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2 Table Of Contents Baby clinic... 7 Almost Walking... 8 Snow... 9 on operated on DIY Ouwehands zoo Birthday party of Marco and Tessel Nat. voorleesweek And again Veluws natuurcentrum Boom boom boom boom Miko loves bouncing Ginkelse heide On the road again And 2 more Play date Restore Happy happy joy joy Suggestion to my Tz friends Season of light Go see the dr Testing testing Even more wind Happy birthday Wind and beach Karibu nd stop st stop Wrapping up Wrapping up oops The new routine Records in stats What will be missed His favourite women Last news Just a quick update Dar es Salaam zoo Logistics revealed Uncertainty revisited We want more! Couch potato And another milestone Complaining Another milestone So happy together So you know page 2 / 273

3 We all went on safari Cause and effect The next place I live Row row row your boat An update, finally Lazy at the beach Busy bee Travel in Tanzania Firsts Conversation with a 2 year old Watoto pic Everybody needs a holiday Soooo tired Umeme narudi Safari Pangani and Amani Back Got no time to write I wanna play in the sand Same as yesterday and the day before yesterday No news again No news Phases missing... again Out of the frying pan Mikimono It's over, Hurray! How is he? Sick Explosions in Dar es Salaam Umeme revisited Hamna Umeme What do you see? I'm such a small guy and the truck is so big While you were listening to the news A swim, a friend and a nap Winds of change Scatology The Bean That's what friends are for Attracting wildlife to your garden More not so nice things Schuitje varen Second time around School The not so nice parts about living in the tropics Statistics Solum Christmas dinner Busy Quick quick Hot in Dar es Salaam Back home page 3 / 273

4 Snow in Amsterdam... Extra Extra Read All About It the waiting game is over... Tareks Ta(a)l(en)... On how life currently is and still Waiting: a little more elaborate... No news... Waiting... Bye Bye Belly Braai... Consumption... The world is my playground... Going down down down... All... people look alike... Uncertain no more...?... Freshi... Victory... Some facts... My technical wizkid... Selous Game Reserve... Fruit... Belgische regering... Transfer website to wordpress... Alternative Playground... Uncertainty... Newspaper articles... Ramadan... Easy Sunday... Rain... Red Snapper... Back in Dar... Radio silence explained... Banana flowering... Social departures... Internet connection... A productive Saturday... Koninginnendag in Dar... Kingday... Amani Forest Reserve... Tarek is sick... And so forth... Traffic... Stay or go... Bouwmeesters op bezoek... Bezoek Tanzania... Alan... Power/Internet cut... Tree down... Baobab... 5-day workshop... Kindergarten page 4 / 273

5 So it goes... How am I doing... A week alone... Mafia Island Tareks 1st birthday... Cultural event!... Scuba diving in Dar... Why tourists avoid Zimbabwe... Tarek opens screen door... Heating up... Jabs and monkeys... Vierde bezoek Willempje (en Fred)... Rumble in the Jungle... Teaching in Tanzania... Crow trap... Job... Plans and drought... Pangani... Consequences of rain on plants... Waning religion... Busy kid... Talking stats... Home alone... A swim but no nap... Saturday afternoon... Goat races... New job... Mid year resolutions... Tarek develops/mikocheni undevelops: bye power... Home 'alone' - and loving every minute... ha ha... Back to work... Funny how time flies Hello world - this is East Africa... Hey dude, where's my car?... Tarek sick... or is it something else?... Development cooperation?... What's going on... Home... Where am I?... To do list... Party time... Check the news page!... Have a nice weekend... Typical Tuesday morning... Meeting friends and going south... Single dad... Passion... Wilhelmus... (No) sleep and then Things can go fast... Uneventful Sunday page 5 / 273

6 South Africa Elections pt 2... South Africa Elections pt 1... Weekend!... Derde bezoek Willempje (en Janneke)... Umeme talk... Vrooommm... Tweede bezoek Willempje... Bezoek Otto en Merlijne... Eerste bezoek Willempje... Voor het eerst Afrika en tropen page 6 / 273

7 Baby clinic by maya - Wednesday, February 08, How very convenient, it was planned in such a way that right after Miko had been weighed, measured, tested and jabbed, Tarek could undergo the same procedure. Minus the jabs fortunately, he's terrified of them. I've not yet explained that in half a year he'll need one more vaccination. Now Miko is asleep and Tarek is poking his nose in bags he ahouldn't be looking in. Duty calls. Tarek waiting to see the nurse. page 7 / 273

8 Almost Walking by hein - Saturday, February 04, Since a few weeks Miko is really practicing her walking skills. Chairs are moving all over the living room. On some occasions, in between things, we even caught her standing all by herself for a few seconds. She started climbing the stepladder (keukentrapje). I can still remember Wessel telling me some years ago that you have to keep them immobile for as long as possible, just for convenience. Can you imagine that until about 6 months, they stay put, perhaps move from back to belly, but on the same location. page 8 / 273

9 Snow by hein - Friday, February 03, Fortunatly sleds were still available at the Blokker. Tarek is enthusiastic! But soon he wants to go home, too cold, which is kind of ok because I am getting cold as well. It is page 9 / 273

10 on operated on by maya - Sunday, January 29, Almost three years ago Tarek got a cudley elephant. It became Tareks favorite object, by far. No sleep or comfort without the "on". Since a while it shows wear and tear marks. Oma is a wonder doctor though. page 10 / 273

11 DIY by maya - Wednesday, January 25, I'm not sure yet if it was worth two (yes, 2) trips to Ikea but Tarek seems pleased. So does Miko, the chairs picured provide good walking practice assistance. page 11 / 273

12 Ouwehands zoo by hein - Tuesday, January 24, Grandparents treated us to a one year subscription to ouwehands. It is a 25 minute drive, but eorth it. I saw my first live european wolve and learned that saddle billed storks are a lot bigger than they appear in flight. Lots of playing opportunities kitti, also inside. No healthy lunch available though. page 12 / 273

13 Birthday party of Marco and Tessel by hein - Sunday, January 22, page 13 / 273

14 Nat. voorleesweek by hein - Saturday, January 21, In de bibliotheek wordt "mama is kwijt" voorgelezen. page 14 / 273

15 And again... by maya - Wednesday, January 18, Miko has to go see the doctor. The ortho-optician, if I remember the name correctly. Her eyes had to be measured because in October her pupils didn't respond as they're supposed to. So far so good, one more check follows and then she can go home where Tarek, opa and oma are waiting ti take her to the zoo. But before that some more waiting time a.k.a. play time. page 15 / 273

16 Veluws natuurcentrum by hein - Tuesday, January 17, Again I was most fortunate with the weather. Miko thought it was a bit chilly. Tarek was very fond of the ice. page 16 / 273

17 Boom boom boom boom by miko - Saturday, January 14, Maya slipped walking down the stairs. As she was holding me, we both fell down. She managed to catch me right before I hit the ground. Now I have a bump on my head that matches with my dress. page 17 / 273

18 Miko loves bouncing by maya - Wednesday, January 11, I know the title of this post is hard to believe if you go by the photo below. I did not manage to upload a movie. Eleven o clock at night when the next morning is the start of a new job to complement the old one is not the right time to try out such new things. Just believe me, it's true. If you want to do Miko a favour, set her on a trampoline. page 18 / 273

19 Ginkelse heide by hein - Tuesday, January 10, Een fijn zonnetje maakt papadag een stuk aangenamer. page 19 / 273

20 On the road again by maya - Sunday, January 08, To Wassenaar to see new born baby Lizzy. Then to Den Haag to auntie Janneke and uncle Wouter. From there to the Archipelbuurt where we were paid visits by Marjan and Otto. This morning a walk to the playground where we managed to lose Miko's right shoe. Then to Amsterdam, to oma. Now we're lazing on the couch and trying to decide wether to go home and have an omelette or have oma's pannekoeken. Socially speaking, a very good weekend. Shame we all have a cold and work starts again tomorrow. page 20 / 273

21 And 2 more... by maya - Friday, January 06, This afternoon was my holiday. I finished the work I had planned to do and took a train to Utrecht where I spent a lovely afternoon with Sisi. Of course I couldn't resist going into a few more second hand shops. For less than 2 I bought 2 jigsaw puzzles. The dinosaur one is too hard still for Tarek. In order to know wether it's worth keeping we did have to make it to see if it is complete. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. page 21 / 273

22 Play date by maya - Wednesday, January 04, No school generally means holiday. With two active toddlers around and their dad trying to work as often as he can holiday for me means working much harder than on schooldays. Fortunately even in Ede there is family close by. Tarek played all morning with VerlaNorah while sleepy Miko occupied Northers' bed. Norther, being a teething 9 month old, would probably have preferred to use it himself but Miko slept for more than 2 hours. VerlaNorah also has lots of beautiful Schleich animals. page 22 / 273

23 Miko woke just in time for our departure. She liked the apple juice but ate hardly anything at all. And we got lucky because our cousins gave us our favourite bib, like the one we lost during our move from Dar to the Netherlands. page 23 / 273

24 Restore by maya - Tuesday, January 03, In a house where jigsaw puzzles have become an addiction and books are devoured (in Miko's case literally) it is good to have a second hand shop close by. The big one we went to today is called Restore, it's a project where people can get work experience through restoring old goods. The puzzles are always checked by them. What a cool job, making jigsaw puzzles. I can't write more, both kids are asleep. Gives me a chance to do Tarek's new puzzle. I was especially pleased to find two books from The Railway Series, in English even. page 24 / 273

25 Happy happy joy joy by maya - Monday, January 02, Arrived back home in Ede after a lovely visit to the grandparents. Getting out of the car we noticed that five o clock in the afternoon on New Years day in Ede there is more fireworks than at the start of the new year in Paterswolde. Even now, close to ten o clock at night there are continuous bangs. The kids don't care, fortunately. All Tarek seemed to care about the past 24 hours was oliebollen. The kid must have eaten more than a dozen of the things. page 25 / 273

26 Suggestion to my Tz friends by tarek - Saturday, December 31, If your parents decide to haul you halfway across the world to what they call 'the west' and you end up on some cold and windy part of the globe where you don't know anyone you should suggest to them to take you to......ikea, a great place to make new friends. page 26 / 273

27 Season of light by maya - Saturday, December 31, We're spending the last days and nights of 2011 in Paterswolde and were lucky enough to make it to the Hortus of Haren tonight. There was a Confucius Festival of Lights. The people working there spoke neither Dutch nor English which gave the whole display a very genuine feeling. Tarek liked the dinosaurs until they started roaring. Tarek took this photograph himself. page 27 / 273

28 Go see the dr by miko - Thursday, December 29, My parents were worried. Just like their parents and other family and whoever else felt allowed to express their opinion on the matter. Worried about my lungs and my perpetually snotty nose. Worried about my rasping breathing. Worried about the fact that I, since starting nursery past October, seem to always have a cold. So on the third day of Christmas they called the family doctor. But he was on a holiday and left no alternative doctors phone number on his answering machine. My parents dialled the Family Doctor Line and didn't get a response because it was not out of office hours. Then my parents dragged me and my brother to the north and managed to squeeze in an appointment with my grandparents' family doctor. And what did the doctor say? Nothing that I haven't been trying to make clear for the longest time: all these viral infections are part of going to nursery school. I used the close to one hour waiting time very well though, I took my first steps towards mama holding on to oma. page 28 / 273

29 Testing testing by maya - Tuesday, December 27, This is Maya trying out blogging through a phone. In case you are so ultimately bored you actually came and checked out our blog: Karibu tena. I have a new years resolution starting today, either a week early or 51 weeks late. Revive the blog. Hope you're enjoying your holiday season. We were fortunate enough to spend the past few days with our families. We unwrapped presents, sang Christmas carols and of cours we ate and ate and ate. Hein even managed to beat his dad at chess. page 29 / 273

30 Even more wind by hein - Tuesday, September 20, Tarek wil rennen. page 30 / 273

31 Happy birthday by hein - Sunday, September 11, happy birthday Maya page 31 / 273

32 Wind and beach by hein - Thursday, September 08, Our gipsy life continues in Noordwijk, where we are spending the entire month of September. Lovely house close to the beach. If only the weather were a little better. page 32 / 273

33 Karibu by maya - Monday, August 29, Welcome. Good to see you. Please forgive us, we realise we have been silent. This was always a blog about our life in Tanzania. We no longer live in Tanzania and are wondering what to do with this website. As we're also trying to find work and have two lively kids, the site slipped down somewhat on the priority list. Suggestions karibu. page 33 / 273

34 2nd stop by hein - Thursday, July 28, We are staying at the house of my parents in Groningen for almost a week now. There we are trying to figure out what is next while entertaining kids. Today actualy was a sunny day, after a week of rain. We went to the kinderboerderij (farm for children). Sunny kinderboerderij page 34 / 273

35 1st stop by hein - Sunday, July 10, First two weeks in the Netherlands we are lucky that we can house sit. Beautifull house with lots of toys for Tarek. Breakfast in Amsterdam page 35 / 273

36 Wrapping up 2 by hein - Wednesday, July 06, Today the movers from AGS came to pack our stuff. They needed 4 hours to pack and weigh 1187 kg at about 5 m3. Afterwards we cleaned the house. At 18:00 we were in our comfortable hotel room. Time for a nice cold beer! Packers at work page 36 / 273

37 Wrapping up by maya - Tuesday, July 05, In the past 2 weeks lots of people that work on the compound came to us to borrow money. Borrowing money is not unheard of but so many people was a bit odd. They all know we're leaving, we said. They're hoping we'll forget, we said. One by one, each and every person is now coming to prove us wrong. Someone told me that we're good people, we help them when they're in need. Other wazungu say (and we have felt like saying that too): 'I'm not a bank'. All the stuff that hasn't been sold or promised away and we don't want to leave for the landlord has to go. We asked our ornithological friends to pick up the crow trap but they didn't make it. As Mr Protasi, the old askari, built it for us, we gave it to him as a chicken shed. Along with an envelope. Today I gave some other people an envelope. I have to admit that wasn't my idea as envelopes make rather impersonal gifts. Hein insisted and I'm happy he did. Two people told me that envelopes are the kind of gift that really help and that makes people feel we really thought of them. Mama Eliza was almost moved to tears. Which in turn almost moved me to tears. I quickly ran inside to prepare someone else an envelope. page 37 / 273

38 oops by maya - Monday, July 04, Busy dismantling and packing. No ornament left hanging. Every nook and hidden corner filled with boxes. This side movers, this part plane, that stuff stays here. All that remains are the things we use every day. The old laptop we used at home belongs to Hein's soon to be former employer so it has been taken back to the office. Fortunately we have another laptop, a Mac much loved by Hein. Unfortunately it doesn't have a slot for the memory card of the camera. This probably means no uploading of photographs until we're back in Amsterdam. Brace yourself for the visually boring blog... (Now I'll go back to wandering through the house seeing if there's anything left to sort out) page 38 / 273

39 The new routine by maya - Friday, July 01, On weekdays Hein and I try to get going before the kids are awake because both of them require intense attention once they're well and truly awake. Some days it works better than others. On a good day Tarek sleeps until 7 after which he reads books and Miko may not notice us sneaking past her bedroom to go take a shower. More common is Tarek roaming around the house at 6:30 shouting 'Maya Maya, Miko Is Wakker' (no wonder if yr shouting like that kiddo) and Miko realising there is stuff going on the house and she wants to take part in the party. Recently however, Tarek discovered he can climb into Miko's bed and talk with her. She will say something like 'Papapapa' and he will respond by saying the exact same thing with the exact same intonation. Everybody happy. This morning Tarek started his roaming, saw me walk towards him and said: 'No Maya, I don't want you!' after which he walked into Miko's bedroom and we didn't see him again until Hein made the photograph below. Lets hope this is really the new routine. page 39 / 273

40 Records in stats by hein - Friday, July 01, At least our website ensures a nice departure of Tanzania. In the last month all records were broken with: hits from 3421 unique visitors from >30 countries, downloading >1 Gb. Daily visits in June 2011 page 40 / 273

41 What will be missed by maya - Wednesday, June 29, Rereading the blog I have noticed I there are a few things I keep complaining about. Traffic, power and the internet connection. The car used to be a big sore but since we found a real good fundi that has passed. It's clear that certain things will not be missed at all when we leave. There are a lot of things that will be missed though. Call me crazy but I could eat wali maharage (rice and beans) every day. And I did for a long period. It can come with so many different green leafy vegetables that all translate to 'spinach'. There is sweet potato leave, there is kisamvu (cassava leaf), there is sukuma wiki (lit: push the week, a vegetable that grows so fast that a week or 2 after planting you can eat it already) and then there is the true Tanzanian spinach: mchicha. Today the mchicha was so fresh and good I must have eaten a bunch and a half. This leaves little for Tarek, Leonarda and Cecilia but Tarek has the Tanzanian habit of eating hardly any vegetables at all so I don't think they'll mind too much. page 41 / 273

42 page 42 / 273

43 His favourite women by maya - Tuesday, June 28, Very occasionally Tarek will say 'I don't want to go to school' in the morning. Every time I pick him up from school he will refuse to go home though. It normally takes a few minutes of coercing and many times the only way to get him to leave is to haul up his 13 kg's and simply put him in the car. Currently it's not normal school, it's summer school he's attending. Some of his favourite teachers are not there or only coming in occasionally. These favourite teachers are all Indian women. They have been replaced by other Indian women. And girls. Two weeks ago while trying to get him to come home an Indian girl walked in with her dad for registration at the summer school. Tarek immediately asked who she was. Something he doesn't do with little boys or little girls of non Indian descent. The latest thing is that when I pick Tarek up from school I'll find all his classmates around a table discussing the very hungry caterpillar and snacking on pieces of apple while I find Tarek separate from the group reading a book with a pretty Indian lady. page 43 / 273

44 Last news by hein - Saturday, June 25, We probably received the last fat enveloppe in Tanzania. Ever since we moved to Tanzania, my mother has been providing a careful selection of articles from the Dutch newspapers NRC and Volkskrant. Traditionally the articles have been on science, books, Dutch events, development and my favourite chess. Now also pictures for Tarek are included. Despite the fact that the content of the envelope was sometimes a month old, it was a very reliable news source, especially if combined with an Economist. We do hope that she will continue this activity even if we return to the Netherlands. Last envelope of newspaper articles page 44 / 273

45 Just a quick update by maya - Thursday, June 23, You may wonder why it's been so silent as of late. It may have something to do with the move. Except the move doesn't keep us very busy. With the car sold, moving company chosen and most of our things sorted out already, there is not that much to organise. Or so it seems. A week and half from now we'll probably be super busy and wondering why we didn't do half the things before but in proper Denglish: who then lives who then cares. What's keeping me busy is Tarek's schedule. Since a few weeks there is no longer a driver to take him to and from school. That means I spend an hour early morning driving him there. After that I sometimes manage to get some shopping done and/or go to the gym and then quickly drink a cup of coffee before I pick Tarek up again. Another hour, or longer, gone. It's gotten to the point where I recognize motor cyclist, bajajes and daladala's. After getting wildly irritated with traffic and the stupid drivers in it a few weeks ago my inner zen Buddhist took over and now I simply tell myself the amount of days left having to deal with the traffic. Hardly any! Or maybe it's the fact that so many schools have closed and traffic isn't as bad as it was a few weeks ago. page 45 / 273

46 Dar es Salaam zoo by maya - Sunday, June 19, How come we only visited the zoo now, when we're about to leave Tanzania? It was spacious. Most cages were much larger than the cages in the Amsterdam zoo. There was an amazing playground and we had a nice picnic in the shade. Surely it was the only time I ever visited a zoo where there was a wild monkey looking at the monkeys eating fruit inside the cage. Going back with the ferry everything went very smoothly. We were home at 14:15 [Hein requested I insert specific travel time: 1 hour and 15 minutes], 15 minutes later than Christel, Kristian, Hannah and Elmer. As they drove through Mbagala we now know that it's faster to go by road than by ferry. Picnic of couscous salad on freshly bought bread page 46 / 273

47 Logistics revealed by hein - Saturday, June 18, Now that we are leaving Tanzania we have to revive our planning and efficiency skills. Yesterday when looking at our to do list we gathered that we are well on schedule. The tickets are booked for the 8th of July, the packing list has been made, the movers have confirmed the 6th of July, most of our assets have been sold (including car!) or promised away, Maya found work for the two ladies that now work for us, and so on. The only rather important missing thing is work for us. There are a few maybes, but unemployment is the most concrete. Well, summer in the Netherlands and plenty of free time...not so bad at all. Look at my two little ones page 47 / 273

48 Uncertainty revisited by maya - Monday, June 13, We are not sure what our place of residence will be a month from now. We are sure that it will not be Tanzania. Meanwhile, life goes on. Tarek and his friend Trudi make paintings of the garden, the women hang the laundry and papa goes around taking photographs. Trudi and Tarek and watercolours page 48 / 273

49 Maya and Miko at work page 49 / 273

50 We want more! by miko - Saturday, June 11, That was yummy. What's for dessert? page 50 / 273

51 Couch potato by tarek - Tuesday, June 07, When Maya picked me up from school today I took a long time to fall asleep. Normally I'm asleep by the time we reach the US embassy. Today I was still awake when we passed Shoppers Plaza. Maya even drove up to the pizzeria and then home to try to knock me out. When we got home I was asleep, but not so deep that I couldn't tell her I did not want to sleep in my bed. So she got my cuddly elephant and allowed both of us to lie down on the couch. Which is where we still are. It's been more than an hour and a half now. Maya thought I wouldn't sleep long lying on the couch so she waited for me to have lunch. By now she's fed up with waiting and really hungry so I guess she'll go ahead and have lunch without me. I don't care. I'm comfy where I am. Who needs a bed when there's a couch? page 51 / 273

52 And another milestone by miko - Wednesday, June 01, Look at me! I can sit all by myself! page 52 / 273

53 Complaining by maya - Wednesday, May 25, Got incredibly stuck in traffic. So bad that after 500 meters/half hour I decided to turn back and use an alternative mode of transport. After I had loudly cursed all the people making the jam worse I still needed to let off more steam so I phoned Hein and complained some more. Then I took the bajaj to the gym and complained even more to someone in the changing room. Then I got on a cross trainer and converted my very bad mood to a really good work out. page 53 / 273

54 Another milestone by miko - Monday, May 23, Finally, 3 days after I celebrated my first half year on earth, my parents decided the time was right. I had a dinner made of broccoli and breast milk, with a little baby grade rice porridge added for consistency. And how did I like it? It was kinda weird really. Dad fed me broccoli. page 54 / 273

55 So happy together by miko - Sunday, May 22, My dad's back! My dad's back! Mum's happy cause she likes it much better when we're all together. She's also glad that both my brother and I are mostly healthy. And she really liked the fact that I am so much healthier now that I allowed her to sleep through the night. To celebrate the reunion dad and I wore matching outfits page 55 / 273

56 Today is just a regular Sunday. In the morning, after breakfast, we went to Mediterraneo. Even I went for a dip in the pool today. Afterwards they all got to eat pizza but I didn't get any. I tried but they wouldn't let me. Not sure what the big deal is. It's just a big bath. page 56 / 273

57 So you know by maya - Tuesday, May 17, I thought I'd give you a quick update on how things are. Tarek's on the mend but has not been good enough to go to school yet. I doubt he'll go tomorrow. Antibiotics done (he took them, only spat it out once out of 6 times). Now he has to take nose drops in order to prevent an ear infection. Miko still has 3 more days of antibiotics to go. Administering one set of nose drops will be done tomorrow, then we move on to saline nose spray. Her fever is finally subsiding but she's still occasionally pulling her ear from pain, can hardly breathe and thus hardly drink. And because she's covered in a rash, is exhausted, hungry and hoarse she looks and sounds pitiful. But, unsurprisingly, she still manages to smile a fair bit. And there is good news: yesterday the fridge fundi came and fixed the fridge. And we have power today. Soon I may even make it to a shop to start refilling our fridge. page 57 / 273

58 We all went on safari by maya - Sunday, May 15, Did you do know that safari is the word for 'journey' in Swahili? Some more explanation: 'We all went on safari' is a repetitive line in a book Tarek owns. We all went on safari when our Sunday'd just begun Tarek seemed a bit better, really sick kids: one We all went on safari, to the doctors, yes it's true. Antibiotics for Miko, amount of patients: two. We all went on safari. Well maybe not really 'we'. Hein left for Uganda so that left only three. Hein gone for close to a week. Both kids on antibiotics. Fridge still broken. Something amazing happened last night though. The power company came at ten in the evening (on a Saturday night mind you) without me having tried to bribe anyone. And they fixed the problem in no time. We have power in the whole house! That is, until the 18 hour black outs start. But to prepare for that we've bought close to 50 litres of diesel and have the same amount in the generator. If only the fridge fundi comes back and the kids get better and Hein would be here and there wouldn't be black outs or power surges everything would be just fine. page 58 / 273

59 Cause and effect by maya - Saturday, May 14, Hein travels to Uganda tomorrow so of course: Both the kids are sick, still. Fevers aren't making it up to 40 degrees but they are still getting close. The fridge broke down so we can't cool Tareks' antibiotics nor keep Mikos' milk frozen. When we turn on the pressure pump we have too much electricity in the house, turn off the pump and we have none. This inexplicable problem disappears when we turn on the generator (which, fortunately is working). This inexplicable problem will be fixed by the power company yesterday. I mean today. I mean within an hour. The kids being ill also means there is lots of sleeping. Miko is currently in Tareks room which is easier to cool. And she's super comfy, as you can see... Miko sleeping comfortably page 59 / 273

60 The next place I live... by maya - Thursday, May 12, be a place where a common cold doesn't turn into a bacterial infection of the tonsils causing up to 40 degree fevers in children...i hope that if the kids have high fevers and they need to be cooled, the power works so the ac can be turned on..., if needed, there ought to be the kind of blessed back up we have, like a generator, that doesn't require the visit of fundi to power the would be much appreciated if car dependency is lower than here so that I don't get stressed out if Hein needs the car when the kids are sick... I'd rather become friendly with nurses drinking coffee or tea and chatting than discussing fevers and antibiotics. page 60 / 273

61 Row row row your boat by maya - Wednesday, May 11, gently down the beach page 61 / 273

62 An update, finally by maya - Monday, May 09, Once the routine is gone it's hard to get back into it, obviously. So what are some of the things I've been silent about? On the 20th of April, Miko laughed out loud for the very first time. Not just a giggle but 10 minutes of Rolling On The Floor (ok, in the bath) Laughing. I realise this is a lousy photograph. Just use your imagination to picture Tarek splashing about in the bath and Miko bursting with laughter at the sight. So far we've had a weird rainy season with showers so local that you can spend 1.5 hours in traffic in the harshest of sunshine wondering why there's a jam. Then you reach a low point and drive 200 metres through water and continue your way in the harsh sunlight again. Extremely local and also very scattered in time. We had more than a week without rain and decided to reinstall the water recycling system. Of course it started raining like mad that very same day. With opa and oma gone back to the Netherlands, Tarek needed to readjust to the same old life. He didn't settle down easy. There were a few days of extreme naughtiness. Finding tables, walls and other surfaces covered with crayon kind of naughty. Seeing books fly through the room kind of naughty. Hitting me hard in the face with objects kind of naughty. Peeing where he knows it's hard to clean kind of naughty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we've had the lowest point (so low I had to have a 24 hour break from him) and things will be easier again. For a while it literally seemed like the president had become our neighbour. No power problems when rumour had it that the whole of Dar es Salaam had no power (All of Gaul uh Dar?) and the hum of generators could be heard everywhere. But the president moved away last week and a power surge cost us the blender and the amplifier. The amplifier I can probably fix if I can find the right fuse, the blender poses a bit more of a challenge. Of course we have power cuts just when Tarek is peeing all over the place and the guests have left and Hein comes back from a trip so there are piles of laundry to be done. This of course, is also the moment the generator decides to stop working. Yesterday the newspaper announced that there is to be hardly any power from the 19th until the 23rd (11 hour black outs) and no power at all from the 23rd until the 26th. The fundi is working on the generator now. I bought diesel last week and will be buying as much as I can this week. page 62 / 273

63 Lazy at the beach by hein - Monday, April 25, We celebrated Easter at the Lazy Lagoon together with grandparents. Miko had her first experience with the Indian Ocean which unsurprisingly she enjoyed very much. Miko studying wave action page 63 / 273

64 Busy bee by tarek - Friday, April 22, My opa and oma are here for a visit so we have no time to write. We visited the Ngorongoro Crater and are going on a beach trip tomorrow. In between (and during) the trips there is lots of playing with lego and reading of books to be done. Opa playing with lego and me reading a book page 64 / 273

65 Travel in Tanzania by maya - Wednesday, April 13, The title refers to the category I've posted this under and to what we'll be doing the coming 5 days. We're off to the Crater Highlands. Tomorrow we fly to Arusha where we will pick up Heins' parents. From there we drive to the town of Karatu. I hope to see one of the 13 remaining rhino in the Ngorongoro Crater on Friday. page 65 / 273

66 Firsts by maya - Tuesday, April 12, First proper picture of the 2 teeth Miko sprouted on the 1st of April. First time Tarek makes it from one end of the pool to the other - several times! page 66 / 273

67 Conversation with a 2 year old by maya - Friday, April 08, Wow Tarek, did you make that? It looks like a triangle. -It is a triangle. -Do you remember what a triangle is called in Kiswahili? -No. -Pembe tatu. -Pembe tatu? And what's it in het Nederlands? -Driehoek. page 67 / 273

68 Watoto pic by maya - Thursday, April 07, Exactly their mother! page 68 / 273

69 Everybody needs a holiday by maya - Tuesday, April 05, So I fully accept that there is a 2 week school holiday (why it cannot overlap with Easter is beyond me). After a week of entertaining Tarek though, I was ready for a break. So I send him to another school. He actually knew half the kids there and still he managed to wail incredibly loud as I dropped him off. Naturally he was a happy chappy by the time I picked him up. And he looked adorable. To school one day and there's a birthday party! Lucky Tarek gets his face painted and a balloon. page 69 / 273

70 Soooo tired by maya - Wednesday, March 30, Wondering why we've not been writing much? Well... Tarek has a school holiday so everyone is extra busy trying to keep him entertained; Miko is teething (yes really - I think it's way too early) so we don't sleep enough; I've offered to host the baby group, needed to bake cake for the mama's; Hein is busy with lots of odds and ends at work - and staring at his screen right now; We're organising two short trips for when Heins' parents come to visit in 2 weeks; Whenever we have a moment... we close our eyes and grab some of that good stuff. Miko drooling, Hein squeezing out some more minutes of shut eye page 70 / 273

71 Umeme narudi by hein - Sunday, March 27, Since our return from the Usambaras with Danielle 9 days ago, we did not have to run the generator. With one or two minor exceptions power has been pretty constant. Tanzania keeps surprising me. A lot of businesses filed for bankruptcy during the last two months because either generators were not available or too expensive to run. Like many African countries Tanzania heavily relies on hydro power. But when the rains fail and the rivers run dry, there is a problem. It is hard to know what happened. I heard the government managed to rent a huge generator for Dar es Salaam only. It also rained a bit recently. page 71 / 273

72 Safari Pangani and Amani by maya - Wednesday, March 23, Thinking updating would start on Sunday was a bit optimistic. Hein managed to upload some photos last night though! Click 'home to solum' on the right side of the page. There are 2 files on the 'Tanzania' page (in excursions 2011) and of course the 'Tarek and Miko' page has now been updated with some March 2011 photos of both the kids. One of my favourites is Miko on the swinging chair in Amani: She's getting more gorgeous by the day! I must admit that the photo of the three horned chameleon is also very cool: page 72 / 273

73 Three horned chameleon After spending 2 days on the beach at Pangani we drove up into the Amani Nature Reserve in the East Usambara Mountains (download map). The reserve has an extremely high biodiversity. We saw butterflies, Black and white Colobus monkeys, birds, birds, birds and, one night after the kids had gone to sleep, chameleons. The owner of the camping knew a chameleon spotter. He guided us through the forest and along the stream where we saw only two, one of the species being endemic. We had been forewarned that the end of the dry season is the worst time to see chameleons. Walking in the forest at night is great though, even if you don't see many chameleons. (Must admit that I'm not sure my sister would agree with that, but for the city girl she is she dealt with the discomforts that come with such camping very bravely.) Then we remembered we had 2 children who were sleeping in a tent way out of earshot. We walked back along the road and saw 5 more chameleons, one of them the guy you see pictured above! Now just a little bragging about my favourite 2 year old. As you may remember we often visit a hotel called Mediterraneo on Sunday. One day we met a Tanzanian-Austrian boy named Simon there who had a great way of catching crabs on the beach. He'd throw some seaweed on them to immobilise them. Then someone slowly pulled away the weed while someone else was ready to catch the crab in a bucket. Tarek was so excited that for weeks as soon as we put him in the car he'd ask if Simon was coming. Up in the rain forests of Amani there were some river crabs but no seaweed. On the field that we camped there were lots of butterflies though. I never thought of it but of course grass also needs fertilisation and it looked like a particular kind of butterfly was doing a very good job of that. I found Tarek standing in the grass holding a butterfly that he caught. I thought the butterfly must have been wounded before until I saw Tarek pull out some grass, run to another butterfly and throw the grass on top of it before it could fly away. He had another one. That's human ingenuity if ever I saw it. page 73 / 273

74 page 74 / 273

75 Back by maya - Saturday, March 19, And we had fun. We went to Pangani (beach) and Amani (rain forest). My sister will leave tonight. Maybe from tomorrow onwards there will be a little more activity here. See you then. page 75 / 273

76 Got no time to write by maya - Tuesday, March 08, My sister arrived yesterday morning. We're planning to go on a trip next week. Until then there is lots of playing with nephews ('Waar is Danielle?' is the first thing Tarek asks in the morning), driving through Dar and lazing on the veranda to be done. page 76 / 273

77 I wanna play in the sand.. by tarek - Saturday, March 05, and I don't care if it rains, I'll just build myself a tent. Or rather: I'll ask the gardener to build it for me. Alfonsi, Trudpert and I having fun with sand page 77 / 273

78 Same as yesterday and the day before yesterday by maya - Friday, March 04, First thing the doctor said when she last saw Miko: 'She's not fat is she?'. Just look at that gorgeous ribcage! Handmade cuddly cloth courtesy of Tineke. Isn't she precious? page 78 / 273

79 No news again by maya - Thursday, March 03, I just couldn't resist to show you what she was wearing today. This suit went from St John (thanks Tali!) to Amsterdam to Dar. Sorry, I forgot the camera so by the time I took the photo it was already dusk. page 79 / 273

80 page 80 / 273

81 Isn't she wonderful? page 81 / 273

82 No news... by maya - Wednesday, March 02, Just to make sure you don't drop in too often without finding an update... page 82 / 273

83 page 83 / 273

84 Isn't she lovely? page 84 / 273

85 Phases missing... again by maya - Sunday, February 27, I realise this piece of writing is hard to follow. Rereading it, I can hardly understand it myself. It's becoming hard to keep track of the black outs. I think we did not have power Friday during the day. So we expected not to have power last night. Except yesterday around midday the power went out. It did come back around the time it normally comes back on (sixish in the evening) but then it also went off again around the time it normally goes off (a little after six). We had a candle light dinner and thought everything in the fridge would last until the power returned around eleven at night. We decided to go to bed early and were sound asleep by the time the power came back on. This time the power came back on with fireworks, so it woke us. With my sleepy head and without glasses I noticed somewhere on the edge of the compound sparks were flying and there was the sound of a series of short cuts. After a while it almost dawned on me that things weren't quite right just yet. Even though we were now blissfully sleeping with a working fan it was just too dark around us. Worried about the fridge Hein went to check. Hamna umeme in most of the house. As the power had been off for so long Hein went to turn on the generator. This was around midnight and both of us were basically still asleep. With the generator we had power in most of the house but still no outside lights. Hein was the first to be awake enough to realise that the timer for the outside lights was no longer working and that we were having the good old phase problem. 2 Out of 3 phases were not working. We took out our long extension cord, connected the fridge to the socket by the bed, turned off the generator and went back to sleep. The next morning, walking to a taxi (still no car) we noticed a bunch of burned wires that had come loose from an electricity pole and were lying on the road. Since late afternoon we're back on 3 phases and it's now evening and we still have power. It's hard to keep track of the black outs. page 85 / 273

86 Out of the frying pan by maya - Thursday, February 24, into the waning heat of a Dar es Salaam street. I'd like to thank Leonarda and Cecilia for putting in more than their share of time to help me through this week. I'd like to thank Hein for moral and practical support. And of course I also want to thank many of you, readers, for your supportive s, facebook posts and concerned comments. And the most important figure to thank is... The Mole: Since all of you readers are most likely regulars (hoi Willempje!), I don't have to mention that the weekend was pretty bad. And though it's never fun if Hein goes off on work trips, this one was to be Monday to Friday only, Tarek was on the mend and the freezer was full of master chef Benedict's goodies, things should have worked out fine. Except when on Monday we (Tarek, Miko, Leonarda and I) came back from what was to be the first of 4 trips to the clinic there was a bad smell on the compound. Monday Remember the cockroach entry? Well, that story didn't end there. The fumigator had warned us more, and more thorough (as in whole compound) fumigation was needed as the infestation was particularly bad. So we suggested as much to the landlord who promptly responded by saying that 'fumigation would take place in due course, normally once a year, occasionally more than that depending on the news from the compound'. To me it sounded like a typical 'don't call us we'll call you' kind of answer. So we sent an which stated 'this mail contains news from the compound, please fumigate'. Little did we know what in due course meant. It meant: 'we don't care if there are 3 small children living on that compound and we don't care that in the past all tenants have shown concern about the chemical substance that is used for fumigation and we definitely don't care about what you think about anything at all'. The thing we smelled stepping out of the car was the work of the fumigators who were to spray the whole compound without any forewarning. Hein had already phoned Mr R, the man in the office we normally deal with (and who always seems sensible) but this was out of his hands. Then Hein tried to talk to Mr R's boss and he page 86 / 273

87 got into a fight. Then Mr R tried to talk to the boss and was told off. Then Niko, the uber askari, tried to talk to the boss and was told off. Out neighbour tried to talk to the boss and had a very unpleasant experience. Then I tried to talk to the boss and hung up on him to prevent myself from becoming impolite. It was time for evacuation. Back into the car we got, Tarek, Miko, Leonarda and I. We had lunch at Jackies, something I had promised Tarek a while ago. Unfortunately Tarek's fever came back while we were there. I phoned a friend who lives around the corner from there. Unfortunately she wasn't home. But that didn't matter. She phoned the lady that works there, told her to crank up the AC and within 5 minutes we were comfy in Mike, Mara and toddler Morgans' house. Mike was at work, Mara out to lunch and Morgan sound asleep. I breastfed Miko on the couch, Leonarda walked Tarek to sleep. Tarek, feverish as he was, slept for a few hours, which is normally unheard of in a strange house. Miko was her easy going self and I got to chat with Mara. Time flew. Morgan and Tarek, once they were both awake, enjoyed each others company. Before we knew it it was time for the dreaded injection after which we went home. Fortunately, Leonarda was spending the first night with us, that made it much easier to get everything done. Tuesday The next morning I got up to find Leonarda sweeping the floor?! Getting up around seven for her (she lives more than an hour away and starts at 7:30) is practically a lie in. The day past without anything outrageous happening. After Tarek's nap we drove back to Mara and Morgan so the two toddlers could play together again before the dreaded injection. Leonarda went home afterwards, which due to traffic took forever. While I fixed (=heated) dinner Tarek watched television (hence my gratefulness to the mole). After dinner I managed to put to sleep Miko before Tarek so it was no problem to do my required time with both watoto (mtoto = child, watoto = children). Tarek waiting for dinner Wednesday The final shot! In order to give Leonarda a break from the late homecomings Cecilia went with us. Yesterdays entry tells you all. All except... the fact that this night Miko refused to fall asleep before Tarek and Tarek refused to fall asleep without me by his side. This in effect meant that I had to sit on an uncomfortable chair holding a baby page 87 / 273

DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443

DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 Date: 10-1-2014 1 Table of Contents Introduction page 3 Context of Use Analysis page 4 Context

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Newsletter 98. Fantastic Voyage

Newsletter 98. Fantastic Voyage Newsletter 98 June 2015 BCN - SCHOOL FOR BEHAVIOURAL AND COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCES IN THIS ISSUE Interview with professor Tom Koole 2 Afterthoughts: Interactive double interview with Rimke Groenewold & Laura

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Dutch Community News

Dutch Community News Dutch Community News Dutch Society Perth Official Publication for the Dutch Community in Western Australia Dutch Aged Care ANSWA Dutch Community Radio Perth WA July/August 2013 Volume 45 Issue 6 BUNSCHOTEN-SPAKENBURG

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d.i.s. magazine A QUARTERLY PUBLICATION OF THE DUTCH INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY DECEMBER 2002 VOLUME 34, NO. 3 d.i.s. magazine A QUARTERLY PUBLICATION OF THE DUTCH INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY DECEMBER 2002 VOLUME 34, NO. 3 Contents DIS Flights... 3 The Sinterklaas Windmill... 4 Sinterklaas: A Great Dutch Tradition...

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Woord vooraf 5. 2 Zinnen 29 1 Hoe maak je een zin? 29 2 Hoe maak je een vraag? 30

Woord vooraf 5. 2 Zinnen 29 1 Hoe maak je een zin? 29 2 Hoe maak je een vraag? 30 Inhoud Inhoud Woord vooraf 5 Hoofdstuk 1 7 Grammatica A1. Wat zijn de regels? 1 Woorden 8 1 Mensen en dingen 8 2 Zijn, Hebben en dingen doen 11 3 Woorden voor personen 21 4 Mensen en dingen beschrijven

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Sampai jumpa from Djakarta Indonesia

Sampai jumpa from Djakarta Indonesia 2013, October Edition 13 Sampai jumpa from Djakarta Indonesia My name is Mark Kenny Williams Pranadjaja and on Saturday, 16 th March 2013, I arrived at Schiphol International airport all by myself. My

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DUTCHMAN S GOLD. Finding the lost nugget

DUTCHMAN S GOLD. Finding the lost nugget DUTCHMAN S GOLD Finding the lost nugget by RONALD E VLIETSTRA ( including an English translation of an account by Johannes Vlietstra first published in 1868 ) i Self published by Ronald E. Vlietstra This

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> An interview with Martha Merrow, Professor of Molecular and Genetic Chronobiology at the University of Groningen and leader

> An interview with Martha Merrow, Professor of Molecular and Genetic Chronobiology at the University of Groningen and leader Newsletter 83 September 2011 IN THIS ISSUE Head Office Matters 3 Interview with Knight 4 BCN Newsletter Master Column 7 Interview with David Vállez about Mendeley 8 Alumnus column 10 How to become a famous

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De Jonge Akademie, a new and a leaving member meet

De Jonge Akademie, a new and a leaving member meet 75 BCN - Graduate School for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences j u n e 2 0 0 9 Newsletter De Jonge Akademie, a new and a leaving member meet De Jonge Akademie (The Young Academy, DJA) was formed in

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 20 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen 2 uitwerkbijlagen.

Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 20 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen 2 uitwerkbijlagen. Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2011 2 tijdvak 2 maandag 20 juni 13.30-15.30 uur Engels CSE GL en TL Bij dit examen horen 2 uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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From service-oriented banking to experience-oriented banking: how to attract customers to the digital world

From service-oriented banking to experience-oriented banking: how to attract customers to the digital world THUISBANKJE. From service-oriented banking to experience-oriented banking: how to attract customers to the digital world 1 Final Master project report / R.L.L. Sabel / coached by J. Rouvroye & J.A. Lino

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 1 maandag 26 mei 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen.

Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 1 maandag 26 mei 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2008 tijdvak 1 maandag 26 mei 13.30-15.30 uur Engels CSE GL en TL Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007.

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007. AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 holland focus The final Bloemencorso in Aalsmeer A look behind the windows,

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In this issue. magazine. Count me in. a space station publication. The education of the excluded. the curriculum Lesmateriaal Edoekatie.

In this issue. magazine. Count me in. a space station publication. The education of the excluded. the curriculum Lesmateriaal Edoekatie. magazine a space station publication October 2013 In this issue Count me in the curriculum Lesmateriaal Edoekatie The education of the excluded Scenario s 1. Whatever else the new learners teach us, they

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gerrit rietveld academie

gerrit rietveld academie Note to our visitors Welcome to our archives. This website functions as the archive of designlab, featuring an overview of pro jects, documented and described by students. You can also find our assignments

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen.

Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2008 tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur Engels CSE GL en TL Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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The annual report magazine

The annual report magazine Roularta in 2013 Annual report 2013 4 5 The annual report magazine Roularta in 2013. That is, naturally, the subject of this annual report. Along with the numbers, we also wanted to show off the year 2013

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Examen VMBO-BB. Engels CSE BB. tijdvak 1 vrijdag 28 mei 9.00-10.30 uur. Bij dit examen hoort een uitwerkbijlage.

Examen VMBO-BB. Engels CSE BB. tijdvak 1 vrijdag 28 mei 9.00-10.30 uur. Bij dit examen hoort een uitwerkbijlage. Examen VMBO-BB 2010 tijdvak 1 vrijdag 28 mei 9.00-10.30 uur Engels CSE BB Bij dit examen hoort een uitwerkbijlage. Beantwoord alle vragen in de uitwerkbijlage. Dit examen bestaat uit 30 vragen. Voor dit

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Jouw persoonlijke Communicatie Stijl Profiel

Jouw persoonlijke Communicatie Stijl Profiel Jouw persoonlijke Communicatie Stijl Profiel Het meeste materiaal in dit document is in het Engels om zo dicht mogelijk bij het originele materiaal te blijven. Het neemt jou mee om eerst binnen enkele

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Solar Challenge Solar Team Eindhoven wins World Solar Challenge

Solar Challenge Solar Team Eindhoven wins World Solar Challenge Magazine of e.t.s.v. Thor and the department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology 24 December 2013 Solar Challenge Solar Team Eindhoven wins World Solar Challenge Internships

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Mededelingenblad nederlandse vereniging: van vrienden van de ceramiek PDF

Mededelingenblad nederlandse vereniging: van vrienden van de ceramiek PDF Mededelingenblad nederlandse vereniging: van vrienden van de ceramiek PDF ==>Download: Mededelingenblad nederlandse vereniging: van vrienden van de ceramiek PDF ebook Mededelingenblad nederlandse vereniging:

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The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913.

The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. Perth WA November 2010 Volume 42 Issue 9 The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. In 1945 it was badly damaged

Nadere informatie - Pim Fortuyn Forum Print Page Close Window - Pim Fortuyn Forum Print Page Close Window Page 1 of 68 Illuminati exposed! Print Page Close Window Printed from: Pim Fortuyn Forum Topic URL: Printed on: 15 Feb 2008 Topic: Topic author:

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Eindexamen Engels vmbo gl/tl 2005 - I

Eindexamen Engels vmbo gl/tl 2005 - I Let op: beantwoord een open vraag altijd in het Nederlands, behalve als het anders is aangegeven. Als je in het Engels antwoordt, levert dat 0 punten op. TEKST 1 1p 1 Je wilt naar een humoristische en

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The Rise and Fall of DDS

The Rise and Fall of DDS The Rise and Fall of DDS evaluating the ambitions of Amsterdam s Digital City ReindeR Rustema Doctoral Thesis in the Communication Science University of Amsterdam November 2001 Supervisors:

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2006

Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2006 Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2006 tijdvak 2 maandag 19 juni 13.30-15.30 uur ENGELS CSE GL EN TL Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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The Utrecht Based Service

The Utrecht Based Service The Utrecht Based Service Location-based services for retailers in Utrecht CREATE THE NEXT STEP Research Report - Location-based Services for Retailers in Utrecht Page 1 THE UTRECHT BASED SERVICE BY Esther

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The heritage of World War II in the Netherlands

The heritage of World War II in the Netherlands The heritage of World War II in the Netherlands The development of new criteria to value the traces of World War II in the Netherlands L. Elemans (s1187759) Figure 1: The ladder, symbol for comfort and

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