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1 Number 149** COLLECTION OF MARITIME PRESS CLIPPINGS ***Friday News reports received from readers and Internet News articles taken from various news sites. THIS NEWSLETTER IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY : VLIERODAM WIRE ROPES Ltd. wire ropes, chains, hooks, shackles, webbing slings, lifting beams, crane blocks, turnbuckles etc. Binnenbaan VB RHOON The Netherlands Telephone: (+31) (+31) (a.o.h.) Fax : (+31) Internet & The SMIT BARRACUDA seen fitting out at the IHC shipyard, VLIERODAM supplied and installed the fendering and the towing wire onboard. Photo : Huug van Bokkum PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 1 8/18/2006

2 SMITWIJS TOWAGE B.V. Westplein 5b 3016 BM Rotterdam The Netherlands Telephone: Telefax: DO YOU HAVE PICTURES OR OTHER SHIPPING RELATED INFORMATION FOR THE NEWS CLIPPINGS?? PLEASE SEND THIS TO : EVENTS, INCIDENTS & OPERATIONS The 9.6 mtr WINDRIB 11 in action offshore IJmuiden, the IJmuiden build (TP-Marine) RIB is powered by an 350 hp Volvo Penta D6-350 engine which gives the boat a top speed of 42 knots. The WINDRIB 11 is operated by WINDCAT WORKBOATS ( ISKES en Bais Maritieme ) a company which is also operating the windcats at the new offshore windmill park. The workboat is able to carry outside the crew of 2 persons maximum 12 passengers. Photo : Arno Post 'Drug' submarine found near Spain PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 2 8/18/2006

3 Cocaine traffickers may be using submarines to smuggle drugs into Europe, Spanish police said on Monday after finding a 10.5-meter (35-foot) long submarine drifting off the country's northwestern coast. The empty blue-gray craft was found in an inlet near the Atlantic on Sunday following a telephone tip-off in the Galicia region, a spokesman for the Civil Guard police said. "The main theory is that it belonged to drug traffickers," the spokesman said. He said that while no drugs were found on board, police suspected the craft might have been used by smugglers who made a run for it when the authorities arrived on their boat. Spain's rugged northwestern coast, with difficult to patrol coves and bays, is a major entry point for Colombian cocaine into Europe. Although the Galicia Civil Guard have never seized a smugglers' submarine before, traffickers have been known to use submersible craft elsewhere to ferry cocaine between shore and mother ship. In 2000, Colombian police found a 30-meter (100-foot) long submarine with the capacity to carry up to 200 tonnes of cocaine worth billions of dollars still under construction in the Andes mountains near Bogota. New craft joins NSRI fleet There s a new addition to the South African National Sea Rescue Institute s rescue fleet and it bears its benefactors name. The Spirit of Safmarine III was officially named yesterday at the NSRI s Cape Town Victoria & Alfred Waterfront base. This year Safmarine celebrates its 60th anniversary. By funding this new addition to the NSRI rescue fleet, we hope to continue the Spirit of Safmarine legacy and allow the NSRI to do what it does best - saving lives, Safmarine s Africa region executive, Alan Jones, said at the naming ceremony. Woman 'stole $500,000 from cruise ship' AN Australian woman working as the chief purser on a luxury cruise ship has been charged in the United States with stealing $521,274 from the ship's safe and hiding it in her cabin. Elisha Cuffe, 32, was arrested and escorted off the luxury liner Sapphire Princess in front of passengers after the ship docked at the Alaskan port city of Ketchikan last week. Ms Cuffe, who gave her Australian address to authorities as East Gosford on the New South Wales central coast, has remained locked up in an Alaskan jail since her arrest. She has been unable to meet bail and declined an offer from US authorities to contact the Australian consulate. Alaskan state troopers allege Ms Cuffe, a 10-year veteran of the cruise line, hid the cash in a cardboard box at the end of her bed. The ship's security personnel became suspicious during their voyage from Vancouver, Canada, to Whittier, Alaska, when money from the safe, which Ms Cuffe had access to, began disappearing, police said. An investigation was launched onboard and Ms Cuffe's room was searched. "There were some discrepancies in the cash onboard beginning around the 20th of May," spokesman for the Alaskan State Troopers, Greg Wilkinson, said. "She had been questioned about it, denied any knowledge of it. "As part of the onboard investigation they asked to search her room and at that point they discovered the money in a cardboard box at the foot of her bed." PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 3 8/18/2006

4 The ship and its route is popular with tourists around the world, including Australians, as it takes passengers through the Gulf of Alaska providing with views of the Glacier Bay National Park. The FBI was alerted to the alleged theft by the ship's security personnel. Alaskan state trooper Gary Webb, who was one of two troopers called by the FBI to interview Ms Cuffe on the ship, said she admitted to taking the money to her room. Ms Cuffe, however, said she was not planning to flee with the cash, he said. "She said she had taken the money because the ship's computer was showing less money than was actually on hand in the safe," he said. "She said she didn't have any plans on removing the money from the ship." Ms Cuffe appeared in Ketchikan District Court on Friday, where bail was set at $39,000 in cash. She could not make the bail. Ms Cuffe was charged with felony theft in the first degree. If convicted she faces up to 10 years in jail and a $130,300 fine. The Australian's arrest is front page news in Alaska. "This a large sum of money for a theft case in Alaska," Mr Wilkinson said. "We don't see thefts of over $US400,000 very often in Alaska." The Sapphire Princess is one of the jewels of the Princess Cruises fleet. It can carry 2,760 passengers and offers 740 balcony staterooms for guests, four swimming pools, boutique shops and a spa. The ship has toured the globe, including trips to Australia. One of Ms Cuffe's relatives from Forresters Beach, near Gosford, today said her family was distraught by the news but did not want to make any further comment. It's too difficult for us at the moment, and we want to have our privacy respected, she said. She did not give her name, and her relationship to Ms Cuffe was not clarified. Model of the Dutch Rescue tug WAKER build by Jan van der Werf. see for more models the website : PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 4 8/18/2006

5 Four companies bid to remove Safmarine Agulhas wreck Four international companies submitted tenders to remove the wreck of the container ship Safmarine Agulhas from the western breakwater of East London harbour. Tenders closed Wednesday and according to the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) bids have been received from two South African-based salvage companies and two foreign-based. SAMSA said it would take several weeks for the tenders to be evaluated before one of the bidders is awarded the contract. In terms of the contract the wreck has to be removed right down to seabed level with a February 2007 deadline set for the completion of the contract. This will however be regarded as flexible in the event of adverse weather. The four companies bidding for the contract are: Cape Town-based Smit Salvage, a division of the Dutch salvage company. SvitzerWijsmuller, which is a division of the AP Moller Group with offices in Cape Town. US-based Titan Marine. Dutch company Mammoet Salvage. Safmarine Agulhas has been on the breakwater since 26 June when she ran aground after losing engine power shortly after sailing from harbour. The ship was carrying a cargo of containers and was bound for Durban. All but 80 of the containers were taken off the shipwreck by salvage company Smit Salvage, along with the majority of the fuel oil. There has been no serious contamination but 80 containers remained on board the vessel when the salvage effort was curtailed. By that stage heavy seas had caused the ship to break in half and further salvage efforts were deemed to be too dangerous to continue. LUXURY TAX: CHECKS UNDERWAY, DOZENS OF YACHTS FINED There are dozens of owners of boats who, on landing in Sardinia, have been fined by forest rangers for not having paid the regional tax for non-residents. The checks began on August 9, since the much-debated regional law allowed for 60 days to conform to regulations. On August 8 the deadline expired and the Forest Rangers set in motion on-thespot checks in the island's tourist ports. Many - according to the command of the regional forest rangers - have refused to pay because they say they have only stopped for "technical reasons", while others have said they are waiting for the ruling on the appeals by the Constitutional Court of the European Union. The rangers are filling out the reports and sending them to the regional revenue agency, which has the task of carrying out the checks and, if the tax were not to be paid, to send out the orders for payment. Many, however, have paid immediately at the post. The norms call for rates which go from 1,000 euros for boats with a length of over 14 metres to 15,000 for ships over 60 metres long. The regional government - in order to meet virtuous yacht owners halfway - are providing for the possibility of also paying by credit card online. Sardinian ports in no way seem to be undergoing a crisis - even if there are no official statistics available at the moment - because most of the boat owners availed themselves of the trick of an annual contract. It was a proposal made by many ports which have offered landings for 12 months at very favourable prices. The possibility to make use of this solution is provided for by the law which exempts from payment of the tax "boats which are docked for the entire year in regional port structures". PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 5 8/18/2006

6 Winst spuit eruit bij Smit Internationale Maritiem dienstverlener Smit Internationale voerde de winst in het eerste halfjaar op van 18,9 miljoen euro in de vergelijkbare periode van vorig jaar tot 29,7 miljoen euro nu. Vooral de havensleepdivisie Harbour Towage en de zwaartransport- en kraandivisie zagen het resultaat flink verbeteren. Het bedrijfsresultaat steeg zelfs 59 procent tot 32 miljoen euro. Analisten waren van een lagere winstgroei uitgegaan. Voor het hele jaar rekent Smit een nettowinstgroei van 25 tot 35 procent. Bij Harbour Towage steeg het resultaat van 9 tot 15 miljoen euro. Dat kwam door kostenbesparingen en goede prestaties in Canada en Panama. Bij Transport & Heavy Lift (zwaar transport, hijswerk, pontonverhuur) ging het bedrijfsresultaat omhoog van 2,2 miljoen euro in de eerste helft van vorig jaar tot 13,4 miljoen euro. De bergers van Smit deden het daarentegen minder. Smit zag het aantal opdrachten aanzienlijk afnemen, waardoor het resultaat daalde van 3,8 miljoen tot 1,2 miljoen euro. Voor de rest van het jaar zijn inmiddels wel flink wat nieuwe contracten afgesloten. Ook de terminaldivisie moest een lichte winstdaling melden. Eind vorig jaar ging een contract verloren. Deze divsie zucht ook onder forse pensioenlasten. Smit meldt verder de komst van een nieuwe financiële topman. Per 1 september komt I.G.M. Verbruggen over van Shell. Hij wordt per 1 januari de hoofdverantwoordelijke voor de financiën. SHOREPOWER FOR OOSTERDAM & WESTERDAM Vista-class cruise ships ms Westerdam and ms Oosterdam have been retrofitted to use shore power at the Port of Seattle to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. The first Oosterdam plug-in date was July 29th, followed by the Westerdam on July 30th. The Holland America Line ships will buy and use electricity ("shore power") provided by Seattle City Light, instead of diesel fuel, for power while docked in Seattle. We are pleased to introduce shore power in Holland America Line s hometown of Seattle, said Stein Kruse, president and chief executive officer. We are very supportive of Mayor Nickel s and the Port of Seattle s initiatives to reduce air emissions, which was certainly a driver in making Seattle the test port for this project. The success of this project was made possible by working in collaboration with the Port of Seattle, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Seattle City Light, Cochran Electric and other engineering consultants. The total cost to retrofit is nearly $1 million per ship. In addition, approximately $1.5 million has been spent dockside to establish hook-ups and install a transformer. Other than a $25,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Holland America Line has assumed all of these costs. After docking under their own power, the Oosterdam and Westerdam are hooked up to shore power within minutes. Power generation is transferred back to the ship shortly before departure. The Port estimates a ship will use PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 6 8/18/2006

7 about the same amount of electricity per call as the Columbia Tower uses each weekday. The approximate cost for shore power each time a ship plugs in is $5,000. Seattle City Light will pay up to $10,000 annually to purchase greenhouse gas offsets resulting from the use of shore power as part of the City s program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is based on a variable quota of kilowatts used while ship(s) are plugged in. For the second year in a row, Seattle City Light has reached its goal of net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions, said Jorge Carrasco, Seattle City Light superintendent. Holland America Line has shown environmental stewardship by converting to shore power and preserving the special qualities of the Puget Sound basin that draw so many visitors here annually. City Light applauds Holland America Line s leadership to use clean, hydrogenerated electricity when its ships are in port. Cooperation from industry goes a long way on helping City Light reach its greenhouse gas neutrality goal. The ms Noordam will also be retrofitted to use shore power for its 2007 sailings from the Port of Seattle. The Oosterdam sails Saturdays and the Westerdam sails Sundays through the 2006 Alaska cruise season. Body Of Woman Who Went Missing From Cruise Ship Is Found The FBI says a body recovered off the coast of Italy is that of a Florida woman who disappeared from a cruise ship in July. Lourdes Hall, an FBI spokeswoman, says Elizabeth Galeana, 22, is a victim of drowning, and that foul play is not suspected. The Voyager of the Seas She tells The Associated Press, "The body has been released to the family." Galeana was reported missing on July 25 from Voyager of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International ship. She was last seen as the ship was heading toward Naples, Italy from the port of Civitavecchia. Her sister reported Galeana missing about seven hours after their last meeting. Michael Sheehan, a spokesman for the Miami-based cruise line, says Galeana probably fell off the ship. He says the company is cooperating with investigators. Oil spill could get worse, warns Manila The Philippines said yesterday that a massive oil spill could get much worse without urgent help to lift a stricken tanker, still loaded with fuel, off the ocean floor. Environmental disaster: Fishermen watch the oil that accumulates and drips from their outrigger after coming from the sea yesterday in Guimaras island in central Philippines six days after the oil tanker sank The spill, which has already devastated nature sites and covered miles of coastline in black sludge, has been caused by only a fraction of the oil on the doomed Solar I seeping out of the ship's hold, officials said. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 7 8/18/2006

8 Dead fish, crabs and other marine organisms were starting to wash up on the blackened shores of this central Philippine town that suffered some of the worst contamination. President Gloria Arroyo ordered her government 'to seek all the necessary assistance, domestic or international, to contain and remove the threat'. She also ordered relief aid into the affected communities around the central Philippine island of Guimaras. 'It's easier to combat the oil when it's still in the water,' coastguard chief vice-admiral Arturo Gosingan said. Cleaning up the coast would be a huge and lengthy manual operation, he added. The ship sank in the Panay Gulf off Guimaras island on Friday, leaving two of the 20 crew missing. Coastguard spokesman Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Coyme said survivors indicated that only one of the ship's 10 containers had ruptured, emptying more than 50,000 gallons of oil into the sea. Around 450,000 gallons are still on board, and there were fears the seawater and pressure could burst the tanks, dramatically worsening what is already acknowledged as the worst oil spill in the country's history. 'We cannot just sit and wait,' said Mr Coyme. vessel the 'foremost priority'. He said the spill could not be cleaned up for the moment and called raising the The government has asked Indonesia and Japan to spend specialist teams to contain the oil spill, but Mr Coyme said the ship would have to be refloated before the clean-up begins, adding that the US had been asked for urgent assistance. The tanker is resting in some 3,000 feet of water. Philippine salvage teams only have the capability to dive to around 120 feet. Mr Coyme said there had been no formal offer of help so far from Tokyo or Jakarta. Mr Gosingan said the ship's owners were consulting British experts 'to see what they can do'. He said robotic equipment would probably be needed just to reach the bottom and rig a hose to suck the oil out of the remaining nine containers in the hold. While the oil slick could not be cleaned up for the moment, coastguard vessels as well as tugboats deployed by the ship's owners were trying to contain it with giant booms and chemical dispersants, Mr Coyme said. The slick now stretches across 13 nautical miles of water. Mr Coyme said the black sludge had already reached Negros, the country's fourth largest island, and contaminated the beaches of Bago city and two adjacent towns. Guimaras officials have said the environmental disaster has affected more than 200 kilometres of coastline, damaging mangrove swamps, seaweed plantations and coral reefs containing popular dive sites. The coastguard has ordered Petron Corp, which chartered the tanker, to pay for the cost of the clean-up, which environmental groups said could run into million of dollars and take at least a year. Meanwhile, international environmental group Greenpeace said yesterday it was sending its research ship Esperanza, now visiting Manila, to the central Philippines to help clean up the spill. The vessel would weigh anchor today 'to assist efforts by the Philippine coastguard to contain and mitigate the devastating oil spill' off Guimaras island, the group said. Port: No Bomb in Shipping Containers Textiles were found inside two shipping containers after a bomb-sniffing dog indicated they could contain explosives and the port terminal was evacuated, officials said Thursday. A bomb squad used explosive charges Wednesday to cut into the containers, then searched the contents at Terminal 18 south of downtown, a Port of Seattle spokesman said. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 8 8/18/2006

9 All they found were clothing, bedding and material intended to be used as rags, said Mike Milne, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman. It wasn't immediately clear what caused the dog to alert on the containers, which were from Pakistan. Using detection devices, the port's bomb squad and city Fire Department hazardous materials team found no indication of explosives or radioactive material, officials said. By early evening, the port restored normal operations, port spokesman David Schaefer said. The ship that brought the containers is owned by China Shipping Lines. In April, a ship operated by China Shipping transported a cargo container holding 22 Chinese nationals being smuggled into the country. Security guards caught the 22 after they let themselves out of the container and were found roaming around the terminal. A message seeking comment from Norton Lilly, a Mobile, Ala., company listed as China Shipping Line's agent in Seattle, was left Thursday. Milne said the ship left from Hong Kong and made stops in China and Korea before arriving Monday. The terminal is the port's largest container terminal and one of the largest in the nation, covering nearly 200 acres, serving more than 20 steamship lines and receiving more than 40 vessels a month. A spokeswoman for SSA Marine, which operates the terminal, said the company had no comment. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., a senior member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said containers should be screened before they arrive in the U.S. ``If this false alarm were a real nuclear bomb hidden in a container, federal officials wouldn't have had the chance to evacuate the terminal, let alone all of Seattle,'' Markey said. Indian court warns against scrapping "toxic" ship India's Supreme Court said on Thursday the controversial Norwegian cruise liner, Blue Lady, should not be dismantled without its permission. Blue Lady has beached at India's ship-breaking yard at Alang in the western state of Gujarat. Environmentalists, led by Greenpeace, say the 46,000-tonne ship contains more than 900 tonnes of toxic waste like asbestos, risking the health of poorly equipped ship-breakers at Alang. "Breaking cannot take place without our orders," the court said, when it was told the ship had beached at Alang. The petitioner representing the environmentalists sought orders restraining authorities from breaking up the ship. The court declined this but said: "If it's done without our orders, we shall deal with it." In June the court allowed Blue Lady to enter Indian waters but appointed an expert committee to look into how much toxic waste was on board, before it could be broken. The committee has to formally submit its findings to the court but senior Alang port officials said earlier this month the panel had cleared Blue Lady and it was ready to be scrapped, raising concern among environmentalists. In February, the French government recalled the former aircraft carrier Clemenceau, which had been heading for Alang, after a lengthy campaign by Greenpeace, which said the ship carried toxic waste. A Greenpeace report published last year said thousands of workers in the ship-breaking industry in countries such as India, China and Pakistan had probably died over the past two decades in accidents or due to exposure to toxic waste. Minder gebreken bij zeeschepen Europese inspectiediensten voor de scheepvaart, zoals de Inspectie Verkeer en Waterstaat in Nederland, hebben vorig jaar iets minder gebreken vastgesteld op schepen, meldt het ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat. Ondanks meer controles werd 2,6 procent minder aan gebreken gevonden. Vooral bij de arbeids- en leefomstandigheden aan boord waren er minder afwijkingen van de regels dan in Wel constateerden de PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 9 8/18/2006

10 inspecteurs meer inbreuken op de milieuregels. Dit voorjaar hebben ze daarom extra gelet op bijvoorbeeld oliefiltering en de olielogboeken. Another photo made during Rescue Vlissingen2006 Photo : Studio Dieleman US DREDGING FIRM FINED US735,00 THE US Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say that they have recently reached two settlements with San Rafael-based Dutra Dredging Company, requiring the company to pay a combined US$735,000 fine for ocean dumping violations. The company will pay a US$450,000 EPA fine and pay NOAA US$285,000 to fund projects to protect and restore the natural environment of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. A NOAA statement says: After reviewing trip disposal data, the EPA and NOAA s Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary discovered that the company leaked or dumped dredged material from its disposal vessels over 200 times from 1999 through 2003, while en route to the EPA s designated deep ocean disposal site 55 miles offshore of San Francisco in nearly 10,000 feet of water. More than 200,000 cubic yards of dredged material were discharged outside legally authorized areas -- much of that in sanctuary waters. Since the violations occurred, we have worked with Dutra to improve monitoring systems to ensure these kinds of violations do not happen again, said Alexis Strauss, the EPA s Water Division director for the Pacific Southwest region. We are especially pleased that a substantial amount of the penalty will directly fund restoration work in the marine sanctuaries. This is an exemplary action of two federal agencies working together toward ocean protection, said Farallones Marine Sanctuary Superintendent Maria Brown. The violations occurred during eight US Army Corps of Engineer maintenance projects, where a total of nearly 2.5 million cubic yards of sediment were dredged from navigation channels in Oakland and Richmond Harbors and Bodega Bay, and include: 30 instances of disposing over 86,000 cubic yards of dredged material outside the specified disposal site; 108 instances of barges seriously leaking during transit -- including in sanctuary waters --totalling over 115,000 cubic yards; and One instance of travelling directly through the Farallon Islands disturbance exclusion zone. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 10 8/18/2006

11 NAVY NEWS THIS SECTION IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY : ANGLO DUTCH SHIPBROKERS bvba Waterstraat SCHILDE BELGIUM Tel : Fax : SHIPYARD NEWS THIS SECTION IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY : RENERGI COMBUSTION IMPROVER >> RENERGI added to the fuel, changes the structure of the hydrocarbons within the fuel. >> RENERGI will increase the efficiency of the combustion process. Before using RENERGI After using RENERGI WESTMARK bv RENERGI will effectively lead to: > Reduced fuel consumption. Postbox 1082 > Cleaner turbochargers exhaust gas boilers and engines EB Woudenberg > Extended maintenance intervals and reduced consumption The Netherlands of spare parts. Tel + 31 (0) > Lower emissions and substantially cleaner exhaust gasses. Fax + 31 (0) > Easy and simple dosing system. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 11 8/18/2006

12 World s largest liner EMMA MAERSK seen leaving the builders at Odense for her first dancing steps Photo : Bent Mikkelsen Six more for Bharati India's Bharati Shipyard Ltd has announced contract from Reliance Industries Ltd for construction of 6 vessels including 1 diving support vessel. Reliance Industries Limited is India's largest private sector company with a turnover of US $ billion and profit of US $2.125 billion for the fiscal year ending in March It will use the vessels atto support itsoffshore terminal at Jamnagar. The value of the contract is approx. Rs 1200 million ( about $25.8 million). With this order, Bharati's current order book position is Rs million (about $341 million). Second Boxship Joined FESCO's Fleet On August 17 Aker Yards delivered the second boxship of the series of three built to the order of the Far Eastern Shipping Co JSC. The new vessel is to carry cargo in 400 reefer containers and equipped with the 45 tons capacity cranes. The capacity of the new 105 meters long, 15 meters wide boxship "FESCO Bargusin" is 2741 TEUs. The speed of the vessel is 22 knots. Scheepswerven lopen vol met orders Nederlandse scheepsbouw heeft wind dit jaar stevig in de rug Het gaat goed met de Nederlandse scheepsbouw. De orderboeken zitten nog voor jaren vol. Sinds eind vorig jaar is de markt flink aangetrokken, mede onder invloed van de inmiddels iets afnemende hausse in de scheepvaart. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 12 8/18/2006

13 Vorig jaar kreeg de Nederlandse scheepsnieuwbouw- en reparatiesector voor euro 2,8 mrd aan orders. Dat ligt nu hoger, hoewel nieuwe cijfers op totaalniveau nog niet voorhanden zijn. De Nederlandse scheepsbouw werkt in een aantal niches en weet daar momenteel te profiteren van de aantrekkende markt, zegt adjunct-directeur Pieter 't Hart van de brancheorganisatie de VNSI. Zijn woorden worden bevestigd door een rondgang langs Nederlandse werven. Zij werken in sectoren als de baggerindustrie, de bouw van middelgrote schepen voor de kustvaart of luxe jachten, waar de concurrentie vanuit het Verre Oosten veel minder aanwezig is. Het Nederlandse loonniveau ligt hoger, waardoor werven zich moeten concentreren op het kennisintensieve deel. Arbeidsintensief werk wordt uitbesteed aan Oost-Europa, Turkije of het Verre Oosten. De internationale baggermarkt is opgeleefd nu het zandconflict tussen Singapore en Indonesië over is. Singapore mocht geen zand weghalen uit Indonesië voor grote landwinningsprojecten in de Aziatische stadstaat. Dat legde een druk op de wereldwijde baggermarkt. Die periode is voorbij en de capaciteit van de werven van IHC Holland Merwede is tot eind 2007 bezet, meldde IHC al in april. Daar werken 1800 man aan de productie van baggervaartuigen en speciale vaartuigen voor de offshoreindustrie. Nog zo'n niche is de renovatie van offshoreconstructies. Het Rotterdamse Keppel Verolme, in handen van het Singaporese Keppel, dat de erfenis van Verolme overnam, zit tot eind 2007 vol. 'De werven in het Verre Oosten zitten helemaal vol en mede daarom komen ze naar ons toe', zegt directeur Harold Linssen van de Rotterdamse scheepswerf. 'Wij kunnen sneller leveren. Bestaande constructies worden uit de mottenballen gehaald en met onze 1600 mensen worden die constructies gerenoveerd en weer helemaal up-to-date gemaakt.' Een van de werkzaamheden is het ombouwen van een schip voor het vervoer van massagoed. Deze zogenoemde bulkcarrier wordt omgetoverd tot een pijpenlegger. 'We bouwen zo'n schip niet vanaf de kiel op, maar er wordt wel een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid werk en technische kunde in gestopt.' Het bedrijf, dat een jaaromzet van euro 100 mln maakt, gaat de winstgevendheid dit jaar verbeteren. Ook Damen Shipyards uit Gorinchem gaat het voor de wind. De winst stijgt vergeleken met de euro 30 mln bedrijfsresultaat over 2005 op een omzet van rond de euro 1 mrd. Bij Damen bevinden de orders zich op een recordniveau. Met zijn 3000 werknemers bouwt Damen middelgrote 'multipurpose'-schepen voor het vervoer van massa- en stukgoed en container. Met defensieorders loopt het goed voor dochter De Schelde. Ook sleepboten zijn bijzonder populair. Damen heeft zo'n 80 tot 100 sleepboten in portefeuille met een opdrachtwaarde van euro 1 mln tot euro 10 mln per stuk, zegt de woordvoerder. Dochter Amels draait goed met de bouw van megamotorjachten voor de 'happy few' voor een grotendeels buitenlandse clientèle. Ook branchegenoot Royal Huisman uit Vollenhove heeft over werk niet te klagen in deze nichemarkt. Wie een luxe zeilboot van 15 meter tot 90 meter lengte wil bestellen moet tot 2009 wachten tot hij wordt afgeleverd, zegt Alice Huisman, directeur van het gelijknamige, 350 man sterke familiebedrijf dat alleen maatwerk levert. Vanuit China meldt Gert Jan Bodewes, directeur-eigenaar van scheepswerf De Volharding, dat hij dit jaar winst gaat maken op een omzet van euro 150 mln na een nulresultaat over Foxhol, Harlingen, Turkije een deels China zijn de productieplekken. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 13 8/18/2006

14 The GSF MONARCH seen arriving off Hoek van Holland enroute to the Keppel-Verolme shipyard Photo : Patrick van der Linden PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 14 8/18/2006

15 ROUTE, PORTS & SERVICES THIS SECTION IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY : TOTAL VESSEL MANAGEMENT K.P. van der Mandelelaan MB Rotterdam (Brainpark) - The Netherlands Telephone : (31) Fax : (31) Website : The VOLENDAM seen approaching Willemstad at Curacao Photo : Kees Bustraan Navy divers to inspect harbour object A team of Navy divers will today inspect an object resting on an sewage pipe in Darwin harbour to determine whether it is an unexploded sea mine. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 15 8/18/2006

16 Divers working for the Power and Water Corporation spotted the unidentified object resting on a section of the Larrakeyah sewage pipe last week. They sent a film to Defence experts in Sydney who were unable to work out whether or not the object is an unexploded ordinance from World War II. Instead the Navy has sent a team of seven divers to investigate. They will be joined by one medic when they hit the water this morning. There will be a 400 metre exclusion zone around the dive site while the Navy assesses whether the object could explode.print E Svithoid Buys Turkish Tanker Stockholm-listed Svithoid Tankers has, together with external investors, purchased the 3,450 DWT product tanker "Serra D". Svithoid has taken a 75% stake in the vessel and will assume commercial management, while Uland-based ASP Ship Management handles technical management and crewing. The vessel was built in Tuzla, Turkey, in 2005 and is currently sailing under Turkish flag. Initially, the vessel will be chartered in for 12 months and thereafter acquired for a predetermined price. Renamed "Vedrey Heden", the vessel will enter a long-term charter in North European waters. Antwerpen zet alle zeilen bij Kathedralen van de zee worden ze genoemd. De grote schepen met hun enorme masten en de gigantische lappen zeil. Vanaf vrijdag glijden ze over de Westerschelde op weg naar Antwerpen. De schepen leggen dan de laatste mijlen af van de vijftigste Tall Ships' Races. Dat is de etappe La Coruña-Antwerpen. Om de paar jaar bezoeken de schepen die deelenemen aan de Tall Ships' Races Antwerpen. In 2001 en 2004 trok het evenement een miljoen bezoekers naar de Vlaamse havenstad. De volgende keer dat de schepen Antwerpen aandoen is Dan fungeert de stad als vertrekplaats voor de Tall Ships' Race. Dit jaar worden 66 schepen verwacht, waarvan zeventien uit de A-klasse, de allergrootste schepen van vijftig tot meer dan honderd meter lengte. Daarnaast twaalf schoeners en kitsen uit de B-klasse, schepen rond de twintig meter. Verder negentien kitsen en schoeners uit de C-klasse en nog eens zeventien jachten uit de D-klasse, tot twintig meter. Passage Westerschelde Het mooie van de passage in de Westerschelde is dat deze vloot op enkele plaatsen zeer dicht langs de dijk vaart. Dat biedt belangstellenden de gelegenheid alles goed te bekijken. De meeste schepen passeren vrijdag. Tijdstippen waarop ze passeren zijn niet te geven. Dat is dinsdag 22 augustus anders, omdat veel schepen op de terugweg tegelijkertijd vanaf vier uur 's middags bij de Antwerpse sluizen vertrekken. Ze doen er - afhankelijk van het schip - vijf tot zes uur over om aan de monding van de Westerschelde te komen. Eerst nemen ze om vier uur deel aan de Parade of Sail op de Schelde in Antwerpen en meteen daarna vertrekken ze. Patrick Van den Bulck, commandant van het marine detachement Antwerpen: "In het verleden hebben we, bijna met een stopwatch in de hand, geprobeerd ze om de tien minuten te laten vertrekken, maar dat werkte niet omdat ieder schip zijn eigen snelheid heeft. Daarom gaan ze nu in groepen weg." Het is niet te zeggen of de schepen langs de Vlissinge boulevard komen of juist dichter langs Breskens varen. Dat heeft te maken met hun bestemming. Dar Mlodziezy Het Poolse schip Dar Mlodziezy is met zijn 110,6 meter het langste schip dat Antwerpen aandoet. Dit is een zogenaamd volschip, waarvan alle masten vierkantgetuigd zijn, dus voorzien van ra's. Over het algemeen noemt men een tweemastvolschip een brik en een driemastvolschip een fregat. De Dar Mlodziezy is een driemaster, eigendom van de zeevaartacademie uit het Poolse Gdynia. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 16 8/18/2006

17 Haast even lang (108,6 meter) is de Mir uit Rusland, eveneens een driemastvolschip, eigendom van de zeevaartacademie uit het Russische Sint Petersburg. Maar ook de Amerigo Vespucci uit Italië, mag er met zijn 104,2 meter zijn. Overzicht activiteiten Saildagen Antwerpen Zaterdag 19 augustus Vanaf uur, uur tentoonstelling Tall Ships in het MAS/Scheepvaartmuseum in het Steen aan de Scheldekaai. Rondvaarten op de Schelde vanaf het ponton bij het Steen. In het kader van WaterkAnt: stoomboten, spiegeltent en ambachten aan de Napoleonkaai (Willemdok). Lichtschip Westhinder in het Bonapartedok. Demonstratie Belgische defensie en Deathride aan de Hanzestedenplaats. Vanaf 12 uur, Maritieme en kunstmarkt aan de Schildersvliet en Schrijversvliet, Oudeleeuwenrui en Brouwersvliet, Presentatie maritiem erfgoed in Hangar 23 aan het Noorderterras. In het kader van WaterkAnt nostalgische kermis en stoomtreintje aan Napoleonkaai (Willemdok). Vanaf 14 uur, Felixfeest: openingsfeest Stadsarchief in het Sint-Felixpakhuis aan de Oudeleeuwenrui 29. Vanaf uur, Donna's Summercity met onder anderen Sandrine en Kate Ryan aan de Waagnatie. Vanaf 20 uur, Waterkant: Boombal aan de Napoleonkaai (Willemdok). Om uur, Piratenfilm Captain Blood (uit 1935) in Hangar 23. Omstreeks 23 uur, Jubileumvuurwerk vanaf drie URS-sleepboten op de Schelde en na het vuurwerk is er een afterparty in de spiegeltent aan de Napoleonkaai. Zondag 20 augustus Tot uur hetzelfde programma als zaterdag. Om 15 uur, Jubileumparade van de bemanningen. Parcours: start Waalse Kaai -Kloosterstraat - Sint-Jansvliet - Scheldekaaien - aankomst Waagnatie. Om uur, Uitreiking TSR jubileumprijzen en -awards bij de Waagnatie. Vanaf 18 uur, VT4 Zomertoer met onder anderen Hadise en Kate Ryan aan de Waagnatie. Om uur, piratenfilm: Treasure Island (uit 1950) in Hangar 23. Presentatie stadsgedicht Bart Moeyaert. Het gedicht wordt geprojecteerd op een groot waterscherm. Met extra animatie en muziek, nabij de windmolen, strand Linkeroever. Maandag 21 augustus Tot uur hetzelfde programma als de voorgaande dagen. Om uur, piratenfilm: Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl (2003) in hangar 23. Dinsdag 22 augustus Tot uur hetzelfde programma als voorgaande dagen. Vanaf 16 uur, Tall Ships' Parade of Sail met vertrek van de schepen. Bernhard Schulte Orders Boxships Hamburg-based non-operating owner Bernhard Schulte ordered four 3,500 TEU box ships from Shanghai-Chengxi Shipyard at an estimated $53 million each. Delivery should already start by the end of next year. Dyna Liners reorts that the vessels are for charter to Hamburg Sud. Tidewater Announces Closing on Sale of 10 Offshore Tugs Tidewater Inc. announced the closing on the sale of ten offshore tugs for a total cash price of $31.5 million. The culmination of this transaction results in an approximate $24 million pre-tax financial gain, or $.27 per common share PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 17 8/18/2006

18 after tax. The company previously announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement with Crosby Marine Transportation, LLC to sell a total of 14 offshore tugs. The balance of the four tugs covered by the definitive agreement, with a total sales price of $13.3 million, should close over the next four months as current charter contracts to which the four tugs are subject to expire. Parks Paton Hoepfl & Brown, who served as financial advisor to the company, commented, "This transaction was a good one for both parties - Tidewater received a fair price for the vessels and Crosby Marine acquired quality assets that are a good strategic fit for its operations." Tidewater Inc. owns over 515 vessels, the world's largest fleet of vessels serving the global offshore energy industry. Similar Box Growth For Hong Kong And Singapore Hong Kong and Singapore registered similar container throughput growths in July, reports SchedNet. Hong Kong government statistics showed that the former British colony handled 2.14 mn TEU last month, up 6.9% over the same month a year earlier. Singapore recorded a throughput of 2.13 MN TEU, a year-on-year increase of 7.1%. Hong Kong's various ports handled a total of mn TEU in the January-July period, a year-on-year increase of 7.7%; Singapore's tally in the seven-month period was mn TEU, 3.7% up on the same period last year. The Lion City's major terminal operator, PSA, handled mn TEU in the first seven months, up 4.75% on the same months last year. In Hong Kong, more than half of the container shipping volume in July - about 1.46 mn TEUs were handled at Kwai Sing Container Terminal area - a year-on-year increase of 14.2%. The SAR's other terminals lifted 680,000 TEU in July, 6% down on the same month last year. Vopak breidt uit in tankopslag in Azië Vopak breidt zijn tankopslagcapaciteit in Azië uit. In Singapore wordt de Sebarok Terminal, die nu miljoen kubieke meter capaciteit voor stookolie heeft, uitgebreid met nog eens ruim kubieke meter. Vopak ziet de vraag naar opslagcapaciteit verder toenemen. In Vietnam heeft Vopak een belang van 80 procent genomen in AP Petrochemicals Vietnam, exploitant van een terminal voor chemische producten nabij de hoofdstad Ho Chi Minh Stad. MARAD moves on Savannah decommissioning Earlier this month, the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) s awarded a $995,000 contract for topside work on the National Historic Landmark vessel N.S.(Nuclear Ship) Savannah to Colonna's. Now the agency says it will consider Wilmington, N.C., as well as other cities, for federal contracts for the decommissioning of the NS Savannah. It plans to discuss the project during a public meeting in Wilmington, Monday, August 21. Possible plans for the Savannah include making it into a museum. The agency is looking to decommission the Savannah, originally launched July 21, 1959, during the Eisenhower Administration as the world's first nuclear-powered commercial vessel. It served as a museum from 1981 to 1994, and was moored at the James River Reserve Fleet until recently, when it was taken to Colonna's Shipyard in Norfolk for topside and interior repairs. The topside repairs and the decommissioning bring closer the possibility that the Savannah will again serve as a museum. The ship's active sailing life ended in 1971, at which time all nuclear fuel was removed from the ship. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 18 8/18/2006

19 The decommissioning project includes removal of the ship's empty reactor and other components. A successful bidder will have to provide a secure berth conforming to local U.S. Coast Guard requirements, and submit to Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversight of decommissioning activities. Prior to its decision on where the work will be done, Maritime Administration officials are conducting a public meeting on Monday, August 21, at Office Showcase/Classroom B, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, to discuss the proposed project. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. and is open to the public. MOVEMENTS THIS SECTION IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY : MULTRASHIP Towage & Salvage Scheldekade EH Terneuzen The Netherlands Tel : Fax : Internet The MAERSK DIEPPE seen approaching Rotterdam Europoort Photo : Harry van den Berg PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 19 8/18/2006

20 The TOWER BRIDGE seen in Rio Grande Photo : Marcelo Vieira MARINE WEATHER THIS SECTION IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY : Internet: Tel : Today s wind (+6Bft) and wave (+3m) chart. Created with SPOS, the onboard weather information & voyage optimisation system, used on over 500 vessels today.. PHOTO OF THE DAY.. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 20 8/18/2006

21 The EMMA MAERSK, world s largest liner, seen departing form the builders at Odense, note the size of the bulbous bow compare to the assisting Svitzer Mjoelner Photo : Bent Mikkelsen The compiler of the news clippings disclaim all liability for any loss, damage or exense however caused, arising from the sending, receipt, or use of this communication and on any reliance placed upon the information provided through this free service and does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information. If you want to no longer receive this bulletin kindly reply with the word unsubscribe in the subject line. PSi-Daily Shipping News Page 21 8/18/2006