH DATA Selection of Research Data GUIDELINES FOR APPRAISING AND SELECTING RESEARCH DATA About this publication Selection of Research Data; Guidelines for appraising and selecting research data A report by DANS

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