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2 Contents DIS Flights... 3 The Sinterklaas Windmill... 4 Sinterklaas: A Great Dutch Tradition... 7 B.V. Gestam Beter Nederlands News in Brief Amsterdam CS DIS Financial Statement His Royal Highness: Prince Claus Dutch Language School Opens in Minnesota Home Alone / Alleen Thuis WWII Dutch Immigrant Video Project 'n Fonnie Bisnis Upcoming Events VOLUME 34, NO. 3. DECEMBER, 2002 d.i.s. Magazine d.i.s. Published Quarterly PUBLISHED BY The Dutch International Society 5370 Eastern Ave., SE Grand Rapids, MI Tel. (616) (Toll Free) Office ALL CORRESPONDENCE REGARDING THE D.I.S. Magazine: For action by the Editor: Mr. Arend Vander Pols, 1742 Cambridge DR SE Grand Rapids, MI Visit us on the World Wide Web at For information on advertising & for membership dues and information: Dutch International Society, 5370 Eastern Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI Periodical postage paid at Grand Rapids, Michigan (USPS #103690) POSTMASTER: Send address changes to D.I.S. Magazine, c/o 5370 Eastern Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI Dues for the Dutch International Society are $10.00 per year. This includes the $5.00 annual subscription price of the D.I.S. Magazine. The Dutch Immigrant Society DIS Board Members (left to right): Rena Holst, Doug Vander Velde, Hendrika Rozema, Al Slendebroek (President), Lucas De Vries (Secretary), Martin Rustenburg (Treasurer), Henk Nuiver (Vicar). Please Note Our New DIS Website Thanks to Tim Hentenaar of Xodian.net for the free - and ad-free - hosting of our site! Opinions expressed in the articles appearing in the magazine are not to be construed as an endorsement by the Board of the D.I.S. Printed in the United States of America. Cover Drawing 'Loe Verlak' by D. Lam from the book 'n Fonnie Bisnis 2 d.i.s. Magazine

3 KLM/Northwest Round Trip Rates to Amsterdam for WINTER FARES: NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 12, 2002 & DECEMBER 26, MARCH 31, 2003 CHICAGO - AMSTERDAM R.T. $600.00(tax incl.) DETROIT - AMSTERDAM R.T. $643.00(tax incl.) GRAND RAPIDS - AMSTERDAM R.T. $670.00(tax incl.) SHOULDER SEASON FARE: APRIL 1 - MAY 27, 2003 & SEPTEMBER 6 - OCTOBER 31, 2003 CHICAGO - AMSTERDAM R.T. $835.00(tax incl.) DETROIT - AMSTERDAM R.T. $880.00(tax incl.) GRAND RAPIDS - AMSTERDAM R.T. $915.00(tax incl.) SUMMER FARE: MAY 28 - SEPTEMBER 5, 2003 CHICAGO - AMSTERDAM R.T. $ (tax incl.) WEEKEND SURCHARGE DETROIT - AMSTERDAM R.T. $ (tax incl.) (Fr.,Sat.,Sun.)$20.00 Each Direction GRAND RAPIDS - AMSTERDAM R.T. $ (tax incl.) CHILDREN S RATES: (age 2-11 yrs.) PAY 75% OF ADULT FARE (11 yrs or younger on day of departure). infant rates under 2 yrs of age on day of departure available upon request. SPECIAL VERY REASONABLE FARES ALSO AVAILABLE FROM: KALAMAZOO, LANSING, SAGINAW & TRAVERSE CITY MI., CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS & DAYTON OH., INDIANAPOLIS IN., MINNEAPOLIS, DENVER, MILWAUKEE, ST. LOUIS ETC. TOO MANY TO MENTION THEM ALL! CALL FOR INFORMATION. The date of departure will determine the fare you pay. If you leave on any date during the low season, you pay the low fare. If you leave on a date during the high season, you will pay high fare even if you return during the low fare season. FREE $ Flight Insurance. LIMITED SPACE - BOOK EARLY! REQUIREMENTS: MIN.STAY - 7 DAYS - MAX.STAY - 60 DAYS (3 day min.stay during winter season). Travel any day of the week. CANCELLATION: Once a ticket is issued (approx. 4 weeks before departure date) it is NON-REFUNDABLE, except in the event of the passenger s hospitalization or death, or that of an immediate family member or travel companion (this requires a statement from the doctor). If cancellation is for any other reason, the value of a ticket may be applied to the purchase of a new ticket at the same or higher value. WHEN YOU HAVE BOOKED YOUR FLIGHT WITH US AND A CHEAPER FARE BECOMES AVAILABLE WE WILL NOTIFY YOU. SPECIAL FARES TO OTHER EUROPEAN CITIES ALSO AVAILABLE. SPECIAL FARES AVAILABLE ON SINGAPORE AIRLINES FROM SEVERAL CITIES VIA CHICAGO TO AMSTERDAM. APPLICATION FORM FLIGHT PROGRAM Complete this form and return with $75.00 per person deposit to: DUTCH INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY EASTERN AVE., SE, GRAND RAPIDS, MI PHONE: (616) OR DEPARTURE: (City) RETURN FROM AMSTERDAM ON:_(date) TO AMSTERDAM ON: (date:) TO CITY: PRINT FULL NAME OF FLIGHT PARTICIPANT(S) DATE OF BIRTH FREQUENT FLYER NO. (if available) 1. Mr./Mrs./Ms. 2. Mr./Mrs./Ms. 3. Mr./Mrs./Ms. 4. Mr./Mrs./Ms. ADDRESS: Phone (Home): ( ) CITY, STATE, ZIP-CODE: Phone (Business): ( ) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: ALL TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHTS ARE NON SMOKING Book All Your Travel thru us and Support the DIS! December

4 The Sinterklaas Windmill By Janet Sjaarda Sheeres Grand Rapids, Michigan Wednesday, December 5, 1962 Maybe immigrating had been a mistake after all. Nothing had gone right from the start, Janneke Brinkman thought as she rode home on the city bus. Tired from her long hours at work and depressed by the dreariness of the city at this time of year, she thought back on how she had gotten to this point. Perhaps her parents had been right when they told her, America is not for you, Janneke. You belong in Holland with your family. But there was Willem. She loved Willem and could not think of living without him. And Willem wanted to go to America. When Willem talked about America, Janneke would get excited about it as well. A distant relative of his had immigrated to America years ago and Willem had written asking him to be his sponsor. In the Month of July Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriel ( ) When the old man had agreed, she and Willem had begun saving their money until they had enough for the trip and some to live on. And so in spite of her parents objections, she had married Willem and sailed off to America with him. Their honeymoon on the boat had not gone too well with both of them being seasick the entire time. But that was minor compared to their arrival in Michigan. The old relative they counted on helping them, had become ill and passed away shortly after their arrival. His son said he knew nothing about sponsoring anyone, and left them on their own. The pastor who conducted the funeral helped them find an apartment. A small, 4 d.i.s. Magazine

5 dingy apartment on the third floor of an old building on a seedy street with Casey s Pub on one end and some kind of sleazy establishment on the other. Willem had found a job in a factory and Janneke as a cleaning woman in the hospital downtown. It s only until we learn the language, Willem would encourage her. Once we speak English we can go on to better jobs. Even their combined meager incomes hardly stretched to cover the apartment rent, the car payment, the few pieces of furniture they had to buy, the household goods and the food. With winter coming Janneke knew both of them would need warmer clothes. Then there was the old clunker of a car they had bought. It seemed to take a lot of money. Just the other day, Willem had said it had needed repairs costing nearly fifty dollars. At that rate they would never get ahead, or out of their dingy living quarters. During the summer when the apartment had been stifling hot, Janneke had longed for the fresh breezes from the North Sea she was used to in the summer. By fall the weather had improved somewhat but then the leaves fell and Janneke would sit in the window overlooking the dreary street. The trees were bare and most of the leaves had been burned along the sidewalks. For weeks the stench and smoke of burning leaves had stung her eyes and burned in her throat. What a strange custom she thought. Why don t they just leave them to decompose? But more than leaves were smoldering that fall there was the Cuban Missile Crisis. It began in mid-october. By November the United States and Russia were squaring off face to face. The newspapers well full of dire stories. Radios and television sets were turned on as everywhere people were anxiously listening to the latest bulletins. It worried Janneke as well. Her parents letters were also full of concern. As far as they were concerned, Willem had acted irresponsibly. He had taken their daughter to a country that might soon be at war with Russia. Their concern spilled over in their letters. Come home as soon as you can, they wrote. It tore Janneke apart. Choose between her parents and Holland or her husband and America. But it was really to late for that. She had not told Willem but she knew she was pregnant and in a couple of months would not be able to work anymore. It was that they needed the money, otherwise she looked forward to not having to work with all those American women any longer. They called her Jennie, even though she insisted her name was Janneke. A co-worker, an older Dutch woman who had moved here years ago, told her to just to let them call her Jennie. They mean well, but think everyone should try to be like them; they don t like people being different, she told Janneke. Try to get along with them. But rather than eating her lunch in the cafeteria with the other women, Janneke often took walks downtown past all the windows Herpolsheimers, Wurzburg s, and Steketees. She enjoyed looking even though most everything was priced beyond what she could afford. One day wandering around upstairs in Wurzburg s, she discovered a framed reproduction of Paul Gabriel s Mill in July hanging on a wall. Why, she thought, it s the painting I once saw in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on a school trip. She had dismissed it then as just another old windmill, but now looking at it closely it reminded her of the windmill near her village back in the old country. It could be the very one. Entranced with the mill, the Dutch landscape, and the great big billowing clouds, Janneke found great comfort in looking at the painting. Whenever she could she headed for her painting during her lunch hours. How she longed to have the painting for herself, but the price tag dangling from it read seventy-five dollars. Far beyond her pocketbook. Then, just recently there had been big letters spelling Sold written across the price tag, and today the picture was gone. Sold! Gone! Bereft of her talisman against homesickness, she rode home on the bus feeling totally out of sorts. Since Willem drove the car to work every day, he always arrived home earlier than Janneke and generally started supper. Willem December

6 liked to eat on time so he could attend evening classes to study English. He urged her to come as well but usually she was too tired to care. She told him she heard enough English during the day, she couldn t stand the thought of more in the evening. This evening though, instead of dinner Willem had a cup of tea ready for her and told her to sit down. Then he put a package on the table in front of her. It looked like a parcel from Holland. Open it, Janneke, he said. It came earlier this week but I saved it for today because it is a Sinterklaas package from your parents. Janneke s hand flew to her mouth. Oh Willem, it s Sinterklaas today. I had forgotten. Quickly she opened the parcel. Inside was all the stuff she so dearly loved as a child pepernootjes, marsepein, a J and W chocolate letter, a stick of banket. Deeper in the box she found a Delft blue tile and a Dutch calendar for the year Tears welled up in her eyes. Oh Willem, I don t know whether to laugh or cry. Well don t cry to hard, Willem said. I don t want to show up in the restaurant with you all red eyed. Restaurant? In the middle of the week? It s only Wednesday evening. Yes, but we are going out to celebrate the old Saint s day. When she had finished her tea and a piece of banket, Janneke walked into the bedroom to change. Suddenly she screamed. Hanging on the wall of the bedroom was her windmill. Willem, she cried. When did you get it? How? It was sold! Yes, and guess who bought it? Willem answered right behind her. But how, Willem, how could you afford it? Janneke asked walking over to the painting to touch it to make sure it was real. I put some money on it every time I had a little to spare, he said. And of course telling you the car needed repairs helped a lot too. Oh Willem, you are the best husband in the whole wide world. But how did you know I loved that picture so much? I ran into that Dutch lady you work with in the store one day. She told me how you were still feeling homesick. She said that you had told her about a painting at Wurzburg s and how good it made you feel just looking at it. So one evening instead of going to my English class, 6 I went downtown. It wasn t hard to find. When I saw it I knew right away that was the one. Janneke, he said, putting his arms around her and giving her a big hug, I had hoped you d be happier in America. But if a painting of Holland makes you feel better, it was worth every penny. Oh Willem, thank you. But I don t have a Sinterklaas present for you. I ve been selfish in only thinking about my own feelings. Just seeing you happy is good enough for me, Willem answered, pleased with himself for the success of his purchase. Suddenly she turned to him, her face radiant, But I do, I do have a surprise for you as well. Willem, we are going to have a little American baby next spring! This time it was Willem s turn to be speechless. Before he could say anything, Janneke added, And Willem, if it s a boy let s call him Nicholas and if a girl Nicole, for today I know I have gained the victory over my homesickness. Sinterklaas Photo courtesy of Jan van der Lugt d.i.s. Magazine

7 Sinterklaas, a great Dutch Tradition How to Explain It to Your Friends by Roel van der Meulen, Belgie and edited by Jan van der Lugt, Gorkum, Nederland The Arrival of Sinterklaas The Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas begins at the beginning of November, even earlier if shop keepers have their way, and they mostly do. The shop windows start to fill up with all the Sinterklaas attributes: gift-wrapped cardboard boxes, replicas of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), chocolate letters, pepernoten. Halfway through November there is a big spectacle when the man arrives in the Netherlands. Zwarte Pieten A television crew awaits his arrival at one of the more photogenic ports where he docks his steamboat full of presents, Zwarte Pieten, and his horse. A huge audience of parents and especially children welcomes them. Sinterklaas arrives at about hour in the early afternoon. After that, so just a little bit later, Sinterklaas arrives at every city or village in the Netherlands. Some Explaining to do! This early arrival in all towns and villages in Holland is explained by way of the so-called hulp-sinterklazen (people who help Sinterklaas by dressing up like him), and certainly not by some wild macroscopic quantum mechanical effect. The children who become aware to the impossibility of the almost simultaneous sightings all over Holland are told that Sinterklaas can indeed not be in every place at the same time, so people help him, the Hulp- Sinterklazen. Clever kids! Nevertheless sometimes children do discover they aren t dealing with the real Sinterklaas, when they recognize at home the shoes, wrist-watches, rings or glasses of their daddies, Uncles or older brothers. But as long as they get their presents, they don t really care too much. Sweets Sinterklaas goes on a tour through the villages accompanied by several Zwarte Pieten, who throw different types of sweets Especially Pepernoten (peppernuts) around and on the ground of the streets for the children. You can see children squirming about like maggots, trying to get hold of as much candy as their little hands can hold. Some children, who know how diseases come about, then resort to throwing it back as hard as possible. Wizened by experience, the Pieten now prefer to deposit candy straight into the open hands of the small and weakest children. Behaviour After this day, Sinterklaas begins his assessment of all the children s Behaviour in the past year, and proceeds to hand out presents. It all culminates on December 5th in the evening, called Sinterklaasavond or Pakjesavond. A Bishop Look-a-like Sinterklaas, the legendary man, looks like an old wise bloke with long white hair and similar beard. He is dressed like a bishop and has a golden (Bishops) staff in his hand. He also carries a large leather bound book, with gold print, in which it is written, which children have been good and which have not. December

8 8 Madrid In the good old days kids used to be threatened to be whipped when they had been bad, with a bunch of twigs (a roe ), after which they would be put in a burlap bag to be shipped to Sinterklaas residence in Madrid, Spain. As parenting grew softer over the years, this valuable tradition is almost lost, except in some of the Sinterklaas songs. Also, people nowadays pay big money for holidays in Spain. The kids are smart enough to know that there is not such a thing as a free Vacation in Spain anymore, so the effectiveness of the punishment has decreased anyway. Filling The Shoes So why does the old man bother to come to this soggy country when he could be having a great time in the sunshine by his pool? Why, it s because of his birthday! His birthday is actually on December 6th, but for some arcane reason it is celebrated a day before. A White Horse Before this memorable occasion Sinterklaas climbs onto his schimmel ( a white horse ) and trots around on rooftops. How on Earth he gets there is never explained, and how he keeps his balance on the sloping, slippery roofs in the Dutch wintertime is even less understood. Assisted by his black henchmen he throws presents and sweets through the Chimney. Central Heating This is a practice that could reduce whole cities to ashes centuries ago. But since the introduction of the central heating in our country that is not a problem anymore. The side effect could create scores of disappointed children. But not so! Thanks to the parents this hasn t yet resulted in a downfall of civilisation, as they assume the role of Sinterklaas. They made an update! Chocolate Letters Nowadays parents put presents like chocolate letters and marzipan or sugar animals in the shoes their offspring have put in front of the heating element instead. These shoes have been prepared by putting hay and/or a carrot in them, for the horse, though how this animal should get into the room is unclear and not questioned by the children. They just don t care, as long as the presents are still coming in! Shoe business The kids eat themselves silly on the sweets next morning. This shoe business in the days before the 5th of December, is a great opportunity for the children to give lists of all the presents they want to Sinterklaas. And believe me they really KNOW what they want! A lot of things, from Computer Games to Harry Potter Stuff. The Origins Of The Tradition Sinterklaas is said to have originated from St.Nicolas, the Bishop of Mira, Turkey, who was a righteous dude and did good stuff for children. The Santa Claus concept also originated from this guy via the Sinterklaas tradition from Holland and other European countries. How it came to be that Sinterklaas lives in Spain? About 150 years ago there was a revival of the Sinterklaas-tradition in Holland. Dutch Inventions In those days a Dutch author wrote that Sinterklaas would arrive from Spain so he could travel by steamboat, which was a Dutch invention! A lot of new songs were created in those days, and we still sing them all, 150 years later! Black Pete, his helpers, were invented then too, because of the Moors, who use to live in Southern Spain a long time ago! The Moors were black, that s why Black Pete is black. As simple as that! More Presents On December 5th Sinterklaas brings the large presents, d.i.s. Magazine

9 which are left in large plastic trash-bags (the same ones that will be used to throw away all the broken toys in the coming weeks) on the front porch. Sometimes the parents hire a Sinterklaas from the Sinterklaascentrale (an organization providing assistant Sinterklazen) to present the presents. Dressed up They might even dress up themselves, causing uncomfortable situations when the kids recognize those shoes, wrist watches, rings and glasses mentioned before. Daddy is a transvestite a kid might even think! The old, wise man utters some very wise words such as Are there any naughty children here? and Have you been a good boy/girl this year?. Upon receiving the respective replies of noooo! and yeees! Party Sinterklaas for grown-ups means a party of giving and receiving gifts, much like on Christmas, but now the presents are called surprises (pronounce as sirpreeze-us ). A surprise is a gift hidden within a product of tinkering, aimed at giving the gift the appearance of something completely different, accompanied by a poem. Embarrassed That poem (Sinterklaasgedichtje) is just fun and causes a lot of laughter s. It serves to embarrass ( but not really) the addressee by reminding him/her of some embarrassing moments in the past year, or to point out a general failure of character in a mocking way. It s fun it s great, and we love it! It is the day to get even with anybody for anything, but it is mostly played with family and/or friends. Some of the surprises are a gift in a bucket of slime, a gift wrapped in five thousand kilometres of sticky tape, or a gift which is only an empty box. We love this tradition and we hope to keep it for a long, long time! December

10 10 d.i.s. Magazine

11 On the picturesque Voorhaven-canal in Edam, behind a row of historical façades, lie the warehouses of Gestam Cheese Export. It is a modern company with a long tradition, which has stored, packed and exported cheese since The company intentionally maintains its location on the Voorhaven, since this still is the main cheese port of Edam. With six more warehouses elsewhere in the city, the company's total storage capacity amounts to 500 tons, and the next expansion is on its way. In July 2002, the company moved into a new warehouse. The new location was built according to the latest standards of modern cheese storage and packing. The company now has the capacity to store over three hundred tons of young cheeses and its logistics have improved considerably. As cheese ripens, it loses moisture and the taste becomes more pronounced. Therefore Gestam carefully stores its cheeses to let them mature', and they are turned regularly. Every week an inspector takes samples to monitor age and The warehouses of Gestam by the canals of Edam. quality. To enhance the keeping qualities, most of the cheeses for export are covered in a layer of wax or plasticized. Interestingly, the characteristic red colour of Edam cheese is said to have originated from the wine-barrels in which it used to be transported to France. All cheese shipments are sampled by COKZ, the Netherlands controlling authority for Milk and Milk products. The Gestam assortment includes all Dutch cheese types in all maturity stages. They produce Edam, Gouda, Maasdammer and a number of specialty cheeses such as Gouda with herbs, Mimolette (commissiekaas), and low-fat or no-salt Gouda. Gestam also sells cheeses from North Holland. The tastiest cheeses come from North Holland because the grassy meadows of North Holland lie on old salty sea-clay. Others give the credit of North Hollands superior taste to the fresh sea breezes that blow constantly over the succulent grassy meadows. This way the best grass varieties keep their quality, which results in the best milk. As a matter of fact the cheesemakers of North Holland add less salt. Which gives a delicious mild dairy-product. At Gestam these December

12 cheeses mature naturally on wooden boards according to ancient traditions. This ripening method gives that extra delicate flavour to cheeses. Edam cheese over the centuries In the 17th century Edam was the most important cheese market in the Netherlands. The market place was surrounded by a number of warehouses where cheese from many small farms was collected and sold. In 1916, cheese traders Schardam and Groot established their export company Gestam at the Voorhaven in Edam. Twentyseven small cheese factories supplied them with cheese, which Gestam then exported to a large number of countries. An independent committee of inspectors kept an eye on the quality of the factories products. Expansion and modernisation From the beginning Gestam s strength was that it could offer not just one type of cheese, but a whole range of cheeses. Although over the years the number of cheese factories and - traders in the area decreased dramatically, Gestam survived and steadily continued to expand. For many decades transport went by ship: hence the choice of warehouses next to the water. Owing to new packing and refrigeration-methods export took a great flight. Nowadays Gestam exports to 20 countries. More information about Gestam can be found at its website [http://www.gestam.com] or by Phone: Fax: or The company's address is: B.V. Gestam, cheese export Beitelstraat KV Edam The Netherlands 12 d.i.s. Magazine

13 Beter Nederlands door Dr. Martinus Bakker Test your Dutch by first reading the following text and then reading it in English. Waarom de pen machtiger is dan het zwaard. Dit is de reden: Een zwaard wordt vervaardigd om te verminken en te doden. Woorden kunnen dat, indirect, ook, maar woorden dienen ook om poëzie te creëren, liefde te betuigen en nieuws en kennis over te dragen. Een zwaard kan dat niet. Jammer genoeg kunnen woorden ook verwarrend zijn. We hebben in ons hoofd een eindeloos aantal gedachten en ideeën maar slechts een beperkt aantal woorden om deze in uit te drukken. Dichters weten daar wel raad mee: zij creëren nieuwe, toegevoegde betekenissen rondom de basisbetekenis van woorden met behulp van metaforen in de breedste betekenis van die term en door middel van talrijke andere middelen. Wij, gewone mensen, zijn per definitie niet zo creatief en moeten ons behelpen met bestaande uitdrukkingen en spreekwoorden, d.w.z. metaforen die iedereen gebruikt. Er is echter een verschil tussen een gezegde of uitdrukking en een spreekwoord. Twee definities: 1. Gezegde: Populaire zegswijze om uitdrukking aan een gevoel of emotie te geven, bv. Vlieg naar de maan! Dat lap ik aan mijn laars! Zich op dun ijs begeven. Enz. Sommige gezegden zijn niet geschikt om in een blad als de DIS afgedrukt te worden. Dus dat doen we maar niet. Trouwens, vloekwoorden kunnen ook in deze rubriek worden ondergebracht - en ook die gaan we niet publiceren. Er zijn duizenden gezegden en uitdrukkingen. In een goed woordenboek staan ze onder het sleutelwoord. 2. Spreekwoord: kernachtig, soms rijmend volksgezegde, waarin een algemene waarheid of wijze les is uitgedrukt. Voorbeelden: Het is niet al goud wat er blinkt. De pen is machtiger dan het zwaard. Enz. enz. Spreekwoorden tellen in de honderden. Men kan ze in speciale lijsten in taalboeken en dure woordenboeken vinden. Why the pen is mightier than the sword. This is why: A sword is made to maim and kill. Words can, indirectly, do that too, but words also serve to create beautiful poetry, express love and communicate news and knowledge. A sword cannot do that. Unfortunately words can also be confusing. We have in our heads numberless thoughts and ideas but only a limited number of words into which to put them. Poets know how to cope with that problem: they create new, added meanings around the basic meaning of words by using metaphors in the broadest meaning of that term and by numerous other means. We, regular people, are, by definition, not so creative and have to make do with existing sayings and proverbs, i.e. metaphors which everyone uses. There is, however, a difference between a saying and a proverb. Two definitions: 1. Saying: Popular expression used to express a feeling or emotion, eg. Go jump in the lake! I couldn t care less! To go out on a limb. Etc. Many of these sayings are not fit for publication in a magazine like the DIS. So, we won t print them. By the way, swear words can also be classified in this rubric. And we won t publish those either! There are thousands of sayings. In a good dictionary they can be found under the key-word. 2. Proverb: a concise, pointed statement, often rhyming, containing a general truth or wise lesson. Example: It is not all gold that glitters. The pen is mightier than the sword. Etc. etc. Proverbs number several hundred. These can be found December

14 in special lists in language books and expensive dictionaries. The responses to the latest assignment, namely to provide sayings that may have been forgotten by the current generation, demonstrate the confusion about words and have prompted me to delve in my dictionaries in search of support of my use of the word saying. We received many excellent entries but most consisted of long lists of proverbs. Mixed in with the proverbs were some typical examples of sayings. Tussen de talrijke spreekwoorden, waren er ook aantal goede voorbeelden van gezegden. Bijvoorbeeld: Daar heb ik geen sjoege van [I have no knowledge of this] (I suspect that the word sjoege is of yiddish origin); Dat mag Joost weten [I haven t a clue]; Ik voel me belabberd [I don t feel well at all]; Daar kan je op wachten tot St. Juttemus [You can wait for this forever]; De kantjes er af lopen [to perform one s work or duty in a careless, sloppy, irresponsible way]; Met de deur in huis vallen [to come straight to the point]; Van de hak op de tak springen [to ramble]; Altijd hetzelfde liedje zingen [always talk about the same thing]; Met beide benen op de grond staan [to have one s head screwed on right]; Langdradig zijn [to be longwinded, tedious]; Iemand bij de neus nemen [to trick, mislead someone]; Van alle markten thuis zijn [to be an allrounder, a jack-of-all-trades]; Achter het net vissen [to miss the boat]; Met twee monden spreken [to be twofaced]; Op zijn pootjes terecht komen [to land on one s feet]; Door de mand vallen [to be caught out, to fail]; In zak en as zitten [to despair, be despondent]; Spijkers op laag water zoeken [to split hairs]; Zich niet de kaas van het brood laten eten [to stand up for oneself]; Geen fluit waard zijn [to have no value or use]; Jan Rap en z n maat [rabble, rif-raf], Jan Boezeroen [the working class]. Vriendelijk bedankt Arike Bour uit Bakersfield, Californië (a great list!), Jo Ashbaugh van Zwanenburg uit Girard, Illinois, Roelie De Kieviet uit Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gerry Kraayeveld uit Delavan, Wisconsin, Charles Vandewiele uit Lambertville, Michigan, en Grace Zijlstra uit Kentwood, Michigan voor jullie goede bijdragen. Mooi zo! 14 Hi, Pancake! How are metaphors created? Basically by association. We call someone Honey because honey creates very positive associations: it is sweet, it is pure, it is beautiful; and everybody likes it, generally speaking [When this metaphor was created there was not much talk about tooth decay yet!]. Not everything that looks good and tastes good is fit for metaphorical use, though. For example, although you may be fond of pancakes, don t call your sweetheart Pancake! Als je een goede waarnemer bent, als je een ruime woordenschat hebt, als je met taal kan spelen, als je associaties kan creëren, zou je een dichter kunnen zijn. (Woord)kunst heeft zekere permanente en zekere veranderlijke kenmerken. Echte kunst blijft altijd goed - klassiek! Alle goede kunst, klassiek en modern, reflecteert de geest van de tijd waarin het tot stand is gekomen. Hier volgt een gedicht, ingezonden door Charles Vandewiele, dat werd voorgelezen bij de begrafenis van een familielid. Het is duidelijk modern, maar ook origineel - zonder clichés [afgezaagde!! uitdrukkingen]. Here is a poem sent in by Charles Vandewiele, read at the funeral of a relative. It is obviously modern, but also original - without clichés [hackneyed!! words or phrases]. Mijn droom Dinsdag heb ik een droom gehad Het was een zwemles We moesten zolang mogelijk Onder water zwemmen Plots kwam papa in het water gesprongen Ik verstond me er niet aan Ik wist dat papa niet kon zwemmen Hij kwam naar me toegezwommen Hij pakte me vast Hij kroop in mijn lichaam Plots kon ik ademen in het water En ging ik vanzelf vooruit Twee lengtes ver kwam ik uit het water En zei tegen papa: bedankt Papa zei: graag gedaan En plots was hij verdwenen ( Ik verstond me er niet aan is kennelijk Vlaams/ Flemish. In Noord-Nederlands is dat: Ik begreep het niet.) Please have a go at the English translation of this poem. You can do it! We will publish as many as possible, including Charles s own. Have fun! Veel plezier! d.i.s. Magazine

15 News In Brief Compiled by Rob Prince Coalition Government Quits The new Dutch coalition government collapsed in October, less than three months after it was formed. New elections will be held in January. The collapse was due in large part to infighting between two leaders in the populist party Lijst Pim Fortuyn. The collapse is the second this year for the Dutch government - in April the government lead by Wim Kok resigned over failures that lead up to the Srevrenica massacre in The current cabinet will hold office on an interim basis until the new elections are held. Netherlands Experiences Twelfth Month of Declining Exports The Dutch national statistics office (CBS) announced that exports in August were 4% lower this year than last, coming in at 17.8 billion. This is the twelfth month foreign trade has declined, due in part to higher prices in the exports market. Imports dropped by 9% to 15.4 billion. Dutch Report 9% increase in Bankruptcies The credit management service Graydon has published a 9% increase in Dutch business bankruptcies over last year with 1,702 Dutch companies folding. The total number of bankrupted companies in Holland is estimated at about 7,000 the highest number to date. These numbers are due in part to start-up business failing to cope with the decline in the economy. Eindhoven Art Director Campaigns Against Sneezing Carl Wilson of the Eindhovense Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven recently mounted a campaign discouraging patrons from coughing or sneezing during concerts. Although they will not deny entry to audience members exhibiting an upper respiratory aberration, Wilson tells the Gazetvanantwerpen he will ZAAGMAN MEMORIAL CHAPEL, INC.... ZAAGMAN MEMORIAL CHAPEL Since 1890 Robert K. Zaagman-Manager 2800 Burton SE Grand Rapids, MI / ZAAGMAN MEMORIAL CHAPEL - NORTH Ronald D. Willit - Manager 3111 Leonard Street NE Grand Rapids, MI / make his message clear by, pointing them to a cheerful post that will hang out from now on in every concert hall and theatre... People should realize they should better stay at home when they get a cold. And when they feel their throat ticking they had better take a tablet. Letter from 17 th Century Dutch Naval Hero Bids Top Euro A unique letter, written in 1657 by Dutch Naval Hero Michael Adriaaanszoon de Ruyter, fetched over three-times its appraised value at a Postage Stamp and Coin Auction in Weesp. Coming in at 11,500, the letter includes a report from Cadiz that de Ruy is sending a captured French commander to Amsterdam so the Admiralty can ransom him. Also in the letter he writes that he will be sailing with five men-of-war to Morocco. De Ruyter is The Netherlands most famous naval hero and eventually died in 1676 from injuries sustained in a successful battle against a stronger French force. Toddler Spots Grandfather s Stolen Car Willempje, the grandson of Willem de Maar, was on a bicycle ride with his grandfather when he yelled out, Granddad s car, Granddad s car. To the amazement of Mr. de Maar the boy was pointing at his car which had been stolen a week earlier in Bergen op Zoom. According to De Telegraaf the car thieves have not yet December

16 been apprehended but Willempje nonetheless was rewarded with an ice-cream cone. He was owed that for sure, said Mr. de Maar. Eleven City Race May Be Less Frequent The famous Eleven City Ice Race is expected to be 50% less frequent in this century than in the last. Hans Kruse, president of the skating association De Friese Elfsteden made the prediction at a meeting in Leeuwarden. His prediction is supported by scientists who predict a significant rise in temperatures in coming years. Kruse fears the race will be held only seven times in the next 100 years as compared to 15 times during the 20 th century. Changes in the climate in The Netherlands have led to decreases in the intensity of winters. The Eleven City Race has had to wait up to 25 years for the weather to cooperate while occasionally it has been held in successive years. Dutch Police Officers Commended for Stealing Cars Dutch police chiefs recently commended officers for stealing cars from unsuspecting shoppers. The cars, which were left running while the shoppers hopped inside for quick purchases, were hijacked by the police officers who drove for several hundred meters while their owners chased helplessly behind on foot. The officers then gave the car back to their horrified owners. They wanted to prove how fast a real thief can get away with a car, a police spokesman told Limburg s Dagblad, They ll certainly be more careful next time. 16 Dutch Nurse Accused of 13 Murders Lucy de Berk, working as a nurse in three hospitals over four years in The Hague, has been accused of murdering 13 patients including four babies and a UN war crimes judge. She is pleading not guilty. Allegedly she gave each of the victims a lethal mix of several drugs. Authorities became suspicious when a fivemonth-old baby died unexpectedly just after she had finished her shift. The autopsy of the child pointed to foul play. De Berk accused the doctors of ignoring her warnings that the children in her care were dangerously ill. The professional witnesses due to appear during the trial include an FBI profiler of serial killers and a mathematician who will explain the probability of so many people dying naturally on the same nurse s shift. First Mormon Temple Opens in The Netherlands The first Mormon Temple in The Netherlands opened last month in Zoetermeer. Up till now Mormons in Holland had to go to Germany or England for their ceremonies. The Mormon temple is a sacred building to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, reserved for special occasions such as weddings and christenings. The Mormons, with their headquarters in Salt Lake City, are one of the fastest-growing religious groups in the world. Currently there are 11 million members worldwide. Pipo the Clown Hits the Silver Screen Pipo the Clown, a sentimental throwback for many Dutch people, will hit the silver screen in the upcoming production Pipo en de P- p-parelridders. With 430,000 in funding from The Netherlands Film Fund, Pipo will be filmed in Southern Spain as, the colourful and exotic landscape is more suitable than the Netherlands in autumn, according to an Endemol spokeswoman. Joep Dorren will star as Pipo, previously played by Cor Witschge in d.i.s. Magazine

17 Amsterdam CS by Charles Baas door Charles Baas Amsterdam CS. This is how it is identified in the time-tables of the Netherlands Railways. In reality the Central Station of Amsterdam is a monumental building, built in the Dutch Renaissance style and inaugurated in It was designed by Ir. P.J.H. Cuypers. Recently, at a postcard show, the writer found a card which was very interesting to him. It showed the Central Station at a very young age, not a trace of today s congestion on or around the Station s Square. After completion of the Northsea Canal around 1875, the harbor front of Amsterdam underwent great changes. In front of the city, outside of the Buitenkant, three artificial islands were created. The middle island was designated to become the site of a new railway station that would become the hub of rail lines to all parts of the country and also to foreign destinations. It eventually became the terminal of a branch of the Orient Express to Turkey. The writer remembers seeing the railway wagons of the Blue Train parked on a siding outside the station. He also remembers the many streetcars on the Station Square, all carrying a big sign with the word TURMAC which they showed throughout the city. The square was the hub of all the carlines that maintained service to the outlying parts of the city. Amsterdam CS. Zo staat het aangegeven in het spoorboekje van de Nederlandse Spoorwegen. In werkelijkheid is het Centraal Station van Amsterdam een monumentaal gebouw in de Dutch Renaissance stijl, dat in 1889 in gebruik genomen werd. Het ontwerp was van Ir. P.J.H. Cuypers. Schrijver vond onlangs op een postcard show (ansichtkaarten beurs) een voor hem zeer interessante kaart van het station. De kaart toont het station in zijn prille jeugd, nog geen teken van alle bedrijvigheid van heden op en rondom het stationsplein. Nadat omstreeks 1875 het Noordzee Kanaal tot stand gekomen was, onderging het havenfront van Amsterdam grote wijzigingen. Voor de stad en buiten de Buitenkant werden drie kunstmatige eilanden geschapen. Het midden eiland werd bestemd voor een nieuw spoorweg station dat het beginpunt voor spoorlijnen naar alle delen van het land, maar ook naar het buitenland zou worden. Uiteindelijk werd het een beginpunt van een tak van de Orient Express naar Turkije. Schrijver herinnert zich nog de wagons van de Blauwe Trein die geparkeerd stonden op een emplacement waar je langs kwam in de trein uit Zaandam. Iets anders dat schrijver is bijgebleven is al die trams op het stationsplein die met grote letters het woord TURMAC de stad door droegen, het krioelde ervan. Het stationsplein was het punt van samenkomst van al de tramlijnen die verbinding onderhielden met de buitenwijken. Turmac: dat was reclame voor de sigaretten van dat merk. Dat had schrijver al eerder geleerd, toen hij van een Amsterdamse vriend een door de sigarettenfabriekant uitgegeven inplak-album cadeau gekregen had. Het was bestemd om gevuld te worden met de kleine, dunne katoenen lapjes die Turmac bij hun sigaretten verpakte en waarop in rijke kleuren het wapen of de nationale vlag van het een of andere land December

18 Turmac: it was advertisement for cigarettes of that brand. Writer found that out when an Amsterdam friend had given him a paste--in album, published by the cigarette company. It was designed for collecting the small cotton panels the company packed in the packages of cigarettes, which had the arms or national flag of one of the countries of the world colorfully embroidered on them. The name of the album was Alle Landen Vereenigd ( All Countries United -Still as elusive a dream as ever). Sixty five years or so ago writer simply accepted the word Turmac as a brand name. Just last week he discovered the origin of it on the cover of the album: TURkishMACedonian Tobacco Company, Constantinople. This article was called Amsterdam CS. CS is a piece of Amsterdam that has a special appeal to the writer. You may conclude that from the following lines, which he wrote down during a lunch break some time ago: Het Centraal Station geborduurd was. Het album heette Alle Landen Vereenigd (Helaas nog steeds een vrome wens) En helaas, een onvoltooid gebleven album. Zo n vijfenzestig jaar heeft schrijver het woord Turmac zonder meer als een merk onthouden; nu verleden week bestudeerde hij het werk ietwat nauwkeuriger en kijk, daar kwam de oorsprong van Turmac tevoorschijn: TURkishMACedonian Tobacco Company, Constantinople. Dit stukje heet Amsterdam, CS Dat CS voor schrijver een geliefd stukje Amsterdam is wil hij nu bevestigen door u iets voor te leggen dat hij al eens eerder gedurende een lunch period neerpende: Daar staat het nog, sinds jaren her Met zijn roem, wijd en ver Het Centraal Station van Amsterdam Waar menig toerist kwam Lief en leed, t was al zijn deel Het Centraal Station beleefde veel De mensheid stroomde binnen Om een reisje, of de tocht door t leven te beginnen Bus en tram en slee (met chauffeur) t Al stopte voor de deur Ze kwamen durch, de Duitser, Ami, Brit en Canadees Maar ook: ze kwamen thuis, onze boys toen Neerland weer herrees Verklonken is de stoomfluit die t afscheid spoedde Als de trein die zojuist vertrok Het trekpaard dat voorheen t station uit zwoegde Staat nu te kijk, verslagen door een bok Echo s uit het ver verleden Breken heen door t rumoer van heden Het Centraal Station: t is mij al muziek Een harteplekje vol romantiek C. Baas Juni 1976 (All images, collection of the author. Page 17: Postcard The Central Railway Station undated; Page 18: Postcard Amsterdam - Centraal Station by Huub Sijstermans ( ); Vlagetje "Rotterdam." 18 d.i.s. Magazine

19 December

20 His Royal Highness Prince Claus Claus Jonkheer von Amsberg, Prince Claus George Willem Otto Frederik Geert of the Netherlands, royal consort. His Royal Highness Prince Claus passed away in Amsterdam on October 6, 2002, with the Queen and his three sons at his side. The husband of Queen Beatrix had been in poor health for the last ten years, and suffered with Parkinson's Disease. He was 76 years old. Prince Claus married into the House of Orange in German-born, and having been drafted into the Nazi army, the announcement of his engagement to Princess Beatrix sparked heated debate, since the country was still feeling the effects of having been occupied by the German army twenty years earlier. After his marriage, the Prince won over the Dutch populace by taking on Dutch citizenship, learning the language and customs, and with humor and humility. He became active in many aspects of Dutch society - and in the 1970's was the head of the national committee for development strategy. He had a special interest in the problems of poor countries and was an advisor to the Dutch minister for development cooperation. In 1996, in honor of the Prince's 70th birthday, the Dutch government established the Prince Claus fund, which gives awards to creative organizations and people and funds activities in the developing world. Prince Claus was active in all aspects of the fund until his diagnosis with Parkinsons. Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende addressed the nation via television after the Prince's death and said He was a remarkable man who won a warm place in the hearts of the Dutch people. With his passing, a great man is gone. The Prince was laid to rest in the 14th century royal crypt, in the Niewe Kerk in Delft, the Netherlands on October 15. He is survived by Queen Beatrix and their sons, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince Johan Friso and Prince Constantijn. 20 d.i.s. Magazine

21 Dutch Language School Opens in Minnesota De Boekenwurm opened its doors on September 21, 2002, and is a Saturday Dutch language school for children ages 4 to 14 years. We also have a peuters playgroup for children 3 years and younger. Our students have a range of Dutch language skills, from fluency to complete beginner. Our school is sponsored by het Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen NL and we receive organizational guidance from Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland. We follow their recommendations for academic curriculum and also include a cultural hour in our schedule each week. De Boekenwurm s objectives include: assisting Dutch-speaking children temporarily living in the US to keep pace with peers back home helping children of Dutch heritage now living in the US to keep their language and culture active providing Dutch language instruction and cultural experiences for children interested in and committed to learning Dutch creating a fun environment in which children and adults can achieve the objectives listed above We would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word about our school to friends and family who may be interested in De Boekenwurm. We have been thrilled (and a bit overwhelmed) by our enrollment. We currently have 35 students registered. In fact, we are now actively seeking to hire additional Dutch or Belgian certified teachers to teach in our onderbouw and/or bovenbouw classes. If you know of any possible qualified candidates who would be interested in and available to teach in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, on Saturdays, please have them contact Sabine Ibes (contact information below). For more information, please check out our website. It is updated frequently: boekenwurm.home.attbi.com Sabine Ibes Founder and Chair De Boekenwurm address: phone: postal address: 5816 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis MN CRUISE THROUGH THE CANALS, RIVERS, AND LAKES OF THE NETHERLANDS The 2003 Netherlands Waterway Cruises combine the convenience of a cruise with an unforgettable visit to one of Europe s most popular destinations. Just imagine it...you unpack and settle in for a relaxing seven-night stay and yet everyday you ll get to explore new places as you cruise from town to town. In 2003, you ll have a choice of two itineraries...the April 22 to 30 cruise meanders northward through the province of Noord Holland to Friesland and returns south through the Flevoland, Overijssel, Gelderland and Zuid- Holland. A southern routing is featured on the April 29 to May 7 cruise, calling at ports in the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland plus a delightful detour into Belgium. If you can t decide, you re welcome to come along on both cruises! For more information and brochures, call the DIS office toll-free at or in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Sign up by Dec. 15 and Save $50! December

22 Home Alone by Rev. Dr. Albert Vander Meer Alleen Thuis door Rev. Dr. Albert Vander Meer But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength... Isaiah 40:31a "Maar wie den HERE verwachten, zullen de kracht vernieuwen..." Jesaja 40:31a 22 Perhaps we all remember that wonderful funny movie where a child is left home alone during the Christmas Holidays by a hectic and unorganized family trying to escape the winter of Chicago to enjoy a vacation in a warm climate. I recall seeing the movie with Marge when we were living in Florida during our first Christmas. We enjoyed the movie because of the winter scenes which we missed terribly in this tropical State. The absence of cold weather without a hint of snow around Christmas was quite depressing. But now I am finding myself "Home Alone." Due to trying to manage grief by pushing on, accepting more on the road assignments than I should have, I came down with mononucleosis. The only cure for mono is to rest and be alone. The first two days I slept and took that much needed rest. But on the third day I decided to put up our Christmas tree. This was a difficult task because it was one Marge and I always shared. I put up the lights and she used her artistic talent to put up all of our unique Christmas ornaments, mostly handmade and reflecting an event, place, or person from our past. Reliving our history through the ornaments was difficult. Those ornaments focused on Marge did bring tears, but I stayed with the task. The next few days I continued the decorating as I had energy and creative ideas. I used my laptop computer to communicate Wellicht herinneren we ons allemaal wel die geweldige en grappige film Home Alone waarin een kind de hoofdrol speelt, dat alleen wordt gelaten met Kerst door een drukke en ongeorganiseerde familie, die de winter van Chicago ontsnapt om een vakantie te houden in een warm klimaat. Ik herinner me dat ik deze film met Marge heb gezien toen we in Florida woonden tijdens onze eerste Kerst. We genoten van de film vanwege de winterse landschappen, die we heel erg misten in het tropische Florida. Maar op dit moment voel ik mij home alone. Ik heb geprobeerd om mijn verdriet te verwerken door steeds door te gaan en meer opdrachten aan te nemen dan Ik aan kon. Hierdoor ben Ik ziek geworden en kreeg een soort Pfeiffer (- klierkoorts duurt weken om weer beter te worden). De enige remedie hiertegen is rust en alleen zijn. De eerste twee dagen sliep ik en nam ik die zo nodige rust. Maar, op de derde dag besloot ik de kerstboom op te zetten. Dat was een moeilijke taak omdat het een taak was die ik altijd met Marge samen uitvoerde. Ik deed de lichtjes in de boom en zij gebruikte haar artistieke talent om allerlei unieke kerstversieringen, veel handgemaakte en verbonden aan een speciale gelegenheid en herinneringen, in de boom te hangen ons hele leven weer terug beleven door middel van de kerstversieringen viel mij zwaar. De associatie van de versieringen met Marge bracht tranen in mijn ogen, maar ik ging door met mijn taak. d.i.s. Magazine

23 with friends via . I talked on the phone and did some reading. A book I enjoyed the most was a biography of Corrie Ten Boom, a lady who physically and spiritually survived the atrocities of the Nazis during WWII in the Netherlands. I made several discoveries during my readings and rest. God does not test our faith with trials and tribulations to see if we have a faith. God already knows the condition of our faith. Difficult times help us discover that we have a faith which is strong and sufficient for our need. I discovered that I can be home alone and not only survive but at times even enjoy the experience. I also discovered my artistic talent. Our home was beautiful with all of the decorations tastefully arranged. I know Marge would have been proud. The biography of Corrie Ten Boon helped me realize others have endured hardships much more difficult than mine. But most of all I rediscovered God's grace is sufficient for all times and experiences. May you during this Christmas Season again discover your faith and realize the sufficiency of God's grace. HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS. De daarop volgende twee dagen ging ik door met her versieren van het huis omdat ik daar energie voor had en creatieve ideeën. Ik voerde telefoongesprekken en las wat. Een boek waar ik zeer van heb genoten is een biografie van Corrie ten Boom, een dame die lichamelijk en geestelijk de gruwels van de Tweede Wereldoorlog in Nederland overleefde. Al lezende deed ik verschillende ontdekkingen tijdens mijn lezen en rustperiode. God test ons geloof niet met beproevingen en rampspoeden om uit te vinden of we geloven. God kent de toestand van ons géloof. Moeilijke tijden helpen ons om te ontdekken dat we een geloof hebben dat sterk is en genoeg voor onze behoefte. Ik ontdekte dat ik alleen thuis kan zijn en niet slechts overleef, maar op sommige momenten zelfs geniet van de ervaring van het alleen zijn. Ook ontdekte ik mijn artisteke talent. Ons huis is prachtig versierd en alles is smaakvol aangebracht. Ik weet dat Marge er trots op zou zijn. De biografie van Corrie Ten Boom hielp me om mij te realiseren dat anderen veel zwaardere ontberingen hebben moeten doorstaan dan ikzelf. Maar het meeste van alles ontdekte ik dat Gods genade voldoende is voor alle tijden en ervaringen. Dat u tijdens deze Kerst uw geloof moge ontdekken en dat u de voldoening van God s genade zult realiseren. IK WENS U GEZEGENDE KERSTDAGEN. Rev. Dr. Albert Vander Meer is a minister in the Reformed Church serving as Synod Executive for the Chicago region. He is a Dutch immigrant who came to the States via Canada. Rev. Dr. Vander Meer is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, where he met his wife Marge. They were married for almost 35 years when diabetes took her life on July 8th, December

24 WWII Dutch Immigrant Video Project Robert Prince, award-winning Video Producer for Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is embarking on a project to document on video the stories of Dutch immigrants who lived in the Netherlands during WWII. Currently he is conducting the interviews only in Western Michigan but may expand if there is sufficient demand. Please contact him by phone (616) or if you or someone you know would be willing to have their stories professionally recorded for this important project. Other Upcoming Dutch Related Events Columbus (OH) Wexner Center for the Arts 9-11 Januari 2003 Zuidelijk Toneel Hollandia (ZTH) Theater play Onbluste Kalk (Quick Lime), readings & workshops. Wexner Center for the Arts - The Ohio State University North High Street - Columbus, Ohio [www.wexarts.org] Indianapolis (IN), Indianapolis Museum of Art 25 January - 12 April, 2003 Jan Miense Molenaer: Painter of the Dutch Golden Age, organized by the American Federation of Arts IMA Indianapolis Museum of Art Michigan Road - Indianapolis IN Tel (317) [www.ima-art.org] Cleveland (OH), Cleveland International Film Festival March 2003 Screening of the film Minoes, directed by Vincent Bal and the documentary Good Husbands, Dear Sons, by Heddy Honigmann Cleveland Film Society Market Ave. - Cleveland, Ohio tel: (216) 623-FILM (3456) [www.clevelandfilm.org/ciff01.asp] Residential - Commercial Poured Walls - Flatwork - Excavation CHERRY VALLEY CONCRETE Phone (616) FAX (616) Dennis Schreur 5151 South Division Grand Rapids, MI d.i.s. Magazine

25 December

26 26 d.i.s. Magazine

27 Chapter Six VIJF-EN-TWINTIG JAAR GEMERRIED Mijn wijf en ik zijn lest Toesdee vijf-en twintig jaar gemerried geweest, en daar hebben wij n nais sellebreesje van gehad. De wiek bevoor had ik n ed in De Groundwet, daar zal ik hier n koppie van af laten printen. t Was zoo: SOLIO DE GLORIA (Zoo staarten alle eds van ennevurseries, joeno; dat s Frens voor: Lang zullen ze leven in de gloria, aigis.) Hebt gij t ook al wel geheurd Wat poediesoen bij ons gebeurd, Dan is t vijf-en-twintig jaar geleén Dat zij in t huwelijk zijn getreên. Ons vader, Loe Verlak, werd toen De man van Lena Van der Koen, En zij werd hem tot zijne vrouw, En geen van hen heeft t nog berouw. Zij zullen vieren dat geval D. V. Op den vier-en-twintigsten van Mee. Wij hopen dat zij nog lang zullen leven. Dit is de eenigste en alleenigste kennisgeven. En ook dat vader, Lee Verlak, nog is goed present, En dat hij aan goed peenten en peperhengen is gewend. Aanbevelend, Hunne dankbare kinderen, be huwd- en kleinkinderen. (Namens) LOESIE, LEN, HAINIE, JEEKIE, MAIK, HENKIE. Nou, dat was n goeie staart, aigis. Ja, as ik paardies geef, lijk ik het ook swel te doen. En zoo n fensie ed geeft de piepel n goed aidie van je. Ze voelen raidewee dat het geen evverdee bisnis is. Ik lijk die kommen eds niet. Maar, of kos, evver wan kan ook geen pootrie raiten. Wel, de paardie was ook juust so swel als de ed. Wij hebben allemaal n riel nais taim gehad. Al onze kids waren er, of kos. En Bik Nik, de boetser, was er, en Sikke Pit, de teeler en hun woemens en latse brodders en zusters en kozzens en December

28 siekozzens van mij en mijn wijf. Wij had-den dominee ook ge-eskt, but die moest naar som ander plees. Dat was wel toe bed, maar wij heb hen toch meebie meer fon er door gehad, en ik en mijn wijf hebben latse nais pressens gekregen. Nou, ik zal maar bij t begin staarten. Wij kregen eerst allemaal n glas lemmeneedik, want t was warm. Ik zei dat ik de menfooks wel sur ven zou. En toen deed ik kwiek n luddel sjat moensjain in jets glas. Ik ben heelemaal geen boezer, hoor! Maar op n sellebressje moet je toch rielie niet zoo draai wezen. En ik had lest spring n luddel jaap peenten gedaan voor Jo Fladderakski, en toen had ik n koppel gellings in treed genomen. Wel, ze leken mijn lemmeneedik allemaal poediegoed, oonlie Sikke Pit zei, dat als hij niet wist dat dit kontrie draai was, zou hij sjoer denken dat hij kool pons dronk. Bik Nik wenkte met één aai naar mij en zei toe Sikke dat hij gehoord had dat de lemmens dis jier poedie raip geworden waren en dat ze meebie geveurment hadden aan de wee van Kallevornie toe Granraapis. Wel, Sikke zei dat het toch poedie goed teeste, en dat als ik nog meer had en hij mij niet bekortte, hij nog wel n ander glas lijken zou, want hij was poedie draai. Nou, toen hebben we allemaal nog n glas lemmeneedik gedronken. Efter dat hebben de guls n lons rondgesurfd. Maar dat werd niet op de teebel gepoet, no, we kregen dat allemaal in de hand. Ik lijk die leplonsen niet, want je hebt een bons met hem in de rait hand en n piese paai met n kop koffie in de left hand en n benenne met n dis vol aiskrien op de knie, zoodat het poedienier onpassebel is om n bait in de mond te krijgen. Mijn koffie is ten minste voor n bik paard in mijn Sondee 28 pents gekomen. En ik notisde dat Bik Nik en Sikke d r ook troebel mee hadden, maar de woemens waren er allemaal poedie hendie mee. Wel, die zijn ook heel diffrent gebild. Toen de lons over was, hadden onze kids een daaielok. n Rie fonnie wan. Spesjel gefikst voor n ennevurserie. Ze waren allemaal opge drest als beebies en het spoosde zoo te wezen dat zij juust bij hun deddie en ma kwamen. En die brachten ze dan n pressent mee en ieder gaf een kjoet liddel spiets, terwiji ze n piese peeper aan mij of aan ma gaven, waar op stond wat pressent dat ze brachten. Dat moest wel, joeno, van de latse piepel die en waren, want er was geen roem om de teebeltjes en armsjeers en ander presents allemaal bevoor ons te poeten. Nou, dat was fonnie, aiteljoe, en wij hebben geleft laik evver ting, spesjel om Henkie, die was t leste pies van zijn spiets uit zijn maind geslipt en toen zei hij: O hek, ai no it so slik jesterdee en it s al gon nou, but hier is mijn pressent, dat s juust so goed mit-out n spiets. Wel, toen hebben we weer a koppel glazen lemmeneedik gedronken en dit taim had ik het ook voor de woemens gefikst. Ze bregden alle maal dat ik het zoo hendie doen kon en dat het zoo nais teeste, maar geen een ketste aan wat er rielie inzat, als meebie oonlie Bik Nik en mijn brodder Kobbie, die kunnen niet zoo iezie gefoeld worden. Nou, efter dat hebben we n koppel hiems gezongen en toen heeft mijn jongste brodder Kobbie, hij is rielie Kobus gebeptaisd, maar ze kollen hem ailletaim Kobbie, een rezzeteesje gegeven waar we bij gekraaid hebben van t leffen. O, hij was fonnie. Wel, Kobbie is n kree zie nut. Hij heet lijk de does om te werken, maar hij kan sjoer n sellebreesje opbraiten. Alletaim jallie. Maar hij was ook al n koppel taims in de d.i.s. Magazine

29 kietsje geweest en hij had mijn gellingsche juk in de botterie gevonden, aigis, want Kobbie lijkt graag een snits. En nog liever n koppel. Wel, hij immeteete eerst een hokster die hallerde van: Eppee, sperregree, petee, kerree, temee, strabee, en hoe bij tokte met de woemens om ze rotten vedzetibbels te verkoopen. Toen spoosde hij een jiddische rekspeddeler te wezen en n Griek ken die stoor feller en a Deego benenne peddeler en toen ekte hij juust lijk n Polaksche gaai die om a jaap komt vragen op n funnesjes sjap. Och, och, wat hebben we onze bellies vast gehouden. Zoo n kloun. Bik Nik moest van leffen zijn nektail losmaken. Hij was riel benauwd. En Sikke Pit heeft zich toe taims in zijn lemineneedik verslikt, zoodat zijn wijf hem op de bek moest hitten om weer toe te komen. En de woemens, aideno! Wij hebben nevver in ons laif zoo n fon gehad. Nou, of kos, efter zoo n eksaitenment waren we allemaal draai geworden en moesten we wel weer n koppel lemmeneediks hebben. Wel, dat was ook fon, spesjel met Bik Nik zijn wijf. Die lefte nog maar al troe en dan hallerde ze van: Eppee, strabee, naise benenn, en dan leften wij allemaal ook weer. Nou, toen wij weer n luddel bit kwaait zaten, zou Sikke Pit a diesent woordje spreken, wat stichtelijk, joeno, want Sikke is eller, en wij nieden dat als joemen biens ook alle maal wel. But hij was nog maar n luddel wees, toen staarte Nik zijn wijf weer te leffen en hallerde: Reks, ool airen, en alle piepel leften zoo, dat Sikke wel stoppen moest. Wel, ik zei toen: sst, sst, want je kunt toch als vij f-en twintig jaar gemerried man en deddie van zes kids niet elouwen dat een eller zoo maar in een sieries spiets gestopt word. Nou, poediesoen was het dan ook weer zoo ver dat Sikke verder spietsen kon. En hij deed dat ook heel nais. Maar t leste niet lang of Nik s wijf hallerde weer: Rekstrabeesperregree. En toen was er notting meer aan be stoppen. Ze leften en hallerden allemaal zoo troe elkaar dat Sikke hemzelf niet meer verstaan kon. Hij loekte eerst med, but poedie soen lefte hij juust zoo hard als de anderen, spes je efter dat ik hem nog n glas lemmeneedik gegeven had. Wel, t was alles heel nais, but de taim stopte niet en t werd twaalf klok. Toen zeiden een koppel dat het zoowat kwittentaim was en t hielp niet of ik al zei dat t nog urlie was en ook niet dat Kobbie en Bik Nik en zijn wijf zongen van: Wie wont go hoom til morning. t December


d.i.s. magazine A QUARTERLY PUBLICATION OF THE DUTCH INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY VOLUME 36, NO. 3 December 2004 d.i.s. magazine A QUARTERLY PUBLICATION OF THE DUTCH INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY VOLUME 36, NO. 3 December 2004 Contents Meditatie... 4 DIS Financial Statement... 5 News in Brief...6 s.s. Zuiderkruis, June 14,

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The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913.

The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. Perth WA November 2010 Volume 42 Issue 9 The Sint Martinuskerk in the town of Cuijk, in the province of North Brabant. This church with twin towers was built from 1911-1913. In 1945 it was badly damaged

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AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007.

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007. AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND bi-monthly magazine - price (incl GST) AUS $4.95 - NZ $5.00 - vol.2 no. 4 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 holland focus The final Bloemencorso in Aalsmeer A look behind the windows,

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spin-off from the royal visit

spin-off from the royal visit Double Dutch nr 14 Double Dutch 2011 june the magazine of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam spin-off from the royal visit and the economic mission to vietnam mission impression trade mission 28-31

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DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443

DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics. Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 DG390 User Focus and Perspective Basics Allitze Faro s131819 Dominique Fürst s139501 Cesar de Schepper s110443 Date: 10-1-2014 1 Table of Contents Introduction page 3 Context of Use Analysis page 4 Context

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hospitality industry The IBUS Company Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie van Hodder Cabaret: Irene van der Aart 8 november New Company

hospitality industry The IBUS Company Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie van Hodder Cabaret: Irene van der Aart 8 november New Company Double Dutch nr 6double dutch 2008 oktober hospitality industry My COMPANY New Company The IBUS Company Dinner is served Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie van Hodder Cabaret: Irene van der Aart 8

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Queen s Day. Smartkids opent. Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan Kees & Gerrion Welterusten mijnheer de president. New company in Town.

Queen s Day. Smartkids opent. Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan Kees & Gerrion Welterusten mijnheer de president. New company in Town. Double Dutch nr1 double dutch 2007 april Coming up Queen s Day Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan Kees & Gerrion Welterusten mijnheer de president Vraag & aanbod Condex, yellow pages for construction boekbespreking

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Ezelsoor: Newsletter of the Department of Book and Digital Media Studies

Ezelsoor: Newsletter of the Department of Book and Digital Media Studies Ezelsoor: Newsletter of the Department of Book and Digital Media Studies Spring 2006 Index Editorial Welcome to the second issue of the renewed Ezelsoor. Here we hope to provide you with the latest developments

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The physical and the virtual world are converging

The physical and the virtual world are converging Annual Report 2010 The physical and the virtual world are converging Book about living inside the net > 18 A single particle accelerator or a herd of PhD students? Impact of large-scale research facilities

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VIET NAM SAI GON. Lai Chau HA NOI. Halong Bay. Ninh Binh. Vinh. Vinh Moc. Da Nang Hoi An. My Son. My Lai. Kon Tum. Pleiku. Buon Ma Thuot.

VIET NAM SAI GON. Lai Chau HA NOI. Halong Bay. Ninh Binh. Vinh. Vinh Moc. Da Nang Hoi An. My Son. My Lai. Kon Tum. Pleiku. Buon Ma Thuot. Lai Chau HA NOI Halong Bay Ninh Binh Vinh VIET NAM Vinh Moc DMZ Hue Da Nang Hoi An My Son My Lai Kon Tum Pleiku Buon Ma Thuot Dalat Nha Trang Cu Chi Mui Ne uoc Can Tho Chau Doc SAI GON (Ho Chi Minh City)

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Colofon. Van de voorzitter. Inhoud. Dear family members!

Colofon. Van de voorzitter. Inhoud. Dear family members! Colofon Van de voorzitter Het Crommelin Journal is een uitgave van de Stichting Familie Crommelin. Het Crommelin Journal verschijnt twee keer per jaar in het voorjaar en najaar. Het Crommelin Journal wordt

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Colofon. Fly-Over Volume 18 - Number 2 March 2008. Board Leon Lammers Steven Quick Patrick van Dalen Yvonne van Zon Maarten Houtzager Anne Dijkstra

Colofon. Fly-Over Volume 18 - Number 2 March 2008. Board Leon Lammers Steven Quick Patrick van Dalen Yvonne van Zon Maarten Houtzager Anne Dijkstra Colofon Fly-Over Volume 18 - Number 2 March 2008 Dispuut Verkeer is established at 10 May 1990 and is the study association for students who will graduate in the masters of Transport & Planning, Road &

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Summer 2015. Mijn cursiefje gaat dit keer over ROKERSETIQUETTE iets wat door de jaren heen serieus veranderd is.

Summer 2015. Mijn cursiefje gaat dit keer over ROKERSETIQUETTE iets wat door de jaren heen serieus veranderd is. Summer 2015 EDITORIAL Honesty or the lack thereof will reflect on your personal and business relationships and will positively or negatively impact on your personal brand. In my article HONESTY A value

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JAARGANG 4, NR. 3 SPRING 2010 JAARGANG 4, NR. 3 SPRING 2010 Wanneer ben je een goede zakenman/vrouw? Doe je voordeel met de kennis van Nick Hewer De weg naar meer en betere aanbevelingen Ga voor groen met de Powerteamactie 2010 OOK

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A project with undocumented people in amsterdam edition 01 / summer 2009 www.redocumented.org

A project with undocumented people in amsterdam edition 01 / summer 2009 www.redocumented.org A project with undocumented people in amsterdam edition 01 / summer 2009 www.redocumented.org EDOCUMENTED REDOCUMENTED Geen mens is illegaal, was een belangrijke kreet van een campagne tegen het vreemdelingenbeleid

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen.

Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2008 tijdvak 2 maandag 16 juni 13.30-15.30 uur Engels CSE GL en TL Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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Fotowedstrijd. My job. My company. Op de valreep. Prikbord. Dutch Business Association Vietnam. voor de volgende voorpagina. F&B managers @ work

Fotowedstrijd. My job. My company. Op de valreep. Prikbord. Dutch Business Association Vietnam. voor de volgende voorpagina. F&B managers @ work Double Dutch nr 10 double dutch 2010 februari Fotowedstrijd voor de volgende voorpagina My job F&B managers @ work My company Nedcoffee The belly of an architect Op de valreep familie Kerckhaert Prikbord

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On Wednesday, August 13,

On Wednesday, August 13, Our Centenary Celebration PAGE 12 VOL. 100 NO. 9 18 SEPTEMBER 2014 My Belgian Waffle Story PAGE 17 The Belgian Connection Destruction of Leuven PAGE 19 No More War PAGE 22 Onder de Hoge Bescherming van

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Newsletter 98. Fantastic Voyage

Newsletter 98. Fantastic Voyage Newsletter 98 June 2015 BCN - SCHOOL FOR BEHAVIOURAL AND COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCES IN THIS ISSUE Interview with professor Tom Koole 2 Afterthoughts: Interactive double interview with Rimke Groenewold & Laura

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. RoboCup. Introducing. SpectrumEE. Onderwijsdag. September 2013 23

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. RoboCup. Introducing. SpectrumEE. Onderwijsdag. September 2013 23 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering RoboCup Introducing SpectrumEE Onderwijsdag September 2013 23 IN A WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY A BELIEF IN PEOPLE Op zoek naar verantwoordelijkheid? Afwisseling? Internationale

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. LustrumThor. Quadcopters. ElektroGoesDownUnder. Maart 2013 21 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering News LustrumThor Quadcopters ElektroGoesDownUnder Maart 2013 21 GEZOCHT: HORIZONVERBREDERS M/V Met enkele jaren werkervaring al doorgroeien naar manager Lars Huizinga,

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Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. dinsdag 22 mei 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen.

Examen VMBO-GL en TL. Engels CSE GL en TL. dinsdag 22 mei 13.30-15.30 uur. Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Examen VMBO-GL en TL 2012 tijdvak tijd 1 dinsdag 22 mei 13.30-15.30 uur Engels CSE GL en TL Bij dit examen horen twee uitwerkbijlagen. Beantwoord alle leesvragen in uitwerkbijlage 1. Maak de schrijfopdracht

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Mywayfr en effet, une bonne base win-win pour chaque partie :)

Mywayfr en effet, une bonne base win-win pour chaque partie :) 1 Dear reader, I have to confess something, but please, don tell my creatives: I started my professional life as a Market Researcher. Later, when I came home to advertising, I was always fascinated by

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Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. Internships. BachelorCollegeLive. PhotoImpressionGLOW. December 2012 20

Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering. News. Internships. BachelorCollegeLive. PhotoImpressionGLOW. December 2012 20 Faculteitsblad Electrical Engineering News Internships BachelorCollegeLive PhotoImpressionGLOW December 2012 20 I Colofon Jaargang 5 nummer 4 December 2012 De Connecthor is een uitgave van de elektrotechnische

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De Jonge Akademie, a new and a leaving member meet

De Jonge Akademie, a new and a leaving member meet 75 BCN - Graduate School for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences j u n e 2 0 0 9 Newsletter De Jonge Akademie, a new and a leaving member meet De Jonge Akademie (The Young Academy, DJA) was formed in

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Christiaan Huijg Managing Director Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam

Christiaan Huijg Managing Director Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam January 0 WTC News Ambities voor 0 Voorop Voor 0 koesteren we verschillende ambities. Buiten kijf staat dat we voorop willen blijven lopen als internationaal zakencentrum, met onze bereikbaarheid, voorzieningen

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Art & Culture. Dutch Artists in Vietnam Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie Ketelaar Queen s Ball & Koninginnedag

Art & Culture. Dutch Artists in Vietnam Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie Ketelaar Queen s Ball & Koninginnedag Double Dutch nr 4double dutch 2008 maart Art & Culture My COMPANY ONE Dutch Artists in Vietnam Op de valreep, 10 vragen aan de familie Ketelaar Queen s Ball & Koninginnedag Vraag & aanbod Dutch Business

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