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1 DistriNet Kick-off meeting DiCoMas 29 Januari, 2008

2 Overzicht Structuur departement computerwetenschappen DistriNet Task Forces Gedistribueerde SW en Veilige SW Projecten Doctoraten

3 Departement Computerwetenschappen Departement Computerwetenschappen Toegepaste Wiskunde Informatica DistriNet DTAI SOM Hypermedia Computer grafieken

4 DistriNet Computer netwerken & Systeem SW middleware & geavanceerde diensten domein specifieke applicatie raamwerken Scope: Gedistribueerde systemen Veilige Software Toepassingsdomeinen: Netwerken, middleware, internet architecturen, beveiliging, embedded systems, multi-agent systemen

5 Task Forces SecDAM SecLAN LanTam AgentWise SecANON Networking Embedded Systems 6+ ZAP, >10 PostDocs, >60 Onderzoekers

6 Gedistribueerde SW Missie SW engineering process gedistr. Toep. Dyn. Configureerbaar Aanpasbaarheid & zelf-mgt QoS SW kwaliteit Herbruikbaarheid Scheiding van Open systemen Onderzoeksdomeinen Architecturen SOA Draadloze netwerken MAS & coordinatie modellen Context-bewuste toep Multi-tier architecturen

7 Gedistribueerde SW Onderzoeksdomeinen SW Engineering AOD MDD Programmeertalen Ondersteuningsplatform Componenten platformen Webservices Embedded systems Mgt diensten, policies distributie, load balancing

8 Veilige Software Missie: Veilige gedistr. Systemen SW engineering proces Programmeertalen & verificatie Middleware Onderzoeksdomeinen: Ontwikkelingsproces Analyse veiligheidseisen Architecturen Componenten & compositie Programmeren Programmeertalen Verificatie

9 Veilige Software Toepassingsdomeinen Mgt van SW/systemen Risico Analyse Policy talen Monitoring / Mgt Beveiligings-infrastructuren ID mgt Oplossingen Sota systemen Vaste / mobiele / ad-hoc netwerken Embedded systemen Toepassingsdomeinen Beveiligingstechnieken Crypto. protocollen Trusted computing Anonimiteit & privacy Credentials Veilige SW ontwikkeling Modellen Verificatie Taalconstructies

10 Samenwerking Industriele partners AGFA Alcatel-Lucent Barco Concentra Media DoCoMo Euro-Labs Egemin EMC LMS Engineering Microsoft Research NXP Siemens-Nokia Academische partners UA VUB UG UH Lancaster Univ. McGill Univ. TU Darmstadt Univ. Trento IMEC UNRIA

11 Projecten ADAPID (SBO) Advanced Applications for e-id AspectLab (SBO) Advanced Aspect oriented SW Development CoDaMOS (SBO) Context-Driven Adaptation of Mobile Services DiCoMas (SBO) Distributed Collaboration using MAS architectures OptiMMA (SBO) Optimized Middleware for Event-driven Applications Rabbit (SBO) Framework for Dyn. Reactive Resource Scheduling SoBeNet (SBO) Software Security for Network Applications E Hawk (O&O) Egemin Hybrid Automation for Warehousing Kernel VOLGES (O&O) Volgende Generatie Stuurplatform

12 Projecten Acknowledge Accessible & Open Knowledge Infrastructure for Flanders CoCoMedia Collaborative Community Media CROSLOCiS Creation of Small City Services CUPID Cultural Profile and Information Database DEUS Deployment and Easy Use of Wireless Services E-HIP E-Health Information Platforms Flexsys Flexible Traffic Management System IDEM Identity Management for egovernment Multi-modal CargoTransport PecMan Personal Content Management Platform QoE End-to-End Quality of Experience SPAMM Solutions Platform for Advanced Mobile Mesh

13 Projecten CLAWS (FWO) Cross-Layer raamwerk voor heterogene draadloze sensor netwerken CoLaSUE (FWO) Context-Aware Local Service Fabrics in Large Scale UbicompEnvironments ConDAnUsl Study of the Concept of Context in Relation to Distributed Applications MDE Formal Support for the Transformation of Software Models PSI Provable Security at Implementation Level BCRYPT (IUAP) Belgian Fundamental Research on Cryptology and Information Security MOVES (IUAP) Modelling, Verification and Evolution of SW CONDOR (SenterNovem) High-tech Embedded Systems Challenges

14 Projecten ACDPS GOA K.U.Leuven Autonomic Computing for Decentralized Production Systems LOMS Local Mobile Services SPICES Support for Predictable Integration of Mission Critical Embedded Systems AOSD-Europe (NoE) European Network of Excellence on Aspect Oriented Software Development MiNEMA (ESF) Middleware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications MUSIC (IP-FP6) Self-Adapting Applications for Mobile Users in Ubiquitous Computing Environments S3MS (STREP-FP6) Security of SW & Services for Mobile Systems

15 Projecten (afgelopen) Autoconfiguration and Remote Mgt of Any Home E-Paper News on Digital Paper T-CASE Technologies and Capabilities for Service Enabling. agco2 Agents for Coordination and Control RACING Runtime Adaptable Component Infrastructure for active ad-hoc NetworkinG APES (STWW) Anonymity & Privacy in Electronic Services EMC2 (O&O) Egemin Modular Control Concept EPIA (O&O) Egemin Platform for Integrated Automation QMedit (KMO) Healthcare networks of the 21st century: a clinical pathway based approach SCAN Service Centric Access Networks SEESCOA (STWW) Software Engineering for Embedded Systems using a Component-Oriented Approach Wit-CASE (O&O) Workflow Innovations, Technologies and Capabilities for Service Enabling

16 Projecten (afgelopen) AGILE Development for Embedded Systems DigiNews Digital Newspaper Infrastructure for Mobile E-paper Terminals EMPRESS Evolution Mgt & Process for RT Embedded SW Systems MARTES Model-based Approach to Real-time Embedded Systems

17 Doctoraten (laatste 1.5 jaar) Dynamically updating component-oriented systems Uniform and modular access control for software applications Yves Vandewoude Tine Verhanneman An arch.-centric approach for developing timing-driven self-adaptive SW syst. Andrew Wils A statistically verifiable programming model for concurrent object-oriented progs Bart Jacobs Static and dyn. verification of indirect data sharing in component-based apps Lieven Desmet Dynamic SW reconfiguration in programmable networks Nico Janssens

18 Doctoraten (laatste 1.5 jaar) An ant-based approach for solving dynamic constraint optimization problems Koenraad Mertens Supporting coordination in mobile networks: A middleware approach Kurt Schelfhout Task- and resource-aware component deployment in ambient intelligent env. Peter Rigole An architecture-centric approach for SW engineering with situated MAS Danny Weyns Mobile sessions in heterogeneous networks Tom Mahieu Pragmatic countermeasures for implem.-related vulnerabilities in Web apps Chris Vandenberghe A methodology for anonymity control in electronic services using credentials Vincent Naessens

19 Doctoraten (laatste 1.5 jaar) Abstractions for improving, creating and reusing object-oriented programming langauges Marko Van Dooren Simulation of distributed control applications in dynamic environments Alexander Helleboogh Analysing and engineering self-organizing emergent applications Tom De Wolf A constraint-centric approach for object-oriented conceptual modeling Stefan Van Baelen