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1 1 Driven Marketing

2 2 Stichting Beeckestijn Management Educatie 07 oktober 2010 Egbert Jan van Bel Driven Marketing

3 3 Egbert Jan van Bel

4 4 Where to go

5 Basics, or? 5 Peter Drucker ( ) The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer The foundations have to be customer values and customer decisions. It is with those that management policy and management strategy increasingly will have to start

6 Marketing defined- yesterday 6 Philip Kotler satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process Within this exchange transaction customers will only exchange what they value (money) if they feel that their needs are being fully satisfied, clearly the greater the benefit provided the higher transactional value an organisation can charge

7 Marketing defined - today 7 AMA, American Marketing Association (2010)

8 Marketing tomorrow? (think about it, yeah!) 8 Marketing is the delivery of a standard of living to society Paul Mazur (1953, professor University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School)

9 9 Important observations


11 11 The shift (mass / individual / mass)

12 12 Brand trend

13 13 Decline of brands

14 14 USP

15 15 USP -> UBR

16 The Generic Value Chain (M. Porter) (M. Porter) 16 Support Activities Firm infrastructure Human resource management Technology development Procurement Margin Inbound Logistics Operations Outbound Logistics Marketing and sales Service Margin Primary Activities

17 The Value-Delivery Process 17 Traditional: physical process sequence Make the Product Sell the Product Design Product Procure Make Price Sell Advertise/ Promote Distribute Service Strategic Marketing Tactical marketing

18 The Value-Delivery Process 18 New: value creation and delivery process Choose the Value Provide the Value Communicate the Value Strategic Marketing Tactical marketing

19 Markets today? 19 Suppliers Customer

20 Markets tomorrow? 20 Suppliers Networking Interface =? Comparisement Customer

21 Marketing contact as it was 21 orientation communicate the offer new needs new propositions purchase/install transaction management problem solving help/service

22 Shift touchpoints 22 needs orientation purchase/install problem solving new needs propositions communicate the offer transaction management help/service new propositions

23 Shift touchpoints 23 needs orientation purchase/install problem solving new needs propositions communicate the offer transaction management help/service new propositions

24 Shift touchpoints 24 needs orientation purchase/install problem solving new needs TV/Radio Print Mail Retail/FTF Call Center Website propositions communicate the offer transaction management help/service new propositions

25 Touchpoints vs customer value 25 recommend continue grow Customer Value (2 versions!) price performance image touchpoints touchpoints touchpoints touchpoints touchpoints needs orientation purchase/install problem solving new needs Channel a Channel z propositions communicate the offer transaction management help/service new propositions

26 Differentiation 26 Product Distributie Prijs Managing product lifecycle Promotie Brand Netwerk, community Media en kanalen Disruptie & Innovatie Managing customer lifecycle

27 27 Michael Porter: generic strategies

28 28 Treacy&Wiersema: value disciplines

29 29 EDM: customer disciplines (E.J. van Bel)

30 30

31 Certainty is to manage uncertainty 31 Business-models were defined in the more or less stable years and adapted to the roaring 80 s. What about models today? The reality today isn t approachable with models anymore. The challenge is to manage complex businesses in a state of chaos, like fractals Make use of shared intelligence (knowledge, experience, creatives, tools, wisdom of crowds) Don t forget, marketing is the standard of living to society

32 Business, a bit different 32 Blablabla so??? Customer lock-in becomes mutual commitment Reduction of brands Different spending of marketing budget Less typical marketing budget Shift from seduction to service and experience Shift from sales to service to social Time is worth more than money Consuming in stead of selecting Cooperative markets and competitors (interfacing) War on reputation and data (information) From media planning to media control (PR, dialogue)

33 33 Why & What EDM

34 Definition 34 Driven Marketing: Driven Marketing (EDM): a discipline within marketing, where commercial and communications activities are based upon relevant and identified changes in a customer s individual needs

35 35

36 Steps in EDM 36 event indicator score trigger campaign action

37 EDM Quadrant 37 P R E D I C T A B L E Low Hi Interactive Singular Anticipative Repetitive Short term Long term T I M E>

38 38 EDM Quadrant

39 EDM = Campaign and channel optimization (Cmotions) Channel Optimization: Campaign Optimization: Select the best channel for Select the best offer for each customer each customer Offers A %$ C Contact customer B %$ C %$ 3 Interaction Policies: Avoid overloading of customers

40 Sanoma Uitgevers Nederland 40 Tijdschriften Evenementen Websites

41 Ambitie 41 Verhoging resultaten winback*: +50% Verhoging contactdruk Toepassen meerdere outbound kanalen Uitnuttig inbound klantcontacten Propositie & aanbieding aanpassen aan klant & moment juiste aanbieding op juiste moment aan juiste klant in juiste kanaal(en) * Winback is actief teruggeworven abonnees tussen opzegmoment en 3 maanden na afloop van abonnement

42 Winback anno Sanoma 42 Bedankmoment ing prebedankers 2 weken voor TLM Direct Mail Einde abonnement Direct Mail Service- mails Real Time Recovery Bevestigingscall Bedankpagina TLM prebedankers 6-10 weken voor afloop abonnement: Cadeauabonnementen Proefabonnementen Prebedankers Bladcadeau ing bedankers 2 weken voor TLM TLM bedankers 2-6 weken na afloop abonnement: Bedrijfsabonnementen Bedankers

43 Gepersonaliseerde cover 43 Response 13,8% ROI 205%

44 Possible EDM goals 44 Revenue Profit Less Loss Loss Time

45 45 More Efficient Acquisition More Frequent Up/Cross Sell Longer Lasting Relationship Revenue Profit Less Loss Loss Time 7x increase in response rate, 80% reduction in costs

46 46 More Efficient Acquisition More Frequent Up/Cross Sell Longer Lasting Relationship More Profit Revenue Profit Less Loss Loss Time 100% improvement in response for Business Highway up-sell campaign

47 47 More Efficient Acquisition More Frequent Up/Cross Sell Longer Lasting Relationship Even More Profit Revenue Profit Less Loss Loss Time Improved retention of core high value products, increasing bank s overall profitability by 10-20%

48 Einde garantie EDM in Automotive - CLF Offerte Proefrit Koop/Lease Bezoek showroom Levering Service beurt Einde lease Service beurt APK servicebeurt Verjaardag Montage trekhaak Verjaardag Verjaardag Km+ benzine diesel Proefrit Reparatie 3 Jaar 2organise 48

49 2organise EDM in Automotive - CLF Communicatie wordt continu getriggerd op basis van individueel gedrag van de klant! 49 Tijd> Vandaag

50 Example bank 50 AIDA klant Indicator / trigger Actie bank Medium keuze Evaluatie Aantrekken Interesse in beleggen Klant zonder beleggingsprodu ct klikt op beleggingsitems site Signaal naar lokale bank om onderwerp beleggen voor te stellen aan klant , brief, telefoon, bezoek Respons, ja/nee Informeren Rentedaling Rentestand lager dan door klant opgegeven drempel Melding actuele rentestand is gedaald tot , brief, belletje KTO Adviseren Hypotheek periode loopt af Signalering database 1 jaar van tevoren Nieuw tarief en uitnodiging adviseur tot gesprek Doorlopende campagne Ja/nee, KTO Transactie sluiten Mistransactie Signalering banksaldo systeem Aanbieding doorlopend krediet Mail, brief Ja/nee, hoogte Service verlenen Klant verhuist Bericht komt bij account mngr Bank regelt alle verhuiszaken Brief, , telemkg Retentie, KTO Relatie onderhouden Verjaardag Verjaardag klantdatum = datum Verjaardagskaart Post, mail KTO


52 52 Never let your pipeline run dry

53 53 Er bestaan geen domme vragen, wel domme antwoorden... 53

54 Contact 54 Egbert Jan van Bel Beeckestijn Business School Postbus AJ Leusden T +31 (0) F +31 (0) E W